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Default Wait, gnomes can die??
I'm pretty sure one of the graduation gnomes my sim had in her inventory died, because I woke up with this tombstone in the front yard! I was storing 3 graduation gnomes for when the family's children are older but maybe after so much time passes the gnomes can die.
I had no idea in 10 years of playing sims 3 that this was possible as I normally either sell the gnomes immediately or let Overwatch delete them.

How cool is that! But also sad nobody was there to witness the gnome's death, since I didn't know they could die
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Yep, and if there were more of them around you might have gotten to see a gnome funeral as well. That is, if the others could have made time to attend during their otherwise busy daily schedules of activities.
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I think, that's a thing since Generations. We got the complete gnome family there, frome toddler to elder. Currently I have a toddler gnome playing hide and seek with his granddad (no other age stages on the lot though).

But I'm suprised by your dead graduation gnome nevertheless. I thought only the 'standard' Mr Gnome could die. All the other types of gnomes never died on me. I typically have Butternuts and the world adventure ones. So I never had them do a funeral as well... now I really curious for gnome granddad dying off *oh no*
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I knew about the gnome families from a youtube video I saw but yeah this was my first experience of one dying. I still have two others so maybe I'll see a funeral in the future.
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