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Murder & Mayhem
Okay denizens of MTS, let's talk murder.

I just booted up the Sims 3 and played for a good two hours, something that I haven't done in a while.

But I didn't play my Echantacy Legacy save, no, nor did I play with any of my other roleplay or story based saves, no. What I did do was create a new save, and this save, this wonderful, glorious save, was all about cruelty, about misery, about death.

As of August 22, 2020, @ 12:59 AM, I have killed my first Sim, and many many more.

I now understand the joy simmers express when talking about their various tortures, their various murders; I've grown addicted.

And consequently, disappointed.

You see, I'm having a great deal of fun coming up with different ways invoke suffering in the beings I created with the sole purpose of dying painfully, sometimes multiple times. But I've grown, hm...bored, with me always being the one to have the blood of several on my godly hands. I'm actually craving for one of my creations act with malice and end others. With my blessing, of course.

The Sims 4 has the Extreme Violence mod, if I recall correctly that is what it's called, isn't it? It allows sims to beat and kill each other with pride, yes? Does the Sims 3 have a mod like this? I can only imagine that it does even though I can't find anything.

Besides all that though, I've been hoping to do some type of murder/killer challenges; I've heard of the Black Widow challenge which sounds fucking cool as the seven circles of hell but I've never been able to find the rules for it to know if it's a serial killer challenge or a just a gold digger divorcing challenge, which would be just

Oh also, please share your joys of killing sims in this thread! I really, really wanna hear about them. Have you ever killed a Sim? When/What was the first Sim you killed? Was it on accident or on purpose? Do you torture them? Do you do challenges? Do you do stories with your sims when killing and or torturing? Let me know, I wanna hear all about it.

Oh c'mon. There better be a point to all this stress I'm under.
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Psst, take a look at this:
But you haven't heard it from me, okay?

Also worth to check, though it's more on the supernatural side:
If you know the anime as well, you will enjoy this twice as much.
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Originally Posted by LittleCheshire
Okay denizens of MTS, let's talk murder.
Oh also, please share your joys of killing sims in this thread! I really, really wanna hear about them. Have you ever killed a Sim? When/What was the first Sim you killed?

So now that you put the question, I can make a confession about my actual "hitman roleplay". Most of the time I play in urban /big city neighborhoods, and if I have a Private Investigator sim (AMB EP), he/she is usually also the hitman of the local community. He solves cases as a PI, of course, but that's a cover job. With Dexter the Bear in his inventory, sometimes, if a new client assigns me to tail, hack or target some definitely hated rival sim in any way, I decode this assignment as a hit. I close the case for the XP, then immediately find a way to hit the target with Dexter. It really needs some roleplay because I always do this with no witnesses whatsoever, so my PI is tailing the target for a while until it's clear to act. - No teens and under, and no torture though. And of course there are targets that I decline to hit.
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Lately, there's a bunch of rather immortal Elders in my town, and they never share their houses with anyone. (They just really got lucky with the Grim Reaper). And since they would simply never die, and there's a housing crunch in my town, I decided to take matters in my own hands. I created a Sim just for this purpose. With Dexter the Bear in his pockets, he roams the town every few weeks, culling these problem Sims. For every successful hit, I give his family 2000 Simoleons. Sometimes I also cull those who are very stubborn in impregnating other Sims, yet always run away from their child support payments.

As for roleplay purposes, I just assume that he is a black ops agent hired by the City Hall.
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I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the NRaas Assassination skill yet (Assassination FAQ) . It is part of the Careers modul. Once your sim has been on the same lot with another sim dying, it can claim this death to be its fault and gains the assassination skill. It can be leveled like every other skill and grants you new deadly interactions with every new level.

For my taste it is too easy though. I don't like being able to kill a sim with only one simple click. Usually I don't kill sims at all, as I was a "always good and happy" player for a long time now. But after all this years it is sometimes getting a bit boring and I was thinking about adding a bit of a side goal to my current 100 baby challenge. I'm in generation 3 now, have to much money and was stuck in this always the same baby raising routine. My current heiress is evil (I'm randomizing all traits) and has the heartbreaker lifetime wish, so I thought it would fit her character to not only use a man for getting pregnant and breaking up after she gave birth but also to break theirs hearts quite literally...

But honestly? It is driving me crazy! I'm not very good in killing sims apparently. First of all the men escaped a lot of times with a little help of Overwatch, which thought of them as stuck and reset them to safety. After changing the settings, this didn't happen again, but they seem to never do something stupid. I tried to lock them in a room with only one jelly bean bush and nothing else (changed the autonomous settings to the deadly version via Retuner), but they prefer to read a book for entertainment. I tried to lock them in a room with carpets and stuff and started a fire via forgotten meal on the stove, but the first one just extinguished the fire (twice ) and the second one was saved by a ghost coming out of its grave (at daytime!) and getting out that fire extinguisher During all that time, my complete overstuffed household was stuck in the "oh my god, there is a fire" state and nobody could do anything useful, they all started resetting after a while and then everything crashed

I've got a more dangerous cowplant now, but it is not getting hungry at the moment. I've also tried to encourage the men to use the philosophers stone with cheap objects on it, gave them a candy machine and closed the murphy bed multiple times in the hope they would open it (one did it once... no accident happened). So I'm at a loss at the moment. I think the inactive sims are protected from doing something deadly, so they do not kill themselves by accident all of the time, but this makes it nearly impossible to kill them without adding them to the household... perhaps I start adding them to the household and try if this changes anything. I would not control them actively, but I think they act differently when they could be controlled by the player...

By the way, the first kill my heiress got was a real accident. I called the repair woman to fix the dishwasher because noone in the household had enough handiness to do it safely and she stood in the puddle... I've never seen a repair NPC killing itself by doing its job
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