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Default Apartment Life Pictures (v2)
Post your Apartment Life pictures here!

AL Pictures (v1)

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Kim Cordial's cute widdle toy dog, Fang.

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Rose and the Doctor Hugging

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Rose is just so beautiful.Here is some of my latest shots.These are mostly of Hannah a cute female kid living with her single father Heath.

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So I just got Apartment Life, and I'm fascinated by it so far!

Kimberly Cordial

Samantha (my favorite :giggler

Turning into a good witch!

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novemberlove: I really like Samantha, she's very pretty!

Here we have Alan signing for his apartment (his wife Julie and son Miguel are in the background)

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You can call me Tasia
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i LOVE that first pick, Tasia!

Unfortuently, i have no pics of my own...but i hope to see more!

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I just got AL today, and I'm freaking HOOKED.

My favorite part: The Spectral Assistant

Disregard the random lamp coming out of its hat. Fail picture.
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Tate Spencer is a (good) witch!

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I love the picture with the mother and daughter at the hotdog stand.Don and Cassie sleeping in the chairs on the lawn of the boothbay apartments.Their taking it easy.
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The opposite ends of the spectrum for apartments in my game.
First the bad.
In a seedy part of downtown called "The Barrio" are several run down slums such as this one. There are 8 efficiency units in these buildings that are pretty hard on the eyes!

This is the Alan Parsons Projects in my seedy neighborhood. There are 20 horrible little two bedroom units in this complex.

Now the good.
This is the Majestic Apartments located in the well-to-do section of my downtown. There are 14 spacious two bedroom apartments in this complex. There is also a gym, sauna, pool, parking, and helipad.

And finally, the Winchester Apartments located down the street from the Majestic. This has all the amenities of the Majestic except the helipad. Instead it features the top 3 floors serving as one huge unit with a large patio on each floor. Rent for the penthouse is a staggering 12,500 simoleons!
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WHOA..How the hell? How do you build that high? Id love to build stuff like that...O_O Those are great!
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Just type into the cheat console the following: setHighestAllowedLevel # Where # is any number between 1 and 255. Be forewarned: Unless you have a really beefy machine your game will most likely crash at floor 15! It also helps if you have a modified build camera so you can actually pull back far enough to work on something that tall.
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