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Default Pictures of Others' Houses in Your Game
Have you downloaded a House made by another Creator? Changed the floor plan? Added some funky stair work? played it across generations and had suitable renovations? Redone that fugly Livingroom?!

Here is the place to show your work!

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Dozo's 18 Dijon Street

Thanks for my Gift Dozo!

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I'm glad you like it Petchy, you made it look fantastic!
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Awwwww thanks Dozo! Glad you like it!

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Well I never had to do anything to this work of art, it is perfection in itself.
It is a community lot by Loverat her absolutely phantasmagorical Steam Punk Emphorium: you have to see it to believe it

okay I did put a mood lifting hack in my sims could stay for longer....
Oh! and I had to remove the perimeter wall, because of my stone age computer.
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It looks so amazing in your game, funkeymonkey22003!

. . . . .

Houses created by plasticbox

Hogwarts created by Black0rchid

30th Jun 2009 at 1:32 AM
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ButtonWay Manor by ShastaRush13

Residents: Vidcund Curious, his alien daughter Rita, wife Karen, their 2 daughters Konstancja and Tamara, and 5 cats (Kosmitka + Meteor = Antares, Orion and Saturn)

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This is one of the things I do most in the game, re-model houses lol!

I re-modeled Lacrisa's Villa Kunterbunt to suit an elderly couple, and turned the former upstairs nursery into "Grandma's sewing room."

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I revive the thread because the topic has come up in the general section and I believe it is proper to honor the OP for thinking about it first, instead of starting a new thread. Taking the full blame here.

I treated two of my Riverblossom Hill sims with a new home for christmas, grabbing xmathyx´s Moroccan Villa. The lot went to a college neighborhood, so my sims got it for real cheap. Since they are students, the little gymn had to go in favour of a study/ritual room, the nursery is now a wellness room and I made a few changes to the ground level (minus the fence around the pool, plus a bar and bubble blower). The floorplan was left as it was. I plan to place the villa into the main neighborhood after graduation and pretend it is the same my couple lived in during their YA lifestage.

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The Civic Courthouse by dacycko I downloaded when I had a court hearing to proceed. I´m quite fond of that, but this time I wanted to put the result on my blog and I felt I had to use something more presentable than my personal use public lots. It´s a great lot, even after Gavin Newson systematically ruined all the flowers in the backyard... they´ve grown back by now.
I added some snack vending machines and a few toilets, otherwise the lot was untouched.

Cassandra Goth Vs. Nathan Gavigan:

As you can see I placed a garbage chute where none belongs (or even believeably could - all the garbage would appear in the entrance hall!). This is one of the little things why I was anxious to show the lot in place before. Creators put much love into their work and might not like seeing them modified in weird ways.
The chute also serves the function to draw sims, who leave the main room for toilet/snack runs back into where the action takes place.

This was priceless: The garden club lady autonomously seated herself in the judge´s chair. So she got the role.

Another face to remember - the attorney:

The jurors were appointed same as the judge: whoever claimed the seats first, was in. There were mostly townies, but also Julien Cooke, a good friend of the defendant.

Here we see Nathan comfort his little son after hearing the sentence (actually after Nathan and Cassandra shoved each other violently).

During a snack break the jurors had a row:

And finally Gavin´s rampage across the flowerbeds. We´ll have to cut him some slack, it wasn´t easy for the boy, seeing that his employer´s daughter was put against one of his best friends.
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Third and final one:
Armscor Warehouse by @Zarathustra

The warehouse has become the new home for nine tramps. They are the FamilyBin families and had to prove themselves to the people of Pleasantview to aquire citizenship. Some succeeded, but those that failed had to move on. They now are on their way to Riverside (attached to PV as a shopping district). Halfway between the two towns the tramps found this abandoned warehouse and decided to spend the holiday season here.

I didn´t change much, really, only rearranged the swag and seating and added some furniture. The carpets represent sleeping blankets to be used with the "sleep on the floor" hack and will later get upgraded with invisible couchs or even invisible beds.

The probably best thing about this lot is that it is ready for play and even offers a hidden ressource system if one wants to jump on that train. I ruled that my sims could only use what they found here, so the only food option for now is cereal (and coffee). Trust Julien Cooke to make the muesli a different flavour every day (thanks to custom food) with his cuisine magic.

But despite having toilets available, old habits die hard... so some shrubs for an important business were added and placed in the vicinity of the main living area. Pictured is Jessica Picaso, the tramps´ leader.

Not only found the tramps an intact car (minus fuel, however), there are several junk cars waiting to be repaired! Every car repair consumes one of the tool piles that lay scattered across the lot. There is a little excess of tools, even. Two tool piles must never be consumed, because they are needed to power the robot crafting benches.

Matthew Picaso and Isaiah Gavigan are more artistically inclined. They gathered all the canvas upstairs.

On unit of canvas is required for every painting (and will get sold with the painting just like the tool piles with the cars).

Trent Traveller in this campaign is obsessed with the riddle of an asteroid core. It is an important story device, so the other sims do not mind that he contributes little to their money making schemes and focusses on the greater picture instead.
Notice the end table: Every day the sims need to heat their home with one unit of wood (or an end table or chair). One unit of wood is also consumed if the sims desire to grill the occasional stray critter.

Another shot of Trent and his daughter bonding.

Jessica is not so fortunate with hers. The tramp is so used to hardship, that the idea of a child needing to fill it´s motive bars before it can get taught anything never entered her mind.
The toddler bed is an oddity. A pet bed would be more logical, but I feel these deplete bladder too quickly, so I assume the Picasos have cobbled together the bed from materials lying around.
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These are low income homes. In the background are two houses by joandsarah77 which are called "Council housing".

The Niblick family lives in the pink house.

The husband is a Knowledge sim and the wife is Romance/Grilled Cheese. The husband only has 2 Active points and the wife only 1. She loves to sit on the couch.
Furniture was downloaded from Phaenoh. Small house models living room set.

The husband was abducted by aliens last time I played their household.

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Aww thank you, this is the first time I've seen those being used. :D

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Your welcome, they are great for playing with.

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These are shot of Moo's Mews tiny community lots that I redecorated. ( ) They aren't actually homes but didn't see a place to post other's c-lots. I also felt it was appropriate to keep the names she gave them.

Moo's Mews Arcade

Moo's Mews Bowling Alley

Moo's Mews Casino

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Today I have a few more of Moo's Mews c-lots. I have more but need to finish sorting images.

Moo's Mews Mini Mart

Moo's Mews Night Club

Moo's Mews Pizza

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These should be the last of Moos Mews that I use. The swimming pool was too small for the crowds that show up. I still have one lot from her empty template and a few recycled lots using her bowling alley.

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As a request @Gummilutt built this structure plus a mirror image one for me using Mootilda's Lot Adjuster. It is a 2 story, with 3 bedrooms on a 1x1 lot. For those who don't use these tiny lots, you can see how much space they can actually have. This house fills up almost all available building tiles but there are still a few in front for some landscaping and a few in back to maybe grow a few garden plants or add small objects. A telescope will just fit in the back too. Children, or even adults, can use the street to play in for water balloon fights and kicky sack. I've even added a wedding arch and had a decent size wedding in the street, dancing and all. The housing is much cheaper, this particular one is about $25,000. Thank you so much, Gummilutt! I've built quite a few houses, including some vacation homes using both shells.

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This is a make over of @ScaryRob's TS3 House #03, made for Sims 2. I've used his several times with no problems and the decor is great. I did a few make overs so my sims can have a few different choices. Here is the link to his house

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Wow, I can't believe you were able to squeeze a kitchen, dining nook and living room into that tiny first floor interior, along with the spiral stairs. I'm seriously impressed. Seriously.
Of course, you will presumably still add a bathroom upstairs, right? I kept it downstairs in my version because I tried to stay true to the original TS3 Lot.
I think I might just add an optional second file to my upload with a floorplan similar to this.

I'm curious about that second enclosure on the outside wall. The first is obviously for the trashcan, like in my version, but what's the second one for?

Also, I take you you don't like my earth colors? That's cool, I like it.
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In the small lots I most often use the TS3 converted All-In-One bathroom, unless a tub is needed for toddlers. I did use the house exactly as you built and decorated, then I used the same house and remodeled it 3 more times. So I have 4 of that same house in my hood. The 2nd inclosure has a compost bin, I thought it was nice to keep it hidden along with the trash. I also changed the windows because I only have the red in them, the recolors didn't work. I like the way you did the windows though.

EDIT: Skip the windows part, I keep mixing up the #3 and #4 houses.

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@Triciamanly has already seen these but I sometimes compile little albums/stories that let her know what I am doing with her houses in my game and the families that live there:

My Album of Kokomo

Kokomo Beach House Download - Image by Triciamanly

My Album of Skyline Drive

Skyline Highway Home Download - Image by Triciamanly

My Album of Blue Sky Drive

Blue Sky Drive Home Download- Image by Triciamanly

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#23 Old 9th Jul 2015 at 7:21 PM
What a nice thread - I know it's always a big thrill for me when I see people using stuff I've made. I'd be charmed if those were my houses.

I no longer come over to MTS very often but if you would like to ask me a question then you can find me on tumblr or my own site tflc. TFLC has an archive of all my CC downloads.
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@Maxon, I agree with you! It is a major thrill to see that people actually play with my houses and it's especially fun to see how they redecorate to their own taste. @charmful, thank you so much for sharing these. I loved reading them again!

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@ScaryRob TS3 #04

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