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Default Cheat codes
Okay so in the sims 2 you would just do boolbrop_testingcheatsenabled true to get all the cheats you wanted, but in the sims 3 when you do that all i find are the cheats when i click on the mailbox and the very few cheats when i click on a sim. O and there is also the cheat once you enter that code to just drag the hunger or bladder or energy bar ect.. to bring it to its full. Are there any other objects you can click on to get more cheats that anyone has found?
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Try shift-clicking on a Sim. I heard that worked for some people. There is a full list of cheats over at Snooty Sims:

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Thanks for the tip, but i have shift clicked on a sim and I only get two cheat options
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Yea. Boolprop is much more limited than it was in Sims 2. Can't even move skills when I tried to.
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