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Having faith! Don't give up!

Having faith...
Yes, I now have Sim3 on my computer and I am content.
I do have some concerns..I know speaking outloud my worries may be blasphemy (or a MATY nut)...but looking at the moon faced/chunky monkey sims makes me cringe and the "we have been here before" feeling hides deep within my soul...! I know out there in Simsland there is a person (people) who will restore my whole faith in Sim3! They will make my Sim3 people look much better! They will make clothing that aren't painful to look at! They will make Sim3 the game it should be! I have faith!

Of course it does leave the one lasting burning question...

What do you want Sim3 to be? Clearly not Sim1 or Sims 2 right?

Are we being tested? Are the Sims Gods looking down and watching?
Do I need to drink less Mt.Dew before I post?
Burning questions indeed!
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This post gave me my first real good belly laugh in a few days. I would suggest imbibing less Mt. Dew before posting, absolutely.

But what I wanted Sims 3 to be was a TOOL. An advancement on TS2. Take what was there, memories, dreams, wants and fears and EXPAND on those - with much better graphics. The only thing I think is a real expansion in TS3 is the open world. But the fact that this essentially means you are still stuck with one family in that worlds takes even this promise and grinds it to dust.

If we are being tested by the Sim Gods, they are a nasty bunch.

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I to have loaded the sim3 and I am concerned , where in the %&#% is my diving board ? no more piano? at least they got decent guitars , driving around town is cool but I miss my Harley ! the clothing , nevermind . there are alot of cool things you can do as far as colors and paterns and your sim will use a diagonal couch . the censor blur is back and I dont know if Dave luv is going to supply a new one , please ? I will have to work more on this and try to get used to it I guess , good night
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Actually I wanted the sims 3 to be an improved version of the sims 2. It's not that at the moment, it tries to be, but ended up a bit different. I don't care for the open world, I liked the safty of a fixed size lot. I have not yet played the game proper, as it's not coming out untill tomorrow, but have had a chance to test play + read other peoples comments. There are alot of tiny details that I love, like the new recepie system, gardening, having food go bad, having cold shower becuase your shower sucks, harder jobs, no instant richness and tons of others.

Unfortunately there are also alot of turn offs, as well setbacks that kill the game for me. Turning story progression off (if it works/when ever it will be fixed) is the first step in making the game better, but the aging, sure you can turn aging off, but then your family will not age. Sure you can manually age them, but when to decide granny has lived enough and it's time to manually kill her off. We seriously need a town aging off, household aging on fix. The rabbit holes are a turn off, but sims 2 base game community lots sucked also, and I have my hopes up that an ep will fix this. Why did EA decide having all outfits open for all sims is a good thing I cannot imagine. I want my clothing stores back.

I'm not any more sure did I keep in the subject or went astray, but, the sims 3 as it's now is not better than sims 2, actually worse, but I do have faith hacks and eps will fix this and maybe one day it will be a worthy opponent to the sims 2.
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While I have only played the original sims, I can tell that much of the core gameplay is the same with lots of new features to make it more interesting and less tedious.

I think that the limited amount of household items you can buy and limited clothing selections (in some categories) is simply an incentive to go onto the online store and buy stuff. They are looking to make money here, but as long as modders can create custom content then we won't have to spend money on more selection.

I think that this is definetly a game with more replayability than the previous ones and that it will take about 6 months before you have enough downloadable add-ons available to make the game really fun. Hopefully expansion packs will be released that enhance the gameplay.

So have faith and come back to it if you get turned off.

p.s. I found that at least 2 or 3 of the pre-made sims were decent looking and that my characters end up looking great if you spend an hour playing with the sliders. It gets better with practice, though admittedly the main difference in my char's is hairstyle.
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Ok here are my thoughts.

Sims games and expansion are always released with bugs. This is done to encourage you to be angry and to make your sims suffer! Take it out on them. Burn them, drown them, starve them. make them sorry they were ever CASed.

I noticed this is especially true when new gen Sims occur. The creators want us to explore content through cruelty. Later when the games bugs are mainly fixed we then become happier more benevolent gods to our poor sims and do nice things for them.
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I will try... have faith that is... but for the moment I will let my daughter explore the sims3 game will I continue to thoroughly enjoy my sims 2.
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