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Default Dorm Pictures
I couldn't find a thread for Uni campus residence pictures, so here it is. Have you made a custom dorm lot? Show us!

Thiessen Hall

1. Library computer area
2. Library reading area
3. ???
4. Front lawn outside

5. Dining hall
6. ???
7. TV/rec area
8. Vending machines
9. Telephones
10. To elevators and stairs

11. Female amenities
12. Male amenities
13. Dorm rooms

I'll be uploading a virtual tour video to YouTube soon, so stay tuned.
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I think you've inspired me to go spruce up the dorm a bunch of my students are staying in right now. c:
I love the outside of yours, by the way!
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Thanks! Looking forward to see what you come up with.
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I usually just refurnish maxis made dorm( and repaint obviously)

Does that count?
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Sure, I guess.
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"Attention! This thread has not had a reply for 89 months."

Nope, I'm not a troll. I just wanted to add some content to this thread as I'm think this is the right place for it. I did some redecoration of a dorm and non of the other picture threads seemed to be correct so I post here instead. For better or for worse...

Anyway, ever since I started to play the Uni EP I have been quite upset about the way the dorms (I always play dorms) did look like. Honestly, what is this? Oddly colored walls, some furintures that seems to be found in a local dumpster or anywhere else. How on earth is anyone supposed to focus on their studies in a place like that? In my eyes, impossible. No, I have never been to the uni myself and do not know anything about dorm life but I would say that I put more energy into decorating a lot then EA does so therefor I did this project.

So this is the dorm. Looks quite OK from the outside. I do not have any idea what the small rooms on top is supposed to be. There is nothing in them and hardly space for anything either.

First floor. The layout is quite nice but that yellow makes me sick. It does. All rooms are different and have very boring furnitures. And I do not think that anything matches.

Ahh, much better. Smooth colors. Brick walls and wood, that's my style. Here you can see that I also did change the rooms but we will come to that in a minute. I did forget to replace one of the ceeling lights in the hallway (doh!) but that was me moving to fast.

Second floor. Here my sims can do quiet activities like reading, playing chess and painting. I think there is a tv but no one seems to use it.

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Dorm pics - yay. Thanks for resurrecting the thread, I like your dorm. I recently remodeled 3 dorms in LFT. This dorm is for the wealthy students. Please ignore the icons on top, I took most of these in pause mode.


Kitchen & Part of dining

Some rooms


Male & Female bathrooms and laundry area

Thanks to all the custom content creators :-)
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Originally Posted by venusking
Please ignore the icons on top, I took most of these in pause mode.

You may find this mod useful.

I like your remodel. The dorm looks lovely.
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Very nice dorm Venusking. Good matching of colors and the furnitures looks very nice. A work well done!
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@Mrmo Can you please post your extra pictures under a spoiler. Only 4 are allowed per post to be showing to help with page loading.

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Originally Posted by joandsarah77
@Mrmo Can you please post your extra pictures under a spoiler. Only 4 are allowed per post to be showing to help with page loading.

I know, sorry. I had made that misstake before. From now on I will do as you told me. I will edit my post but it will take some time as I'm at work now and don't have a computer.
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