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*Bounces excitedly* This baby, this baby, this baby! Is the first baby I've ever got from Lazlo and his girlfriend Crystal Vu (main game, in my uberhood she's Tammy Gengris/Curious) as I normally have them split up so I can pair Lazlo with a CAF sim. Anyway, this little beauty is the last of the Strangetown generation, and the only of the Riverblossom Hills next generation. Despite the couple having moved out of the desert and into the quaint farming community that is RBH, they count for the Strangetown population. They haven't completely transferred over. Anyway. This one is more story like, I just can't help it this time! Sorry if it sucks/is unwanted. Ah just so excited!!

Tammy beamed at her husband through her sweat; it had finally, finally happened. The couple, friends since toddlerhood, high-school sweethearts, college lovers, now married, had finally given birth to the most beautiful child they had ever seen. Well, she gave birth, but the ever faithful Lazlo had stood close by, screaming along side his wife and squeezing her hand reassuringly. Through her pained but excited screams she had muttered the names that she wanted to name her beautiful baby boy. She wanted a Tristan, she wanted a Matthew, she wanted a Derrick, she wanted a Jackson. But nothing could have surprised the couple more when they realized that their beautiful baby boy was, in fact, a beautiful baby girl. Her smile had never faltered as she played with her baby's toes and pondered over what to name the little blonde, though. She was just so happy and blessed that the baby had come out healthy, gorgeous and mercifully quiet.

In the calm after the excitement, Lazlo had left his wife and child to fetch goodies for himself from the vending machines down the hall. He was surprised to see Tammy up and strolling around the maternity ward, armed with their daughter, smiling at no one but happy about it all the same. He nearly whispered so quietly she couldn't hear him, "Have we got a name for her yet?" With a slight startle, Tammy turned toward him, putting one of her free fingers over her lips in the "shush" motion, but she shook her head 'no' to answer the question. He smiled at her and winked, placing his soda on the bed-side counters before he started waving at the little girl. "Hello gorgeous! I'm your new daddy, you are safe and loved and wise, and you're a fall baby. I love fall babies, 'cause I'm a fall baby too! And we can share our birthdays and everything." While he babbled, Tammy realized that the perfect name for their daughter had just been said, four or five times, in the last couple minutes, by her beloved husband.

"I know what her name is."
"What is it?"
Tammy turned a kind eye to the smiling infant, pursing her lips to kiss her daughter's forehead.


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Ivy Isles sleeping in her cot.
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My newest Sim babies...

Emery, son of Marilyn and Jason Larson:

Luigi, son of Virginia and Giovanni Spiro. Virginia's holding him up:

And David, son of Maria Spiro and Liam Thomas (both standing in the picture). I just have to say that he is FREAKING ADORABLE:

Funny thing about all three of them: they're all boys, and they all look like their fathers. ...They don't, however, all live in the same neighborhood. Minus sub-neighborhoods, Emery lives in Riverblossom Hills, and Luigi and David both live in my custom neighborhood Converse. They are, after all, cousins. Hopefully they'll grow up to be good friends.
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Just getting in the last of my long simming days before the semester and a job take over my free time.

With a passionate kiss, Erin and Malcolm closed their hectic, home-birthing evening. Her signs of labor had been in overdrive for the better part of the early winter morning and had lasted for several hours before she even began giving birth.She had been down in the kitchen when they kicked in: sharp pains through her stomach, up her spine, down her legs. The pains had put her to her knees, in tears, in a matter of seconds as she wailed helplessly for her husband to come to her side. It was with great trepidation that she envisioned various blips of Malcolm moving his office from the space upstairs to the garage in anticipation of the incoming baby; he couldn't hear her wailing through the thickly insulated mansion walls. Erin clutched her stomach as she tried to think of what to do next. She wanted her bed and to lay in it, so badly, but she couldn't get up those stairs alone. She could try to make it to the garage, but it was snowy outside and well below freezing, the cold would only hamper her and the ice could possibly harm the child. In desperation, she looked to the cabinets above her head. Maybe, just maybe..

When Malcolm heard the crashes is when he was pulled out of his Professional Personal Financing trance at the computer monitor and back into the real world. Instantly his thoughts flew to his wife, and he was out the door before he could even think to grab the baseball bat or any other tools of self-defense. As he closed the distance between the house he was met with a cloud of confusion. There was a massive pile of ... was that, dish rubble? on the frozen sidewalk, the window above the kitchen sink was broken. He faltered in his pace, knowing that a burglar wouldn't stop what they were doing in order to break fine china and hoping that Erin wasn't having another break down, for a moment before he heard her wailing. Confusion gone, Malcolm picked his run back up and was in the back door before she had another chance to even utter his name. Wrapping his arms around his wife and letting her melt tiredly into his arms, Malcolm picked their way to their bedroom, helped her get situated on their bed, and went back downstairs to put some plastic over the broken window and clean up. Erin was passed out, and remained that way until contractions woke her up and told her that the night was far from over...

Several hours later, Malcolm V was openly welcomed into the world by loving, happy and excited parents. His father couldn't express the joy or contain his need to /jump with it/ at the aspect of being able to carry on the Landgraab tradition. The infant, though, returned his father's excitement with his own sort of weariness. As if born tired, he acted like the birthing process had taken more of a toll on him than it had his mother.

Ready to bed down the infant and sleep off the long night, the couple was surprised by another little gift: Lydia Landgraab. The beautiful little girl also displayed the kind of tiredness her brother had, and was expected to be the cause of Erin's birthing complications in the first place. Malcolm bounced delightedly beside his wife as they each armed themselves with an infant to put to rest. Malcolm V was put in his appropriate crib while Malcolm IV rushed to the nearest baby store and bought a second crib; Lydia slept on her parents' bed while her father did so. The very tired Erin simply fell into a deep sleep on the couch, trusting their makeshift baby-guards to keep the infant safe. It had been a long journey, but the next Landgraab generation was here.

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I'm currently playing a family who live in this Mayan pyramid. The male of the pyramid was abducted by aliens, and was pregnant. He gave birth to a baby girl, and she is now a toddler. I took a picture of this scene of the toddler with a stuffed teddy bear. I love the look of it, it's rare that a family in town raises a child from inception, rather than added to the mix from the beginning of the family's creation. What I like about this picture is the way the toddler squeezes the bear, such an adorable sight. Then she chews the bear's eat.

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Geraldine Mander, daughter of Sparrow (Hawkins) and Gerry Mander, got most of her features from her mother's side of the family.

That doesn't prevent her father's favorite little sister from taking care of her. Amanda, that child is clean as a whistle. Stop trying to bathe her. "Shut up. She likes me."

"How's my little Mann this morning?" Over in Widespot, Arden Hart is woken up by his handsome Grampa. On whom a lot of the childcare devolves because Mommy can't be bothered.

To everyone's surprise, though, Candy does pick up and love on her niece Laika Weiss when she tags along with Laika's daddy on a visit.

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With each passing day, Brandi grew more convinced that Tanner was Skip's enduring spirit. Simple things, like the child's easy amusement with his own "slimy treasures" made her believe it. He was dopey in his own way, but endearing, and he couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Because of the new baby, Dustin had been forced to step into his father's shoes as man of the house and primary breadwinner. He spent less time with his friends and more time with his mother in his free time, helping her teach Tanner what it meant to be a toddler, helping her raise Beau, helping her fend off the repo-man, but most importantly, just being her friend. Dustin had realized that it wasn't her fault his father had passed, that she was trying to be all three boys' mother, father, good example, while accepting whatever work she could to earn money while the boys were at school and the toddler napped. Brandi couldn't be anymore thankful to Tanner and his spirit for drawing the family back together. (He's so cute!)

Dina Caliente was realizing exactly what it meant to be a mother as her twins grew into toddlers. They had been adorable as infants, but now that they were terrors on the go, breaking vases by accident and constantly playing with the toilet, she was finding herself flustered, confused, and tired. She had had to take a working position at the law firm when her and Nina's financials had dipped below a hundred bucks, it didn't help her to come home to piles of dirty diapers, sour milk, puddles of toilet water, and sobbing infants while the nanny played on their gaming console. But, when she had time to sit and truly enjoy her children, she found herself falling in love. Specifically with Gabriella's silly tactics of trying to scare her brother, which Dina couldn't resist snapping a photo of.

Nina, unlike her sister, was unamused by her son. He had turned out to be a total terror for the woman; he'd cry when you put him down, either on the floor or in his crib, and then he'd cry because you picked him up! He was a mess of bad behavior, slamming his tiny fists into her shoulder when she didn't give him what he wanted, and when he wanted it. She had tried being patient, she had tried the gentle scolding methods of today's new laws, but they did nothing. She felt powerless, until Don stepped in. When around his father, Antonio was surprisingly calm. His tantrums vanished, he allowed himself to be carried from point A to B, he never cried about being either picked up or put down. Don was good for the child, and he was wonderfully supportive of his spawn. He visited daily, often pushing the nanny out of the way in order to take the situation into his own hands. On days he couldn't visit, he called. It was much to both Nina and Dina's surprise that the Lothario Stud had stepped up and taken responsibility for what he had done, that he hadn't shirked away from the responsibility. Whatever was going on in his brain, they were thankful and Nina, specifically, hoped that he'd have a lasting good affect on her son.

Renee was in the middle of her terrible twos, and she was sure to let the world know. She rarely slept the whole night, and since 73 Road to Nowhere had been modified to allow the old "office" to be an open room off the master bedroom, she kept her parents up all night. Of course, she had no remorse.
(She could be either extremely gorgeous or extremely funky! Her chin is interesting.)

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I tried out the new baby accessories today, was so exited to have a baby to try them out on!

hat, shoes and rattle.

I love the shoes the best.

They all come off for bathing.

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Nebula Peterson, he has two moms, Jessica Peterson and Lola Curious-Smith

His favorite activity is harassing his little dog Shortcake
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Summer and Styles

Have you ever walked into a room & forgot why you went in there?
What if God is playing The Sims & he just cancelled your action.
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Abram Brown had a fun day at the little playground after his birthday when both of his parents had the same day off work. A mean, tidy little Scorpio.

Having fun with these accessories, he's wearing a baseball cap.

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Ayer Weiss isn't sure she likes this "outside" her mom was talking about. She knows she likes seeing the butterflies and birds and flowers... but she's pretty sure she likes seeing them from the other side of the window better.

(Isn't Ayer just the spitting image of her dad Skye? I think the only things that Camryn contributed were gestation and her hair color!)

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Olivia Ottomas, of Widespot, grows up! And I squee, because she's a little blonde Ted! She looks just like Ted Ottomas of Drama Acres! Except, you know, blonde and female. Their personalities aren't the same, though.

Not long afterward, her twin Viola grows up, too. I'm happy Peter's blond gene expressed in Olivia, because now I can tell these two apart at a glance.

Little Arden Hart, of Widespot, with his mother Candy.

And with his Grampa, Valentine. You see which side of the family his lower face comes from, I think.

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Vonderstein twins Marc & Steffi (their parents are Matthew Hart and Klara Vonderstein)

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Ashley Michaels:
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Homer Land's little grandbaby Rhein is about to move out and live with her Daddy, which is as it should be; but Homer's going to miss her. So he takes the day before the wedding off to teach her the nursery rhyme and make best friends with her.

And here she is on the wedding day, providing Daddy - aka Valentine Hart - with the incentive to go through with it. Mommy really ought to be with somebody who won't kick off and leave her a young widow, and Daddy knows it - but Daddy can't argue with Mommy's argument that Rhein needs her very own daddy!

Valentine's grandson Arden lives with him, and I teleported in his other (acknowledgeable) grandchild Laika Weiss. Arden is happily playing with his bunny when Laika comes looking for toddler toys, and he suddenly comes alert. What - that's a person the same size as him! How did that happen?

Laika's mother Penny holds her for the last time. Look at that trusting happy little face!

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Although I wasn't expecting it...I was so happy to have my very first batch of quads in my Attention Family Legacy! The parents of these little ones are Parker and Kaylynn Deppiesse. Parker is the son of my favorite sim Mirabella (Okuma) Deppiesse, and the quads are her first-born grandchildren. Sadly she didn't get to live long enough to meet them, but I can already tell that she is very much a part of them. 3 of the 4 inheritated her black hair, even though dad's a brunette and mom's a redhead. They're absolutely adorable toddlers!

The oldest, Kiptyn (being held by uncle Joel).

The hyper one, Kovu (that's dad's hand/face in the picture).

The sweet little girl, Karine.

And the youngest, and only brunette of the bunch, Keeland (being held by aunt Jan).

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Oh I'd love quads, I haven't even had trips yet.

My tree dwelling beach bum family twins grew up.

Surf -is the good boy. he chooses to dance or play with a toy.

Bondi- whose a little monkey and would rather eat the cats food.

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Twin toddlers of Allegra Gorey & Mitch Indie

Arietta Gorey

Rhapsody Gorey

These two don't like each other much. Arietta tried to huggle Rhapsody and she rejected the huggle! They spend most of their time away from each other now.
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Mary and Bea about to go to sleep

Julia and Jeremy

And little Lisa sleeping on her blanket
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Elizabeth (Lizzie) Pilferson

She was largely left to her own devices

Francine Worthington

She's skeptical about the fun of tickles
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One of the many groups of toddlers in Strangetown. These belong to Tank Grunt and Melody Tinker.

From left to right:
One of these kids shouldn't belong here ~
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Rhein Land learns to walk from her Gramma, Beulah Land, right before Mommy's wedding to Daddy turns her into Rhein Hart.

Amanda Ruben gives her niece Geraldine Mander her first, wholly unnecessary, bath.

Jesse Picaso looks a little, um, - "Dude, chill! It's just his mama's broken face template. Ain't that right, little guy?" "Bwee-hee-hee!"

Lavesh Ramaswami, however, is cute enough for two.

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The Landgraab twins (I've had a lot of twins lately) Malcolm V & Mitch. Malcolm V gets to inherit the big house and the most successful of his dad's businesses simply because he was the first of the two that popped out. Life isn't fair, Mitch.

Malcolm V


As toddlers...

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Cool baby bouncer; play, cry, fall asleep - repeat.

Namaste... or "go"
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