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Default what are some of your ideas for families/individual sims?
Sometimes when i come up w/ an idea for a sim, I'll write it down 8'D There's still a lot of them I've never gotten around to making though hhsajdfgsdf
But yeah -- appearence, personality, bio, random details, all that fun stuff. UwU Even if it's incredibly vague, it'd still be really cool to hear about them!

((i always sound like an overly optimistic uncle when i try to write a post?? like, the kind that always calls you 'sport' and insists you guys 'hang out' some time and you really dont want to because he's kinda lame but you dont have the heart to blow him off ok i'm rambling bye))
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Since any age group exept adults is horribly neglected, I dont really have much sims of other age groups.

Hence my households are a bit different usually..

I have a group of eight young adults who went to university together and now live in a large house that they try to expand as they progress through their careers. All good friends, though sadly personality wise they are only a shadow of their sims 2 version they are based on.

Also made a household of supernaturals, brothers and sisters with a genie butler.
A reluctant wherewolf who wants to cure himself and others, an evil witch that wants to turn others into supernaturals, a gentleman vampire, a rather mean ghost and a michevous and beautifull elf.
The story is that each found immortality in their own way and they have lived together for many years. They havent adjusted well to modern society.

Currently I am building a new neighbourhood with a futuristic part, a supernatural part, farms and a normal part. Which means many new households..
Already made a snobby blonde famous superstar with a butler and maid, and a witch coven. Still working on ideas to fill in the rest.
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I usually make households of people I know, just to see how it'd all unfold with story progression. It's funny when all the people who say they are so in love end up cheating and marrying the sim next door haha.
I also love vampires, so I like making an ancient who owns pretty much the entire town, or a newly turned who doesn't know whether to eat their house mate, or become romantically involved. Either way, they eat.
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Originally Posted by Nymphetamine
I usually make households of people I know, just to see how it'd all unfold with story progression. It's funny when all the people who say they are so in love end up cheating and marrying the sim next door haha.

Seconded, except I'll make a house w/ 6-ish fictional characters and dump them into my town to see what they do. It's usually hysterically funny.
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I think the hardest part is getting away form the traits that I've grown comfortable with. I almost NEVER pick absent-minded or technophobe, etc., and go for the traits that are beneficial. So when making people you know, it's kind of fun to think back and pick out how you perceive them to be. It probably is never accurate, but fun all the same.
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Ideas for families:
- Could do a house that acts as a command center for a organization of superheroes (or secret agents). Have them have a variety of personality traits and bonuses (likely modded) to make it interesting.
- Try playing a child living by himself (an orphan).
- Try running a farm and slowly recruit "hired" help.
- Try making a character who is running for the "Leader of the Free World" and simulate his Presidency (with a White House, aides, and bodyguards).

Doing individual sims is a bit more difficult. I've started making characters that are NOT myself and find it a bit more fun. I think your most interesting character was the Werewolf who is trying to cure himself, that immediately sounds interesting to me.
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I like to make characters based on TV shows I used to watch back in the day.

Let's just say I've had a Sim in the singer career going by the stage name "Jem"....

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Currently, my sims are based off of manga/manhua or videogames I read/play.
A woman and two guys, a typical... well, it's supposed to be a love triangle, but anyone who reads a few chapters of the light novel/manhua they are based off of can tell who she'll end up with. So a couple is eventually made, a child comes - a daughter.... and the daughter decides she wants the not-taken guy. Yes, it sounds terrible. No, this is not based off of Twilight.

The light novel it's based off of is Half Prince... that ninth volume was really a bad idea...

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One time, I made a family of four siblings: a young adult male, a teen female, a child female, and a toddler female. There were no parents. I tried to make them a "trailer trash" family but I probably failed. Now everyone is grown up, and the young adult is an elder. It was pretty interesting to play.

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I'm currently working on an entire town's worth of sims. My inspirations vary, but this one was actually adapted from one of my TS2 games shortly after I got ITF, so I put a lot of that stuff in, and then this happened.

The town I'm working on is Boringville. It's a very modern and advanced town, with food synthesizers in every breakroom, holo beds in the therapists' clinic, male impregnation perfected...oh, and this is set in the 1950's.

The leading family is the Ring family. They pretty much run the place, and they're responsible for all the advanced technology popping up. They're also pretty lucky; half the time, one of them wins the lottery (though considering the sheer number of them, it might be more implausible for someone out of the family to win. However, they're also pretty nice. They built everything in town with their own money, regularly donate to charity, set up scholarships for kids in their town, and are unfailingly polite. At the head of the family, we have Bo Ring X, who's just taken over from his retired dad. And then he learns the family secret: everything they ever achieved was done through the aid of time travel. His ancestors weren't inventors, they just took some of the free tech from the future and marketed it. They looked up - and still look up - lottery numbers.

Bo Ring X has a choice: go along with the family conspiracy or expose it to the world. Boringville is a tight-knit community, cut off from the rest of the world; revealing the secret would crush everyone's faith in the town. And then what would happen to the people who live there? But the secret weighs heavily on Bo, and one slip is all it takes to collapse the world around him.

Also living in the town is his reclusive great-great-great-great-Idon'tknowhowmanygreatsI'msupposedtoputhere-aunt Irene, who's the daughter of Bo Ring I, founder of the town. She makes bots for a living - plumbots, simdroids, and sexbots - and also dabbles in alchemy, botany (she's the inventor of the Omniplant), and other forms of science. Also, she's immortal and is pretending to be her own somenumberofgreats granddaughter. And then a very determined niece of hers comes by, looking to do a thorough genealogy study, which is a bit awkward when several generations of your family don't exist. With her falsified documents scrutinized and rejected, Irene is called out and rejected from the family, her last ties to the world. Is it worth it to pursue them, to fight to make them acknowledge her or to wait a while and begin the deception anew? Should she explain her immortality to them, with all the trouble that might cause? Or will she just slip further into her own self-contained world, surrounded by facsimiles of people?

On the lighter side, we have the Doves. Katherine and Christopher have had a solid relationship from the start, with nothing big in their way. Which is what's terrifying Christopher. He's read all those novels about romance and mysteries where someone in a couple ends up dead. And, of course, all of them start out with "Couple X had a great life...UNTIL!" and it's just completely wrong to have a romance this way: first act, they meet, second act, they love until the end and the BIG SECRET is revealed that makes someone freak out and/or leave the other and then they have BABIES EVER AFTER unless the big secret was infertility, in which case it's ADOPTIONS EVER AFTER! Why can't real life follow the convenient plot of romances so that Christopher can get the dark spot over with? And can this relationship survive one partner who's always on edge, ready to accuse and leave his beloved at the slightest hint of a BIG SECRET?

I have a gossip columnist - Shay Greene - who loves her job. In fact, she's built her entire life around it. Her roof is covered in telescopes, and her living room uses tvs instead of wallpaper. And then she gets promoted to editor. She no longer has time to do her gossip column. The telescopes and televisions go unused, and every time she goes home ragged and worn out, she has a reminder of what life was like. So, she has the brilliant plan of getting demoted back to columnist without getting fired. And if she knows anything, it's gossip.
And then her sister got SIV and a divorce, and desperately needs money for a cure. With her cushy yet stressful job on one side, and a relaxed future with a dead sister on the other, Shay knows which one she wants. Problem is, she's already sown the seeds for her fall back, and they're set to bloom at any moment.

The Belles and the Zephyrs: what to say about them? The former family is branched off from the Rings, the latter immigrated several generations ago. By all rights, they should hate each other. I mean, Fiona Belle and Daniel Zephyr once got into an argument over the last pomegranate in the grocery store! What else are feuds supposed to be started over?! In fact, the town has divided into teams to fight their battles for them. Problem is, the families don't need teams. They get along pretty well with each other. But the townspeople need something to hold onto, even if it has to be someone else's nonexistent grudge, so they play along.
And then Robby Belle and Juliana Zephyr happen along. They're pleasant acquaintances, but they're from feuding families and just look at their names and they're in two of the same classes out of six, so it must be love! When Julie gets caught sneaking out of her family home to visit Brian Ring IV, local hot-doctor-in-training, the fans get frenzied. Everyone conspires to get Julie together with one of the two or with both at the same time or with her hot sister, and she's had enough. With her would-be-beaus (and hot sister) teaming up with her, whatever happens is sure to cause an impact in the town itself.
Except blowing open a conspiracy is a little difficult when you're trying to convince the conspirators themselves.

Virgil Buck, Virgin Casanova, is here to "woo" every woman in town into lesbianism. The number of stories he will tell you about having sex are higher than the number of minutes he's been alive. In reality, the closest he's ever gotten to it is taking algebra and staring longingly at the last three letters. As his list of exploits grows longer while his actual experience remains steady, he feels the pressure to succeed mounting. But who wants to sleep with a guy who won't shut up about sex and claims to have an STD only obtainable by having a fifteen-some?
At the edge of a nervous breakdown, he checks himself into a mental ward. If his mindset won't change, he will never be healthy again, but when an immovable stubbornness meets the irresistible force of a failing body, something has to give before he gets crushed in the impact.

I got some more if anyone wants to hear them, but I think I'll leave it here for now.
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For Sims in general, I usually pick 1-2 'varying traits'. As they grow older, I use testingcheatsenabled true > edit Sim in CAS to stimulate them developing different interests. For example, a child loves horses for most of their life, but hates cats and dogs because they're scared of rabies and such. However, when they become a teen, they begin to realize that rabies doesn't exist in Sims the chances of getting rabies are uncommon, so they gain the loves animals trait rather than just horses. Or, a teenager's father is killed by drowning, and thus, they become hydrophobic. I find it entertaining, because the results actually make sense- a kid who loved the pool until his father drowned probably wouldn't want to be covered in the stuff that killed his dad.

Story-wise, I try to do things like... A smart-ish guy who collected rocks as a child gets abducted over and over by aliens. After a while the entire family is made up of him and his alien children, and he feels all weird and stuff for being that guy who had a ton of alien babies (lol)

My copy of Supernatural hasn't arrived yet, as I have only recently even been able to run EPs on my computer and Amazon lost the package in the mail or something, but I already have a ton of ideas in mind... A fairy who is absolutely obsessed with animals. She owns every single minor pet, and adopts every stray that pads past the porch. However, due to her animal-obsession, and the fact that she has wings sprouting out of her back, she is unable to find romance and actually settle down. A werewolf-turned Sim who is suspicious of the supernatural or whatever that trait is called, and thus hates having his powers and refuses to use them at all cost. Thus, to prevent getting stressed and turning, he spends all his time either attempting to cure himself or having fun to keep his stress levels low. At the same time, everyone around him is getting annoyed because he never helps out around the household... They just don't understand.

When I get IP, I want to make a Mermaid who hates being a mermaid. I want to give her hydrophobic if possible, to represent her not wanting to show off her tail. She will always wear long pants, tights, etc; anything to cover up her scales. She is afraid that if anyone knows she's a mermaid, they'll either hate her for being different, or never leave her alone because of how majestic (sort of) she is.

One of my generations characters is a Sim who is so desperate for romance, she opened up a babysitting business so she could flirt with whatever guys bring kids in. However, after starting her job, she realized she was actually really good at it. Thus, her business grew, and she eventually became the caretaker of the town; at that point, she was less focused on getting a husband, and more focused on making everyone else get married so there would be more kids for her business.
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I have a lot of writer sims.
And it's not so bad with mods that make it fun, and lifetime royalties.
And of course, the single Genius young adult male who spends time collecting space rocks.
Not to mention naming themes, and then having them follow the basic story line of their namesake(s).
I've done some parents who homeschool without mods (get their logic up, and they can increase their kid's school performance).
And the extreme gardeners who have a decent (at least 30x30) sized lot, and a tiny little house. And a giant garden(more than 50 plants). Yes, it takes forfreakingever.
But at the same time, most of them never sleep anyway.
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My goal has been to thrive through as many generations of the family as possible. This means the eldest inherits the property and other siblings either move out or don't have kids. The family tries to buy as much real estate as possible which means there is an artist/author or other lazy unemployed family scion by 3rd or 4th generation.

It's fun to look back over 7 generations and see how the family has progressed. Wish there was a better automated database tool to build family trees and historical diaries. (I really need to get around to writing that.)
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