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Default Please help game not saving
i don't know if this it the right place to post this but i try
my game was running very good but when i install World Adventures. Generations and Seasons(i install them in same day)
i also install some CC
Ok so when i start playing the game(after installing the expansions)
my game save first time very fast next day when i open my game and play for like
4 hours i try to save
but nothing i let for like 6 hours but it just say 'Saving' and nothing then i ununstall the new EPs but nothing i re-install all of my game but nothing again
i don't know what to do any more nothing help
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
Graphic card: Intel HD Graphics Family (ASUStek Computer Inc)
CUP: Intel Pentium B950 @ 2.10GHz
I play sims on laptop Asus X54C
And i also own
Late Night
Diesel stuff
and Universit life
i don't have any store content installed i just have some CC(from modthesims, foreverandalwayssims, sjokoSims and some random sites)
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I'm afraid you can't expect TS3 to work on that computer.

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When I had a problem with saving ongoing and never stopping the loop, I would check the Task Manager and end a background program because it was competing for the 4GB RAM in the background. Sometimes it works, sometimes it didn't. Need to save often and play in smaller time increments. Sorry.

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#4 Old 15th Jan 2014 at 9:25 PM
but i don't get it
i was playing sims 3 on this computer for a long time i don't have lag it just crash 3 time when i was trying to add pool blueprint in to my basement
and my game is very fast at loading screen and i have pretty fast gameplay
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#5 Old 15th Jan 2014 at 10:12 PM
If the experts say your computer isn't strong enough, focusing on how to make it work with what you have might be a good idea. Uninstalling some of the exp and stuff packs might be helpful. There is also a couple of programs around that let you select what exp and stuff packs you like to play with today, if you can play that way If you are unsure you can install a gameselector as I mentioned and see if it works. That way you may be able to find out if it really is the size of your comp. Have you checked if you have the storage space needed to save? Cleaning out some of your other stuff might also be a good idea. If you have more questions you should really look in the help menu at the top and start going through the troubleshooting list.
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You also have a CPU that's about eight years out of date, very little RAM, and no graphics card. Try the suggestions above to sort out the saving problem, of course - but if you fix this problem, you'll probably find another soon enough, and then another, and another.

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