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Default how to make objects can be used by teen?
ok so i don't know is this is the right place to post this but i will try
i have installed cmomoney smoke/cigarette mod and only adults can use it so i want to make my teen can use it too so can some one tell me how to make this?
and also that objects my sims use it by them self without my command
so is there way to make non-Automatic object
sorry for bad english
i don't have big experience with S3PE only thing i know is how to change the price and change the clothing type(from everyday to outerwear)
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Questions about modding should go under Modding Discussion forum.

Things that changes Sims' autonomous actions as well as who can be done with ITUN tuning. It's similar to XML tuning, and you require S3PE to modify them. You can find all ITUN and XML files in GameplayData.package file. For an example, open that file and look for PourJuice_JuiceKeg.ITUN resource. That ITUN file is used to restrict who can do the interaction (age, career, traits, and so on), advertise the autonomous action which makes how much certain Sims get attracted to the interaction, and so on.

In that resource, you can see this line:
<AgeSpeciesAvail AgeSpeciesValue="Y,A,E" />

That line means that only young adults through elders can pour juice from the juice keg. If you add "T" to the value, such that:
<AgeSpeciesAvail AgeSpeciesValue="T,Y,A,E" />

Teens should be able to do the same interaction. Keep in mind that this method may not work well with all interactions. This is because certain ages don't have the animations to perform certain interactions. This is what causes the "stretching children" bug, which is because a mod enables children to do what they can't normally do, such as playing guitar, causing them to stretch because they don't have the animation for that. Also, it may not always work at all because the age restrictions may be restricted in the script code.

To modify Sim's autonomy, seek for this line:
<Disallow DisallowAutonomous="False" DisallowUserDirected="False" DisallowPlayerSim="False" />

DisallowAutonomous="False" means that the interaction is set as autonomous. Anyone can perform the interaction at any time, without your control. Set it to "True" so that it can only be done with your command. DisallowUserDirected="False" means that you can direct your Sims to perform the interaction. Setting it to "False" will disable the interaction for you, but Sims can still perform it autonomously; you just can't intentionally direct them to. DisallowPlayerSim="False" means that your Sims can perform the interaction also. Setting it to "False", however, will disable the interaction only to your Sims no matter what, autonomous or not. Only Sims that are not part of the household can perform the interaction.

You can actually learn better on how to edit ITUN files in NonaMena's ITUN Modding Discussion and Explanation tutorial.

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i make everything and my sims don't use the objects by them self but the teens can't use it when adults click on the objects there is have smoke and show contents
but when teen clicks on the objects just have show contents i't looks like it can't be make cuz there is no animation for teens just like you said
but thanks any way
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