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Default Sim Living Magazine
Hi everyone! So I've been in the process of creating a new sims 3 magazine. As of now I've done all of the photo shoots and editing/writing on my own. However, its a lot to do and I need some help! Currently I'm looking to add 2 writers/editors, 1-2 custom content creators and a pose creator to the staff. I want to make this a fun project, where we can all use our creativity and bring our ideas to life. Of course, when you're ob the staff any ideas that you have will be taken into consideration for the magazine. If you're interested in helping out please contact me at Thanks so much everyone!

Also, if anyone is interested I can post some sneak peek images for you guys to get an idea of what I've been doing so far. Let me know!
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Some sneak peeks would be very interesting
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Do you need a guy to hang around the office and hit on the girls while they're trying to work? Every workplace needs one of those assholes productivity-impairment specialists!

My rates are very competitive.
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I'll email you eventually.

Anyways, when I put myself up to it, I can be a pretty good writer. And I love explaining my opinions about everything I look at, so I'd probably be a good writer. I'm also a grammar freak and any unintentional red line in word is a horrifying creation that must be exterminated instantly.

I'll help with screenshots too, if you want. Definitely not because I take every chance I get to collect clothes, hair, makeup, etc, though.

I'm late to the CC party, but I want to learn. Limited to Blender rather than Milkshape/Milkshake/whatever the other program is, but I shall try. If I get anywhere with my weird and sudden ambition, I might help in that category, too.
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