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Default twin islands and other problems...
Ok, so Im not the most CAW savvy person but I've tried several different things to fix the problems Im having and cannot seem to find the solutions...I've created several height map files to use in CAW...I've followed the directions of all the tutorials on the subject and for the most part have had pretty good results except when start the new world in CAW and select my height maps, CAW creates a duplicate world in the same other words, if I create an island height map, when I open it in CAW (even if imported into a flat CAW world), CAW creates two islands of the same shape and size, distorting the width of the original height to fix this? My other problem involves importing a custom world into Sims3...I was able to create a world in CAW using the default height maps but when I imported it into Sims3 and began adding items to the lots, (houses and such) as soon as I created a resort and activated it in live mode, the action bubbles above the lots in "town map" have disappeared or are unresponsive...What did I do wrong?...I appreciate any insight into fixing these little glitches...thank you
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You might have a better luck in the right section:
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