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Default The Sims 3 Town Maps
Good Afternoon All,
Question time?.

I have posted here and there a couple of times, but recently (as in 30min ago) I was playing The Sims 3 Isla Paradiso and my sim Ty (young adult) and he had a desire to 'have fortune told, 250+ lifetime points', but, to my dismay, I discovered 1 flaw, fortune teller is in moonlight fall's.

I know I can take the time to 'edit town' build a new location myself and dress it up. But I have entirely more interest in playing my sim then using my limited time to build another community lot.

So, my question?; has anyone managed to either A) get all the different community features onto 1 lot or B) download a customer map with just all the base game (inc expansions) stuff in it?

Thank You All.
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What you can do, is download the Rabbit Hole rugs and put them all on one lot. I do that when I want to play a super speedy legacy and not deal with so many buildings on a small map.
There are some maps that put three to four buildings on one giant lot. Place a couple on top and make a basement and toss a couple down there. Routing can be interesting but it's possible.
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Luckk's suggestion is a good one. I love the RH rugs. One thing I did in my game, though, in anticipation of needing that fortune teller lot in the future, was go into Edit Town mode in MF and copy the lot to my bin to be used in other towns. Do this with caution, though, if using an existing MF save, as I believe doing so will cancel all interactions within that town at the time (if I'm remembering correctly). Then you can go back to IP and plunk it down wherever the heck you want as long as there's an appropriately sized empty lot available to do so. Of course, the trees will look a bit out of place in IP but you could always replace them with palm trees.

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