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Continue the story!
EDIT: STOP. Yeah, you. Hold it right there. You see this thread? It's a lot of fun. Now, scroll to the bottom, read the post and scroll back up here. Whoever wrote that post did a good job. You should continue it. C'mon, it'll be fun. This website is full of amazing, creative people. So, please. PLEASE JUST TRY. Maybe one sentence? Two? Three? I don't like being mean or pushy haha. Just read the last post, and try to continue it. I know you're talented. Very talented indeed. Pretty please? Ok, I'm going to leave you now so you can write.

Hi everyone!

So, I was thinking we could squeeze out everyone's creative juices and do a fun "pick up where I left off" sort of story thread.

To participate, all you have to do is continue the story of the last post in 30 sentences or less. The story will start off in Sunset Valley, and all the expansions and stuff packs are installed. This means you can include elements from all games. You can bring in other pre made Sims 3 characters (Elvira Slayer, Dina/Nina Caliente , etc.) even if they aren't in the town the story's set it. Just no sims that you've made. Also, try not to post twice or more times in a row. It'd be pretty cool to see a diverse story and everyone's writing styles, so if you are just itching to contribute again, maybe wait until a few posts have passed to begin writing again. Oh, and the story's in third person, past tense.

I really hope this has gotten you interested. I really want to see how other simmers write (and possibly play) and maybe spark some ideas for some Sims 3 stories! I guess this is great practice as well .Be creative, and end each post with a "..."

Now that all that's down-pat, I'll start it off. Let's see how big we can make this story! Good luck!:

The night was warm, with a minor breeze ruffling the leaves of near-by trees and bushes ever-so-slightly. Bella couldn't believe the dinner had gone so well; it's very usual for a meet-the-parents meal to be pretty frightening and just plain awkward. But, to her surprise, Bella's family were less dysfunctional than normal. Simis behaved himself, Jocasta forgot about the baby photos and Michael didn't crack inappropriate jokes. As well as that, Mortimer was being polite as ever. Bella sighed as she rested her hands on the railing of the balcony. The stars were like thousands of tiny Snowflake Day lights, yet the moon seemed to outshine them all. Bella felt a hand on her waist and then turned to see Mortimer, his face full of delight. "Did I do okay?" Mortimer asked. Bella smiled and kissed his cheek. "Thanks for tonight. I think you really impressed my parents." Bella said and walked to the other side of the balcony as Mortimer followed her.

"Speaking of your parents, I was just talking to them and I need to ask you something."

"Sure. You can ask me anything."


Mortimer grabbed Bella's hand and knelt down in front of her. Bella stared in awe as she saw Mortimer pull a small velvet box out of his jacket pocket. "Bella, make me the happiest man in Sunset Valley. Will you be mine?" Mortimer asked and opened the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. Bella's eyes widened as she realised her boyfriend had just proposed to her. As she opened her mouth to speak, the sound of a motorbike broke the silence of the night. The loud vehicle caught Bella's attention as it stopped at the house across the road. Bella gasped when the driver took their helmet off. "No, it can't be him!" She said to herself. Mortimer squeezed Bella's hand to get her attention, but her eyes were glued onto the mystery motorcyclist. Mortimer stood up to see who Bella was staring at, and as he did a frown arose on his face. He couldn't believe a guy on a motorbike ruined his proposal. And especially when it was...
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Erm, this is actually fine here. It's a sims-related story, but it's not a Sims Story specifically.

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it was don lothario! i knew it

... he came up to greet the couple.. obviously in shock, but he asked Bella to hop onto his ride and.. she actually did. This left Mortimer without a chance to speak..
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I KNEW it was Don! I'll just continue it to get it back up and running again. Oh, and I kinda probably exceeded 20, maybe 30 sentences . I hereby ban limits!

Mortimer threw the velvet box off the balcony in anger. He cursed under his breath at the speeding Lothario whose waist was protected by Bella's arms. Mortimer left the balcony and slammed the door behind him. He raced downstairs and into the Bachelor dining room, where Simis was reading the newspaper and Jocasta was washing up. Mortimer slammed his fist on the dinning room table, which got their attention. "Oh, Mortimer! How did it go? Wait, where's Bella?" Jocasta asked, scrubbing a plate. Mortimer let out a small yell and put his hands behind his head in frustration. "Mortimer? Did she say no?" Simis asked and dropped his newspaper in disappointment. "Are you serious? No? She didn't even have time to say yes!" Mortimer shouted. "Then wh-"

"Just as she was about to respond, lover-boy Don Lothario conned her into riding away with him on his stupid motorcycle!"

Jocasta dropped the plate she was scrubbing into the sink. "Did you say Don Lothario?" Jocasta asked with a hint of fury in her voice. Simis sighed in anger. "Well of course he did, Jocasta! Didn't you hear the racket he was making earlier on?"

Jocasta was angry. She took off her rubber gloves and rubbed her red forehead. "I told her he wasn't good news. He shouldn't have came into her life at all! And now look, he's taken her away to god-knows-where on a blazin' motorcycle!" Jocasta yelled and threw her hands up in the air. "Well, we have to do something." Simis said standing up. He walked to the stairs and yelled for his son. "What?" Michael replied annoyed. "Get downstairs and start up the car."

"Can't you do it?"

"Michael..." Simis warned. "God, I just hope we reach her in time." Mortimer said, pacing the kitchen. Jocasta paused in horror. "Oh no. What if they-"

"They won't." Simis quickly replied. "Bella isn't stupid enough to let it get to that stage again."

"And without pro-"

"Jocasta, she-"

"What if she gets-"

"Jocasta! Please! I don't want to hear about the worst, again." Simis yelled and rubbed his forehead. Simis couldn't stand the thought of his precious Bella...
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Meanwhile....... "So Bella, want to go to my place?" Don asked. Bella was gazing at the moon and started thinking about Mortimer. I feel bad Bella thought. But there was no turning back after going onto Don's motorcycle,

Can't believe people still read these.
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They drove through the streets of Sunset Valley, not speaking to each other, both lost in their own thoughts. They reached Don's house and parked on the driveway, not a very attractive driveway, but Don saw no need to maintain the property - he was a slob, and here, at his home, it showed. The house was in darkness and looked seedy and rundown even in the light of the moon that silvered the night.

As they reached the doorway they both turned; there was the sound of an engine; someone else out on the streets so late at night. They waited to see if the engine sound would come closer or fade into the night.

The motorcycle pulled up behind the car parked on the driveway and Michael stepped forward from the shadows by the door and said...

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"This place has been reported for Smell. Yes, the neighbors are kept awake by the fishy stench emanating from this house! What are you going to do about it?"
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Don looked at Michael with hands on his hips. "What do you want, Michael?" Don growled. Michael laughed and put his hands on his hips, to imitate Don. "I just don't understand why Don Lothario would kidnap my baby sister on the night of her engagement." Michael said, getting closer to Don. "I didn't kidnap her, Michael. You're a grown-ass man, you should know when a woman isn't in the right relationship."

Don felt a hand gently placed on his shoulder. "Don, I need to talk to my brother." Bella said quietly. Don looked at her and fumbled for keys in the pockets of his pants. Once he found them, he twisted one into the keyhole of the old front door. As it opened and he stepped inside, he gave Michael a dirty look before slamming it shut. Bella put her hands on Michael's shoulders.


"Our parents and your future husband are in the car. They made me drive all the way here to come and get you."

Bella sighed. "Come home, accept your engagement." Michael said quietly. Bella couldn't look at the car holding her family in it.

"Don't run away with that idiot, Bella! You're smarter than this. Leave the imbecile. Come home."...
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OH, Michael. How is it a woman can love two men at the same time? I know Mortimer is the right choice for me. He loves me. He works hard. We would have a wonderful future together. But Don stirs a silent part of my soul. One that longs for adventure, even danger. I can't seem to resist him. I just don't know what to do...
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"What does he give you?" Michael asked.
"Well......" Bella started to say something but Michael cut her off.
"The only reason he is with you right know is so he can use you!" Micheal spatted.
Bella stared at Micheal and started to think about what he said.

Can't believe people still read these.
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She pushed a stray hair back behind her ear and felt tears coming down her cheeks. She looked at her parents in the car and sniffled...
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Don snapped on the light, threw his keys on the table and walked into his sitting room. - and turned around, walking back to the front door. He stood by the door and tried to hear what Michael and Bella were saying, but it was impossible, so he walked over to his ratty sofa and sat down.

Michael had it all wrong, hurting Bella wasn't on his agenda; hurting Michael was....

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... and hurting Michael should be easy, what with that "stuff" he had growing in his fridge.
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"That fool! He's going to ruin everything!", and with his left hand Don reached into the gap between the sofa cushions...
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and pulled out a long, blonde wig.
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...and was delighted to find some loose simoleons. Enough for a burger and fries down at the local diner, but that would mean leaving the house - maybe better to check the fridge.

Standing in the kitchen, Don stopped a few feet away from the fridge.....

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and thought, 'what could possibly happen when I open that thing now?' but brushed that thought aside and continued in a loud and steady voice: "Nothing, of course! Nothing!" - "Don, Don, you've spend too much time at creepypasta recently. It's just a fridge!" He grabbed the handle...
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and pulled. But the door seemed to be stuck shut.
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Don gave it another tug and finally found sweet his release. As the fridge door swung open, he heard a choir of angels sing in his head.

"Hello, my precious," he whispers with a mischievous glint in his eye.
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but Precious fell out of the fridge, all frozen stiff.
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Don's eyes widened in shock as he stared at his cat Precious, who was frozen in one position and lying on the kitchen tiles. He looked up and out the window. Don was filled with anger when he saw Michael trying to tug a crying Bella by the arm into the car. He quickly picked up Precious and put her in the closet under the stairs. "Sorry, Precious. I'll deal with you later." Don said as he gently closed the door.

"Just come home!" Michael yelled while pulling on Bella's arm and motioning to the car. "Stop it, Michael. I'm a grown woman and I can make my own decisions!" Bella yelled back while trying to pry Michael's hand off her limb. "You're making a huge mis-"

"Take your disgusting hands off her." Don appeared outside with a furious look on his face. "I'm her brother! I'm trying to make sure she makes the right decisions and doesn't end up with a douche bag like you!" Michael shouted and poked Don in the chest. "Don..." Bella warned as she saw him raise his fist...
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Don raised his hand in protest. "Hey, watch it!" he snapped back. "You didn't have a problem with me putting my disgusting hands on you. Have you told Bella that?"
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Precious came limping out, icily, glaring at Bella's limb.
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Bella was too distracted by the shocking news she had just received. She placed her hands on her hips and turned her head to Michael. "He did what to you?"

Michael retreated, lowering his gaze. "We were in college...I was a drunk...can we not make a big deal about it?"

"I was irresistible..." Don said under his breath.
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Bella took two steps back, nearly stumbling over a small rock. She covered her mouth with her hand. "O- Oh my God... You didn't-."

"Look, Bells - it's nothing now." Michael inched closer to his sister and rested his hand on her shoulder.

"Don't touch me!" She swatted his hand and he placed it back at his side.

Bella looked at Don and Michael and sighed, saying in the most quiet way, "Oh my God..."
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