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999 Happy Haunts With Room For One More!
Here is my WIP of Walt Disney World's, The Haunted Mansion. The best Disney ride ever made, and that's a fact!

The roof design and diagonal walls are the biggest challenges in completing the house.

The Pet Cemetary

The Foyer (Disneyland & Phantom Manor)

My WDW Haunted Mansion doesn't include the foyer due to the angles and the room isn't all that spectacular compared to the other parks.

Portrait Corridor

The Library

The Endless Hallway

The corridor only has three doors, with a mirror at the end. The "candelabra" is actually a wall mounted light placed in front of the mirror. A black scrim is right behind the camera to block light from the windows.

The Seance Room

The Infamous Ballroom Balcony (Huge Window Included!)

See the ghost?
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I've put up new pictures in the first post and have more to show.

Green House/Funeral Scene

Corridor Of Doors

Frontyard Cemetary

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