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Default A Sim's lifetime in 10 pictures
Do you know how hard it is to tell the story of an entire lifetime with only 10 pictures ? Try with your Sims !

I like small challenges, although in this case this is mostly a little game. The idea is to tell a Sim’s lifetime in 10 photos. Not eleven. Not nine. Ten.

Obviously your Sim has to be dead yet. No matter how the died (it can be deaths of old age, or accident, or murders... it's not important for that little game, the impportant part is : what your 10 pictures will reveal about your Sim's life ?), no matter how old they where when they died. They just have to be dead.

You can see this as a tribute to their memory.

If you are using tumblr, don't hesitate to post your lifetime on your blog and tag it with the #asimslifetimeintenpictures hashtag to be easily found, it could be fun to have more. But please share it here too and tell us your Sim's story !

My first one is :

Timothée Winchester

01.At the very beginning, God (obviously me), created Timothée, and moved him into a small house in La Crique.

02.Timothy met this girl, Greta, and married her.

03.They had twins : Sarah Michelle, and Freddy Prince, who grew quickly, and without the slightest pitfall.

04.Still very quickly, they became young adults and went to the University together.

As you can see, that Sim only cared about his family ! What about yours ?
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A note from the moderators

This is a great idea for picture game! In the interest of keeping this thread from being bogged down by a million images loading simultaneously, please use a "spoiler" tag to hide your pictures in this thread. You are allowed to have up to four visible images at a time when you post in here, so you can either hide the remaining six pictures (like the first post in this thread), or you can hide all ten. You can even get creative and use an individual spoiler tag for each picture.

This is a spoiler tag, for anyone who wasn't sure:

Have fun!

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I like this idea a lot! And it looks like beanies run in Tim's family :D

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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I'm off to gather pictures!

Namaste... or "go"
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