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Default St Annette, A 1940's french neighbourhood.
i would like to start by apologising for a lack of pictures, i haven't taken any pictures yet as i'm still building this neighbourhood.
the overview of this neighbourhood is to try and recreate a french harbour town in the early 1940's (1943-ish). there will be quite a lot of buildings (most of which will be built from scratch). at the moment there are four buildings nearing completion. the u-boat base, the generator bunker for the submarine base, a hotel and the naval HQ (adapted from the second empire mansion from the Mansion and Garden stuff pack).
aknowledgements to Psycosim. Kativip and Pixelhate for providing the bulk of the decoration and to the numerous modders who provided the small, individual items/recolours (incidentally if you see an item you made in one of the photos drop me a message and i'll put you down in the aknowlegements section)
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