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Default Passion and Romance mod

I would really like the passion and romance mod, and was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the zip file version, or a zip file version. When I go on the main page where the files are there's only a rar file.

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You can google "winrar," I think it has trial versions.

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Or you could use 7-Zip, which is completely free.
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.rar files are common file types for downloads. It's unlikely you will find an unzipped version unless someone put's it out on a public site such as mediafire. It is very easy to download and install custom content and mods using an application to extract the file and install. There are various applications for unzipping and installing. 7-Zip is a popular application and it's free. MTS has instructions and a link to download 7-Zip here: On This Page

For other options and information on Sims 3 CC and types of files see this MTS document: Game Help TS3 CC Basics
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