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Help! I need a story progression mod
I love the Nraas master controller but much to my dismay when I use the Nraas story progression mod my game shorts out and I am unable to play it took quite the effort to figure out that thats why my game stopped working. And unfortunately Awesome mod no longer works because delphys framework mod is no longer available. I've searched for hours and haven't found another someone please help!
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31st Jan 2018 at 2:10 PM
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Hi There CreampuffChocolate - It is unlikely that SP itself is causing your game to short out. Just having the main SP mod installed is seamless in a game until the player wants to adjust some of the settings. What version of SP did you have and did you also have any of the modules?

For starters here, more information detailing exactly what is happening will help to find a solution. What were you trying to do when the game "shorts out"?
What patch are you on? Are you playing on a PC or MAC?

If you are still interested in the NRaas SP the best place to get help is over at NRaas where the mod lives and members in there have experience with the mod at all different levels. Free membership required to post. See Becoming A Member Here

Edit: Regarding Awesome Mod. I am not familiar with that mod but believe there are certain steps needed when working with SP or removing SP. There are many members in this forum who will be able to help you with Awesome.
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1. Awesome Mod works very nicely if you follow the new way to install package files as outlined in (i.e. Drop the file and the config file into your Mods/Packages folder in whatever subfolder you want them in. Just keep them together.)
(For anyone who finds this later and does not already have package files working: Be sure to notice the blue "DOWNLOAD" Link to get the new framework. You find it after you've clicked to go to the second page and reached Step 2.)

The framework described at MATY was needed before patch 1.12 when EA wasn't expecting modders to want to make new package files. Now MATY is proving that they are even more stubborn than EA was.

2. NRAAS Story Progression does require you to match your patch level. It also requires you to be sure you have the base mod installed along with the optional extras you want, and they also must match. Have you double checked that?

3. A free registration is required to post, but problems with NRAAS mods, including Story Progression, really should be reported there. They might be able to figure out what's going on and fix the problem.

4. Master Controller and Awesome Mod can be used together without a conflict.

5. If you have Awesome Mod, do not remove it without using the "uninstall" cheat in every game that has "seen" it.

Edit: I should have realized I would be Ninja'd

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Of course I prefer NRaas SP for progression myself (no really, big surprise!), but Awesome doesn't require Delphy's Framework or anything related to the "old way" of installing mods. Although it's a Core Mod, the mod file itself and its optional config file are package files and will work within the modern Framework structure just fine like any other. But you do have to remove remnants of the "old way" framework if they are still present as you can't have mods installed into two different frameworks or even have them arranged for at the same time -- not enough information to tell yet, but maybe this is why NRaas SP is breaking down?

Pescado insists (or did for a long while anyway) that the "old way" was somehow better for Awesome. He was, I am sorry to say, mistaken.

There aren't any other real choices for story progression besides the three usual candidates: EA, NRaas SP, Awesome's StoryMode.
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I've actually got awsomemed installed with the config set to mostly just disable automated school assignments and almost all of the NRaas Mod collection is also installed and my game runs great without issues unless I foolishly try to replace the carpool disabler with Moar Interactions which wasn't compatible with AM.I don't get lag in my games unless my town needs a reset or sims got stuck with a tiny home causing routing issues.I use NRaas for story progression as the EA bugfest is full of bugs and glitches which sometimes broke my saves with things like a major flirt/cheat fest or teen pregnancy epidemics against my wishes.
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