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Default How many spawners?
Hello alltogether,
I've been working on my new world now for nearly two years and I wonder, how many spawners I should place.
It is a large world with five villages and since it is only the second one I ever did (the first one was a complete failure, but whatever), I am not quite sure how many spawners I will need at the end of the day.
I don't want the insects/rocks/... to appear all over the map in a 10-simfoot-range, but it shouldn't be too hard to find them as well.
Is there someone more experienced than me, who might have an answer?
Thank you very much!

P.S. Please excuse my bad english, I am neither a native speaker nor have I any memory of my english classes.
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From a player point of view I'd say it's not so much how many spawners you throw in but where you place them. There are some EA "traditions" that deathfish and rare seeds are usually around the graveyard, near a mine are metal spawners, also near large rocks, together with gems. Common stuff is closer or in the town center and for rare stuff you have to go in the "wilderness". Also, everything that can be seen as a landmark would catch my eye and I would look there first, Stonehenge, a lighthouse, waterfalls, peculiar formations and so on.

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Place lots of junk spawners... iron, cockroaches, common seeds, minnows etc. Put the best spawners under bushes and stuff. Drive people crazy.
I only play my own worlds and when I come back to them after months I'm going nuts looking for anything worth while because I forgot where the good stuff is hidden.
BTW, that's a beautiful world to be proud of.

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Better yet with WA make a hidden tomb on a hidden lot, put the spawners in the hidden basement. It will show up in with the collector helper but when player zooms to the ground, nothing is there!
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Originally Posted by MeowMixPls
Better yet with WA make a hidden tomb on a hidden lot, put the spawners in the hidden basement. It will show up in with the collector helper but when player zooms to the ground, nothing is there!

Epic wickedness! I must try this! Especially with butterflies, because they take 15 sim seconds to appear.

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well "less is better" principle IMO should be taken at last a bit for consideration - from player perspective, as @arathea I's suggest: "not so much", too much spawners will produce lags and, overall, clutter everywhere.

And try to avoid placing spawners on lots (or make a warning in particular case), anyone who will try to edit, move or rotate the lot will curse you endlessly.

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Thank you four your answers!
You helped me finding a good way to place the spawners. I removed all of them in the world, since I recognized that there were way too much and without any logical system.
@arathea: I totally agree with you. Thank you for your feedback :3
@Emmett Brown: Thank you for that compliment! I am quite a bit unhappy with some locations, but you really made my day! And, of course, I won't place epic spawners only. But I am not sure, wether I am able to trick myself in the way you described it. To be honest, I am pretty sure, that this would be a real torture for me- but, of course, I won't make it to easy as well!
@MeowMixPls: Unfortunately, I don't have WA installed, but your idea sounds great. I am going to try this, if I ever get WA.
@ElaineNualla: Thank you for rescuing me from being cursed endlessly- I did'nt know about that fact. I just checked my spawners and found some that were actually placed in the wrong way.
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My feeling is that just a few of each is all that is needed. I am working on a world now that was started by someone else and there were so many spawners I deleted about 3/4 of them. As long as each thing is available that is enough for me. And it is easy for sims to find items with the whatchamacallit that shows where they are on the map. Going blank on the name at the moment. Collection helper? Whatever it is called.

Main thing is to be sure they are placed where sims can access them. Check routing to see there are not conflicts. Looking forward to seeing you world. Post pics in the creator feedback section for us.
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For me it entirely depends on the spawner. For the meteor spawners I go VERY light, like maybe one or two of each type, With gem spawners 1-3 of each type (with rares like pink diamond or vampire gem I only put down one), with ores I tend to make them spawn either near rocky areas or mines, and place only 1-2 of each. Seed spawners I just plop down a little of all of them in the more plant heavy areas. Insects however I tend to go heavy handed with in some areas (like large community gardens) for decoration with a sort of rule for myself I won't use those to mass rank alchemy. Though if I must be honest it's probably ill advised to use them for decoration.
Fishing spawners quantity wise depend entirely on the type of world and how much workable water there is. I've also just not included certain spawners so I have an excuse to travel.

Generally speaking though, the less is better rule works really well, and the insect thing is more of something I do out of preference. Unless your sim is a massive collector you don't need a whole lot from the spawners.
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