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This is so good!!

I love the fact that the Goths are going to be back, and maybe we'll find out why Mrs. Crumplebottom is such a bitch :O

And there will be hospitals for baby birth!!

The customizing tool looks really good xD

And I like how the CAS-mode looks :D
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Im really excited about the story line! I cant wait to be able to mould the families from the very begining! Cant wait to find out more!!
I agree with kipsnif the CAS looks great! Really nice layout! Cant wait :D:D:D
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I still want to know if Cassandra will even be born now that her parents are "young". I kind of don't for the fact that you can start fresh with a young Goth couple but at the same time I do but that I would want her to be a baby or a toddler. In Sims 1, Cassandra was a child, so if this will be before that, then she will either be unborn, a baby or a toddler.

I wonder about the Newbie family. Anyone ever notice that that family seems to portray a typical "white trash" family? Even Brandi Broke's family seems to portray that. You think that they will live in the poorer zone again? And the Goths in the rich zone? I still like the Newbies, they bring back memories for being the first family to play because they were also the tutorial.

And yes, births at the hospital!!! Actually not sure if you guys remember but in an old Sims 2 chat before the game was launched it was mentioned the possibility of births in hospital but it never made it to the game. Maybe many things that were planned for Sims 2 and that never made it will now debut in Sims 3.

I can't wait for this game! The anxiousness for Sims 3 is bigger than what I felt for when Sims 2 was coming out.
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Holy cow! This new info has got me well and truely psyched for the game now! Cannot wait for 20th Feb 2009! The wall feature sounds fantastic! And the customisation is limitless! It'd be great to see the Newbie's make a return too. =]
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Originally Posted by frankie
I wonder about the Newbie family. Anyone ever notice that that family seems to portray a typical "white trash" family? Even Brandi Broke's family seems to portray that. You think that they will live in the poorer zone again? And the Goths in the rich zone? I still like the Newbies, they bring back memories for being the first family to play because they were also the tutorial.

Weren't the Newbie's Brandi's parents?? (I want to see toddler Brandi )

I do hope that they get placed in the poor zone, together with Brandi's parents in law. White Trash!!! xD

I was also wondering, if this takes place before the sims 1, I hope will we see a lot of parents of sims 1 characters. And maybe even of Sims 2 characters, because there's a screenshot with mafia sims who in my strange mind could be the parents of Don Lothario. Mafia could explain Bella's missing.
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Oh my! This will be loads of fun! I've never played Sims1, but maybe in TS3 will be many things explained? And there will be the new life! Can't wait!
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I was just looking at those picts again. Did anyone catch the fact that there was a specific shoes option in CAS. I thought that was cool.
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Originally Posted by PenChris
I was just looking at those picts again. Did anyone catch the fact that there was a specific shoes option in CAS. I thought that was cool.

Yes that'll be so cool!!! And I think that I read somewhere that you can change their socks too... :D
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OMG.. This looks AMAZING. i hope this runs on my piece of crap computer.. I won't be able to build a new one as planned..
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GameSpot's The Sims 3 Q&A: Dreams, Wishes, and Improving on The Sims 2
The latest info from GameSpot which does provide some new and detailed info.

And as for the captions for the two photos in this article:

Halloween parties build social skills at an early age...
...skills that come in handy for adult-themed parties in later years.

We get the latest on the anticipated virtual-life simulator. Plus new screens.
The Sims and its acclaimed sequel, The Sims 2, were among the best-selling PC games of all time. The virtual-life simulators created by designer Will Wright spawned numerous expansions and gave players the ability to play God, endowing sims with personality traits and guiding them through work, play, love, and loss. Electronic Arts is aiming for The Sims 3 to improve on its predecessors in every way.

In The Sims 3, life will take place within one seamless, streaming neighborhood, rather than several neighborhoods that would require load times. You'll grant sims personality traits and guide them toward completing their deepest wishes, such as becoming an astronaut or a famous rock star. Achieving your lifetime dreams won't be easy, and you'll often be presented with morally questionable shortcuts on your way to the top. Will you really do anything to get ahead? We sat down with executive producer Ben Bell to get the latest on The Sims 3. Here's what he had to say.

GameSpot: Please give us an update on the game. What aspects are the team working on at the moment? Ben Bell: A lot of our time is spent playing and perfecting the open, living neighborhood and all of the gameplay that takes place there. In The Sims 3, we're opening up the other half of life that players have always wanted to explore. What happens when you're not stuck at home? It's been a huge undertaking for us, but we're very happy with the way it's working out.

One example of the work we're doing is the AI behind the people who live in your town. You control a household of sims, but all of the other sims in your town live and develop as you play. It takes an impressive amount of tuning to make this work just right. I think that people are used to seeing lots of other characters in a gameworld, but they've never seen a gameworld where every character is being motivated by unique personality traits and motives like The Sims 3. Another thing we're working on is a feature called Create a Style, which allows players to customize just about everything, from clothing to furniture to cars. We want players to be able to change the game like our artists can. The interface is really powerful, and we want to make it perfect.

GS: We're sure The Sims 2 community was very vocal about what it wanted from a sequel. What were the most popular requests that fans made for The Sims 3?

BB: We're all fans of The Sims, and a lot of our team worked on The Sims and The Sims 2, so player feedback is built into our team. We also spend a lot of time interacting with members of The Sims community around the world. I don't think the game would be what it is without The Sims community. Fans have always wanted more interaction with a community of sims. If you think about it, The Sims is the most detailed depiction of contemporary life to be presented in a work of fiction, but half of life was missing. In The Sims 3, we'll let you explore the other half of life that happens when you are not at home.

GS: We understand that the game features a continuous neighborhood and no loading times, but there won't be multiple neighborhoods as in The Sims 2. Tell us a bit about this decision. How will it change what different players do with the game once they get it in their hands?

BB: There is one neighborhood, and it is pretty amazing. We've been working exclusively on this one neighborhood, Sunset Valley, for the last few years. There have been many versions of it. Some ideas were scrapped, while others survived for a while until we had a better idea. This town is bigger and richer than anything we've made before. We really wanted to make something that would blow people away, and we wanted to do more with the town than we have in the past.

No two towns will ever be the same after one generation in The Sims 3. As I mentioned, every sim has complete AI throughout their life. You'll see people grow up, go to school, fall in love, get married, get jobs, move out, have families, grow old, and pass away. It's also possible to change all of the sims in your town, so you can fill the town with whoever you like...celebrities, yourself, your friends, characters from your favorite show, favorite band or sports team, or anyone you can imagine!

GS: As players create their sims, they will now be able to select five personality traits that will help define their dispositions. How will this new system let players create characters with more-defined personalities...and more importantly, how will it do a better job of letting players re-create the personalities of themselves, their friends, or their favorite celebrities? What are some extreme personalities we'll see in The Sims 3?

BB: There are over 70 personality traits that players can choose from. When you choose traits, they are represented as a simple word that you might use to describe someone you know, so it's easy to understand what they will do in the game. What makes traits so powerful is that they can change the game in profound ways. You'll see different behaviors, interactions, advantages, and goals depending on the traits that your sims have. Just to name a few examples of more extreme traits, you can let your sims be insane, evil, kleptomaniac, paranoid, brave, hates kids, genius, and more...

GS: We understand that every sim has a dream that can be fulfilled as part of a lifetime achievement goal. What are some examples of lifetime achievements, and what happens when you reach it? What if you fail?

BB: Just like people, the sims have wishes. Some of their wishes are really big, and we call those lifetime wishes. A lifetime wish is a really big achievement like becoming a rock star, raising a huge family, getting rich, or becoming an astronaut. Along the way to achieving your lifetime wish, you'll fulfill smaller wishes. As you fulfill a sim's wishes, you earn points that can be used to purchase special traits and reward objects that are generally hilarious and awesome. There really is no way to fail in the game, but you can make some really funny things happen if you want to cause trouble for your sims.

GS: How much dedication does it take to reach the pinnacle of your respective career ladder? Are there any shortcuts to the top?

BB: If you play your cards right, you might be able to get to the top of more than one career in a lifetime, but it would take a lot of hard work, and your sim would need the right traits. Workaholic sims will be happy if they live at the office, so that might be a good way to go. There are definitely some shortcuts, and your sims will get opportunities from time to time that give them a boost.

GS: Plenty of open-ended moral choices will pop up in The Sims 3, like giving you the choice to skim off the top of campaign contributions in the political career. Give us some more examples of these moral choices depending on your career. What are the consequences of such decisions?
BB: The game is full of moral choices. Some of them are presented to the player as career opportunities. I don't want to give too much away on this subject. A lot of the moral choices in the game come from the social simulator, and this is where the game becomes so compelling. A lot of players use the game to explore moral questions in their own lives. It's sort of a "what if" simulator...

GS: What can you tell us about the community features and sharing options players can use to build and share with their friends and with the larger Sims fan base?

BB: The Sims 3 players will have unprecedented freedom to customize the look of their game. A player with creative aspirations and no technical training or knowledge can make changes to the look of just about everything in their sim's life, right in the game. We call the technology Create a Style. In the past, fans made their creations outside of the game and then shared them on the exchange. We wanted to give the power that our artists have to the players.

The process of getting creations online is easier than ever. The Sims 3 launcher helps you install and manage custom content so that you don't have to hunt around for directories or anything like that. Finally, The Sims 3 community is completely new and there are some incredible tools, including a Web-based video-editing tool so that players can make movies from the videos they capture in the game.

GS: As in The Sims 2, throwing parties is all the rage in The Sims 3. What are the different party types available depending on your career?

BB: There are new party types in The Sims 3, but there are also some pretty cool locations to party with your friends. If you want to call your friends down to the beach and set up an afternoon BBQ, you can do that. Break out your guitar, turn on the radio, call up some friends, and chill out. If you're a rising politician, you can throw campaign fundraisers to build up your campaign fund as well.

GS: Thanks for your time.

Source: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy...ws&subj=6200517
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Over 100 New Pics + New Video + SnootySims Fan Event Preview
MammaSims has over 100 new photos from the Sims 3 presentation, tons of in-game shots, at: http://groups.msn.com/MammaSims/sims3.msnw?Page=1

The Netherlands Sims 3 Producer Tour Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjHhAV2YnfA

SnootySims has posted their fan day event preview: http://www.snootysims.com/thesims3index.php?id=fanevent
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Thanks for doing this, Frankie. Checking this board every day for new info is a lot easier than checking every other site!

The 'ex-girlfriend' pictures made me smile, maybe breakups happen a lot more often now? That's a huge bonus for me, relationships in The Sims 2 were way too easy.
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lol. I didn't know they were bringing back the old "Roomies" from The Sims 1, to the Sims 3.
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#89 Old 4th Nov 2008 at 9:14 PM
Did I just read Neighborhood creator at snooty sims?? That would be so cool (no Simcity needed tot create a neighborhood )
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#90 Old 5th Nov 2008 at 12:41 AM
I wonder if the Neighborhood creator will be released with the game?

Does it have to be a separate thing?
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#91 Old 5th Nov 2008 at 2:50 AM
Frankie, thanks so much for tirelessly compiling everything. It's great to know that if I want the latest news for Sims 3, I don't need to look any further than this thread. Much appreciated!

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I'm so so so stoked at the inflow of info, screenshots, and videos (yay!) that are finally coming in. I want the game now!

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You're welcome, everyone! It's my pleasure because I understand how it is to try to have to look for new info. And it's not tiring for me either, I enjoy this.

Originally Posted by kipsnif
Weren't the Newbie's Brandi's parents?? (I want to see toddler Brandi )

Yes, they were her parents and because the storyline is before Sims 1, that means that Brandi will not even be born yet since she never existed in Sims 1.

Originally Posted by Mrs.Black
And I think that I read somewhere that you can change their socks too...

Yes, you can have separate shoes, socks, stockings, gloves, hats, jewelry, etc.

Originally Posted by young & scrappy
lol. I didn't know they were bringing back the old "Roomies" from The Sims 1, to the Sims 3.

Yes, that was what I thought, too, but the one from Sims 1 was only two Sims, a black female and a white female. I used to always make them a couple, lol. But this version of the Roomies will be better because there are five of the, so there will be more drama and conflict and juicier storytelling!

Lots more new stuff I found which I will add in a couple of minutes as I organize everything. Stay tuned!
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Pocket-lint: The Sims 3 - First Look Review
Not sure if it's new info but it's always good to read reviews. I read all of them because it's still fun for me. One thing I never noticed, however, and which may be new info is the "mid-life crisis reward" where it refreshes/restarts your Sim and start over wit the Sim.

Full Review

3 November 2008 - Three years in development, the latest incarnation of The Sims has been dated, moved into the final stage of development, and it's all now just about bug fixing. But is the new version going to be enough to keep fans of The Sims happy? Pocket-lint sat down with The Sims 3 executive producer Ben Bell to find out.

Due out on 20 February, the date might sound far off, but from the hour we had with the game it looked finished. Admittedly there where bugs, but the core elements of the game are finished.

"We are 90% there", Bell told us in a one-to-one interview. "Everything that we want is in, now we are making sure it's polished."

So what are we to expect? The overriding feeling we got is that the game is now far more bias towards living a better life, rather than worrying about feeding and cleaning your Sims.

Like The Sims 2 you get a family to control (actually up to eight characters) and are allowed to dip into anyone whenever you like. Characters are highly customisable (we'll come back to that) and while you are controlling one, the others just get on with their life. In fact leave them long enough and they'll go through life, get old, and then die.

"The population is constantly aging and new life coming through generation after generation", says Bell. In fact it's no longer your family that gets on with their life but the 80 or so other occupants of your town.

Now rather than having different locations that act like a set in a movie studio, you've got free range of your town. Fancy walking to the park? No problem. Want to visit your mate down the road? That's cool too.

The move, which sees you living in towns of up to around 90 people mean that from the start you have a greater sense of a community. "We aren't expecting people to make friends with everyone in the game", Bell tells us.

Either way it certainly will give for a more dynamic and interesting experience. That interesting experience is helped by a greater focus on character traits. Now players are able to customise the personality of their characters to a much greater extent giving them the ability to become a genius or merely making them always inappropriate (farts and belches a lot). Other personalities include the love of the outdoors or even to enjoy other’s misfortune. Once set you are then tasked with making them happier and letting a character who loves the outdoors to spend most of his time outdoors only helps.

Taking the personalities one step further you can also build your mood points (the points you get for making sure they are happy against their trait) into lifetime rewards. These lifetime rewards give you greater character strengths like the ability to become a professional slacker (i.e., never have to work again but still see the money roll in), have a steel bladder so you never have to go to the toilet again or our favourite, a mid-life crisis so you can reset your character’s personality completely and start again.

But where The Sims 3 seems to have really pushed forward the series is not in yet another add-on pack - it's far greater than that - but the level of detail. At times it's a bit overwhelming.

Take the Create A Sim area in the game (it's before you've even started playing in the town). You can now create characters to such a level of detail they can look identical to you. Fat or thin is just the start. How about the thickness of your nose, or the colour of your highlights and lowlights, and that's before we've got on to eyebrow thickness and skin colour.

Once you've created you - or a celebrity - Ben Bell showed us himself, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin - you can the set about creating an outfit. But rather than just have a list of a couple of tops and a couple of jeans, you can change and manage everything from the design to the colour to the pattern involved all at the press of a couple of buttons. It was incredibly easy to change anything.

Once created, you can then share your creations online with others on The Sims 3 website (you can also share video clips just like The Sims 2 but actually edit them as well). The idea is that you can then access other people's designs providing an endless supply of tat to save up for you to buy.

The sharing of clothes, characters and objects in the game is really the only online capability. It's strange considering everywhere you turn these days it's online this and online that. However according to Bell the reason they haven't opted for a Second Life or PlayStation Home approach is that "Sims players are quite protective" suggesting that the thought of someone else dabbling in their world is scary stuff.

We can see the idea of Sims vandalism scary for those Sims loving fanboys and girls (according to bell The Sims is a STG - Sexually Transmitted Game), but it would have been nice to have allow some sort of co-op play family style. After all if you are about to waste a couple of months controlling a character in The Sims it would have been somewhat reassuring that you aren't doing it alone.

First Impressions

Intense, deep, and impressive are words that spring to mind. The game is massively customisable and while it's not a touch on the Grand Theft Auto universe in terms of breadth, the customisation qualities, character traits and personalities will mean that you can have weeks rather than hours of fun here.

Of course there is the underlying "We are all consumers" rather than achieving an altruistic goal, but that's what The Sims has always been about: working hard to buy more tat.

So will it have Sims fans jumping for joy and phoning in sick when it comes out in February? From our brief time, and compared to the time you would really need with the game it was brief, we would say a definite yes.

The Sims 3 is out on 20 February 2009.

Source: http://www.pocket-lint.co.uk/review...irst-look.phtml
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The Sims 3 Preview - Producer Tour The Netherlands (4 Videos Total)
Here is the rest of the videos from the previous Netherlands Producer video I posted. There are four total as far as I know.

Part 1 (The Neighborhood And Some Gameplay): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjHhAV2YnfA

Part 2 (Bicycles And Cars): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtjyFPWVSlI

Part 3 (Gameplay): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyDHrAOl09E

Part 4 (Create-A-Style And Create-A-Sim): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNjneaokL_M

Source: http://www.simprograms.com/the-sims...he-netherlands/
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Photos From The Sims 3 Collector's Edition Items
From the BBS, someone received the items for having pre-ordered the Sims 3 Collector's Edition at EB Games/GameStop and posted the photos came with the case which includes Mortimer's family and Ms. Crumplebottom as well as other families and the neighborhood. Mortimer's family is now very gothic looking and a few people are complaining about it, which is so stupid considering that Mortimer was always very dark himself and Cassandra as well.

I went to EB Games/ Game Stop today, and I pre-ordered The Sms 3 C ollectors Edition. They gave me a game case containing:
-my Sims 3 plumbob stickers
-the sheet for my exclusive vintage car download
-also a picture of the town with some preset families in the back

The families are as follows:

Noteable families of Sunset Valley:

Pics of some sims-"Follow the daily dramas of this household of friends. With everyone so different how willthey get along?"

Picture of a Woman with bonde hair and a Ghost-"Get to know the Tragic Crumple bottoms"
(perhaps Miss Crumlplebottom as a young lady, dead husband thats why she is grumpy.)

A guy who looks like Kid Rock, a child and a woman-"Meet the Goths! Will Mortimer find the love of his life...or not?"

Rich looking man, woman and teen girl- "Meet the Nouveau Riche and Evil Altos."

Hansome doctor, pretty business woman and little boy in tuxedo who looks sad-"Live the good life with the Landgrabs as long as your name isn't Alto"

Young guy and girl/ cop-"Try to keep up with the sporty Keatons

Source: http://bbs.thesims2.ea.com/communit...=225&startRow=1
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That Goth picture... is Mortimer the kid? That would put Sims 3 even further back in time from Sims 1 than we thought... I like! :O)
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Originally Posted by frankie
Yes, they were her parents and because the storyline is before Sims 1, that means that Brandi will not even be born yet since she never existed in Sims 1.

I know that, I played sims 1 too. Still want to see Brandi as a toddler xD

@freelancergal: I thought the same, and the Landgraab family boy must be Malcolm Landgraab IV's father. I wonder who the Nouveau Riche are...
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O this new info is great...Thanks Frankie!!
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DMS2C has also posted their review. They also have a video about the Create-a-Style. You can actually understand what Ben says, which is very nice.
Some interesting new details:

Depending on the chosen traits you’ll sim have moodlets as well as wants and fears, you can decide if you want to grant a wish, you can simply punt them in a screen below and for fill them

I think new wishes pop up in the little box at the top, and then you can 'promise' to fulfill them by dragging them to the slots right underneath. Neat.

A thing that has changed is that when you don’t take good care of your kids they will ged bad traits, if you raise them good you’ll get to chose the traits yourself.

Everything you make will be saved as a .package file, you can upload them to the sims3.com but you can also place them on your website.

Still the same .package? I wonder if it will be the same way of programming. I hope so as it will mean that the community programmers don't have to invent everything all over again. Perhaps we can even keep using SimPE, with some tweaks.

Also there will be a tool released to create your own textures to use with the create a style interface.

Oh, and also?
Ben Bell made a sim character of Obama that looked like Obama himself stepped into the game.

It's the real Obama after all! :D

(pic is from DMS2C)

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