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Thank you frankie for starting this thread! It was really helpful and kept me excited for The Sims 3.
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#2327 Old 2nd Jun 2009 at 4:58 AM
Thank you Frankie for all your hard work at updating us as well as helping to keep up the excitement for Sims 3, personally your updates did more for me then EA's 'massive PR'.
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#2328 Old 2nd Jun 2009 at 5:06 AM
Awww, thanks, guys! I appreciate it. I'm just glad that I ended this before I go back to college this fall since I know I'll be busy by then. Playing the game will be a nice summer activity (assuming it will be as addictive as Sims 2 was when I first played it).
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You did a fabulous job with updating this thread and helping us with the TONS of questions. Thank you frankie.
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I, also, wish to thank you Frankie. I've found this thread to be very informative and useful. All of the time and work you've put into it is duly appreciated.

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thanks frankie. Yeah, i hope the game is as good as the sims 2. It would suck if it's not, but i really think it will be fun.
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I spent most of my life here waiting for TS3, so thanks Frankie! Now you'll have to start another thread 'So what do we think of the game, all the news updated in ONE HANDY THREAD'. Kgo!

But thankies :D:D
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Thank you thank you thank you so much Frankie! Since I first got interested in the Sims 3,this was always the first place I would go to. Thank you so much and everyone who provided information. :D
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kudos and candy for frankie!!!!!
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You people are lucky. I ordered mine at a big electronic store and the site says it will be out maybe on the 4th of june. But then I will be right there! after work...

It would be great if there is a section of all your reviews of the game. I would so love to read the opinions about the game from modthesimmers here in one big thread!

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Originally Posted by PuddleJumper
I wonder what she means about the Skip twice thing? Im guessing it has something to do with Skip Broke.(That is his name right?) Im so glad they have the Broke and Newbie family!

The skip in the family tree and in the photoalbum were two different sims in ts2.

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You're welcome, everyone! Thanks for your feedback!
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3rd Jun 2009 at 5:14 AM
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