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How do YOU Decrease World-Suck?
As we all know, the decreasage (that's not a word, but...) of world-suck is an important part of being a Nerdfighter. We've seen big charity projects in Nerdfighter news, but you don't have to travel around the world to make a difference.
You probably decrease world-suck everyday without realizing it.
Maybe you stood up for somebody, online or in real life.
Maybe you talked to a friend you haven't seen in ages.
That is decreasing world-suck.
Every bad thing makes the world suck a little more, whether it be the oil spills or even a friend's broken laptop.
Now, most of us Nerdfighters can't clean up oil spills or travel to Africa, but we can make a difference.
Let's discuss ways of decreasing world-suck, what we have done to do so, and possible projects we can come together to make happen.

As always, Nerdfighters are nice people, so keep it clean and have respect.


Greetings From Nerdfighteria!
Helping to Decrease World Suck One Four Minute Video at a Time
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