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Default The Sims 3 - The Sims 3 - Male Sim Pictures (v4)
For whatever reason his hair turns purple when he's a werewolf

"If the square root of a potato is a potato, then a potato is a potato... >:O I WANT POTATOES!!!"
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James Underwood

One of my first sims that I made wholly from scratch.
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Hunky men everyone! reowr!

This is Logan Spark. I got him from the lovely Jocker

He's meant to be a rebellious little bad boy but he's just had 3 kids and adopted a kitten. Plus he's currently a lead guitarist that never EVER strays from the limelight. Rebel indeed.

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Curtis Gold

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My Sim and her husband had 5 children, this is the 2nd child, the eldest son named Blaze ^^ He looks like his father.

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Sorry there isn't any close up shots at the moment. He's a witch named Darren Le :3.

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Buddy Junior may be an elder, hobbling about with a cane, but he won't let that stop him from doing what he does best - stealing cars. Classy.

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I haven't played Sims 3 in a while, but I'm sick of my mmos and quite honestly I miss simming, I lost my legacy files somewhere so I'm starting a new random legacy. I rolled single parent with double help.

The problem is I can't decide who should be my founder, so I'm leaving the choice up to the majority vote here XD

First up we have Rodney "Rod" Cohen

Next is Patrick O'Connley

And last is Jake(Jack?) Hawthorne
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"Our son is a rock star!?"

By now, you should all be aware of Malachi Anderson, the handsome, muscular Australian hunk of a movie star. Esmeralda,His loving wife with wit and an acid tounge. Colton Anderson, his oldest son who made a name for himself as a Hollister and A&F model, Ashley Anderson who is known for her feud with Snooki from Jersey Shore.

But what about Frank Anderson, Malachi and Esmeralda's youngest son?

Esmeralda: Our youngest son, Frank is an incredibly talented person. Thanks to Mal, he's been playing the guitar since he was about four years old and he learned rather quickly. When he turned 15 years old, him and a friend of his who was also a guitarist formed a small local rock band, which one day exploded with popularity! It's unfortunate that we sometimes forget what Frank has done music-wise.

Malachi: Yeah, sometimes we forget that Frank is basically the world's youngest rock god.

He is indeed a rock star! The Frank Anderson Band was founded circa 2009 and is known for playing covers of hard rock/heavy metal songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s. As of 2012, the band consists of....
Frank Anderson-Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Anthony Martino-Lead Guitar,Vocals and Keyboard
Kevin Gregory Andes-Drums and Vocals
Bruno Bolsa-Bass Guitar and Vocals
The group first started out playing in local dive bars and nightclubs. But as soon as people found out that he was the son of the hunky actor Malachi Anderson, popularity of the band increased and during the summer of 2012, Frank's band embarked on a huge tour with the New York based power metal band Manowar. Frank's band had become so well known that Manowar actually opened the show and The Frank Anderson Band was the headliner!
A reviewer who attended one of the shows wrote "Manowar sounded pretty good. Even though I think their songs are about the same things, barbarians, warriors, sorcerers. They did give us a very loud and bombastic heavy metal show. Frank Anderson and his band on the other hand was just pure, unadulterated Rock-n-roll energy. Pyrotechnics, light shows and levitating drum sets were all a part of Frank's show. His band was phenomenal, but that kid has a lot of talent. Hell of a singer, and a pretty damn good guitarist too".

Frank: Ok, here is a typical day for your little boy when he's on tour. Get up at 6:30, gotta be at the airport by 8. Then a 3-6 hour flight to wherever our next show is on the schedule. Then me and the boys go the wherever venue we're playing, usually a medium sized ampitheatre. Then we argue backstage on what songs we're going to take off or add to the setlist, then we gotta pick out stage clothes. I usually wear jeans and vest with no shirt underneath, but somedays it's colder than a witches unmentionables and that's when I usually wear a sport coat or my motorcycle jacket. After the soundcheck, the show begins and Manowar does their set, then they get off stage and the roadies have to change the scenery to our stage set which is much more complex than Manowar's. Then it's our time to shine, I grab my Gibson Les Paul and the show begins. After the 3 song encore, I got to the hotel and the process starts all over again.
I love to tour
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Sim Pics
First time posting pics! Hope I'm doing it right.
This is my 11th and final heir from my Sunset Valley legacy game. If he looks a little familiar, that may be because he is the son of HP's lovely Corrine Duncan sim.

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Rock Chick: Talon is AMAZING. Oh my gosh!! <3

Hank Goddard enjoying a er... run in the rain

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Thank you Jennacide Like your pics of hunky Hank as well
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My simmie roommates

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Both hotties Zelda x
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Old snapshots

Kenzi Fae all grown up

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Default Discord

I just post pictures and download stuff. so don't request for stuff from me, -seatails :l
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I don't usually make men, but two days ago I made Liam. I love this sim.

Liam Adams

I also made his brother, John.

John Adams
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Old snapshots
The Fae twins all grown up
Dylan Fae

Ezra Fae

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<3 Cecilo I should get more better pictures of him.
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Crappy CAS pic...but anyway! My not-so-self sim married Leighton and this is their son, Koji.

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Xavier Addams

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Ols snapshot
Tor Bell

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Can't remember his name, randomised it in CAS :/

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Xavier Addams (brunette) and Shane Callagan (blonde)

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