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#1 Old 6th Dec 2017 at 9:06 PM
Default do you guys have a weird dreams sometimes??
i do quite often but most of the times i don't remember what i was dreaming about

but today i remember the most of the things what i was dreaming about ,

i had a dream i lived on earth (duh everyone lives on earth ) nothing was wrong with that , but i changed into a weird animal (i don't know which animal i was)
and moved into some other planet (it's not mercury, ceres, mars, Jupiter, venus or other planets we knows) it's a planet nobody knew, but it took a few century's when i was to some planet we didn't knew.
(luckily me it was just a dream or else i was been dead for a long time now )

and most people has more then 2 arms and legs (mostly 4 arms and legs)
most people looked to an animal to me because of the weird skin (most people has: green,yellow,blue, red or to some other colorskin ) but it wasn't only that,
everyone has some weird hair colors and style

some people looked to an alien to me because most people had an alien eye, mouth and even skin

then one day i was at school for the first time, and you know what that means when your new at school, you have to say your name, what you likes and dislikes and so forth. (i don't know what it's called anymore though)

and after i did that i got bullied because i filmed myself and i was like WTF i didn't filmed myself (while i did filmed myself with my cousin or to my old best friend but i was too secretive i guess )

most people maked fun of me but some people beated me up for no reason and i called for help (only my cousin of all people helped me)

and then i was on the news and the whole world knew what my name was and i was like: oh no i didn't mean to do that and didn't wanted to that everyone knew my name (ignore my poor english here ) i guess i was a thing on the new planet

luckily me my cousin was been there for me who was at my school (in my dreams) too, and warned me that everyone knew about us and some other stuff and i was being secretive to everyone

i guess that was my weird dream what i was dreaming last night, but luckily me i comforted myself that it was just a dream (or how you called that when you say: phew it was just a dream, it won't happen in real )

but yes this topic said it all: do you guys have a weird dreams sometimes? if yes then tell me! what where you dreaming about! (it could be from last night (like i said what my dream was about) but also from yesterday or from last week or from last month or to last year, or even further just tell me )
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7th Dec 2017 at 5:33 AM
This message has been deleted by frogz2007.
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#2 Old 7th Dec 2017 at 8:19 AM
I do. I have weird dreams, but I forget them just as I forget the boring ones.

I will tell you truly that I do dream of Sims.

Originally Posted by Frogz2007
...and I told myself in my dream that I will take it with me and it'll be on my bedside when I wake up...
In one dream, I thought of doing that, but I knew it wasn't going to work. So I took a photo of the thing instead, because at least that would be in my smartphone when I woke up. It seemed like a reasonable & smart solution, but it proved unsuccessful.
#3 Old 7th Dec 2017 at 8:33 AM
Weird dreams is usually what I get, although I don't remember the majority of them except for maybe the last few minutes or so. I can mention a few things I've seen numerous times in these dreams.

Tornadoes - Oh, boy, this one is quite interesting. Ever since 2002 I've had recurring dreams, not nightmares, of these deadly storms. Usually it's either the A/C unit above my bedroom or it's my small black fan that triggers these tornadoes to appear in my dreams. There hasn't been a single episode which I got sucked up by one, but rather they were simply at one spot within a safe distance. Nonetheless, they always encouraged me to scoop up my most valued items and my pet birds and I'd find the most compact room in my house without any windows.

Outer Space/Planets/Stars - Although considered strange, these dreams always felt so profound. Sometimes it was about me viewing the constellations spread out among the nightly dome - sometimes I was actually zipping around in outer space visiting other planets, including ours - and even once I dreamt of taking a high dive into earth's oceans from space as if I was diving into a swimming pool.

My birds - For someone like me who's owned zebra finches for nearly twenty years, it would come as no surprise to dream about them on occasion. I think my latest dream, which really wasn't so recent, was of the birds I currently own plus a couple more who I know are supposed to be dead. This actually feels more like a persisting memory that sneaked its way into my subconscious, a memory of when those dead birds were alive. I usually don't need a reminder because I think about all the zebra finches I've owned.

Scenes in Video Games/Computer Games - When I get overly obsessed with a game, it will inevitably appear in my dreams as if I'm still playing. Ever since I got my Sims 2: Ultimate Collection, I've mainly experienced my current neighborhood and my playables. Although these dreams were weird I consider them quite enjoyable, like I wished some of the events I witnessed happened in my game for real.

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#4 Old 13th Dec 2017 at 10:50 PM
omg i can relate it by that when it comes to weird dreams,

i had this dream from years ago that everyone needs to kill their self before the bad people murder all of us or something
and so i decided to kill myself from jumping from a balcony, and the balcony was high off the ground when i killed myself (so it was a good one )

but before i did all of that in my dreams i said my goodbyes to my ex-boyfriend (who was my boyfriend back by then) and to my own best friends and i said my goodbyes to my family too
after i did all of that i commited suicide and the bad people who wanted to murder me and all of the other people are like: ugh why did they killed their self ?
i just wanted to play them a game

i guess the people who told everyone the news on TV warned us about the murder one

but when i woke up from that dream i really thought i killed myself from real and i was like why didn't i kill myself when the murder one comes after us in 4 days
but then 4 days has flies by and i was wondering why the murder one still didn't come after me and all of the people but after then i found out it was just a dream
i know it was stupid of me oh well , i'm laughing so hard when i'm thinking about it again
it's now been 5 years after i had a dream everyone has to kill theirself when the murder one was coming after us

and i do have a dream about a sims sometimes too, and sometimes they speaks simlish

sometimes i do have a dream about the death and sometimes it's pretty much scary when i have that dream (most of the times i have a dream about my grandfather from my mom's side who's been death for a year now ) but it doesn't Always has anything to do with the death in general but it could do anything about their homes where they used to live in (i had that dreams 2 times)
sometimes i end up almost crying because of the dream about death

i had once a weird dreams about the pregnancy, i had a dream when i was pregnant a few times, and one time i had 4 baby's at the same time and the 3 of them was girls but then the house explode and i was to the attractions park with my 4 baby's and the father of the 4 kids, they survived it all
but when i woke up i really thought i had 4 kids with me :l
and one time i had a dream i was pregnant and my belly got bigger even faster and my dad was pretty much mad i was pregnant at the young age but then i was into a labor and had a girl.
but then i woke up and really thought i was pregnant from a girl (i do dreams about the pregnancy a few times )

and so i have more of the weirds dreams
#5 Old 21st Dec 2017 at 8:42 PM
I think I live a weird dream, does that count?

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#6 Old 29th Dec 2017 at 9:40 AM
Oh, I have them constantly. I sometimes joke to friends that I don't need to use mind-altering substances to expand my mind. Instead, I take a nap.

One of the cooler ones I had came after a friend in a chatroom was talking about fractals. Must've screwed with my head a bit because I dreamed I was looking at a minature model of a town, and then I realized I was actually in the minature model. And there was another minature model inside of the first one. And I was inside of that too. My words aren't really doing it justice.

Another time, I dreamed that someone locked me inside some sort of warehouse. Somehow I escaped by downloading some expansion pack for a video game (despite there not being a video game, or any sort of system to play it on, around) and then turned into a dozen giraffes.

I occasionally dream about the Sims 2. Example in case:
Originally Posted by ihatemandatoryregister
Last night I had a bizarre dream about the Sims 2. Well not the entire thing; part of it involved setting up a fish tank made of cardboard with rather predictable results. Then I reloaded the world. But then in my dream I ended up in some sort of party in TS2 and I think Matthew Piscaso and Julien Cooke were romancing in the closet instead of making food. Cyd Roseland was there too but he was wearing a dress. Then all the food burned up so I found a phone and ordered a pizza and the pizza box came out of the phone and Don Lothario crawled out of the pizza box and began wooing a bunch of female Sims that I couldn't make out the faces of.

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#7 Old 31st Dec 2017 at 5:27 PM
I have dreams that I'm a sim after playing the game for so long. I have an overhead view and options on anything I want to click on.
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#8 Old 8th Jan 2018 at 7:59 PM
I remember my dreams every night, I do have some bizarre dreams, like I remember I was back at school, I was sat on a chair at the side of my desk, while there was some other girl sitting at my table on an invisible chair

And another where I went down a road at night to drop off some garbage at the trash can and I came back up the road and there was a party! It was also like a car boot sale too. But the strange thing is, I was lucid dreaming and I saw some of my old classmates from school!

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Whenever someone says vocally "It's going to be OK", my brain says "so, this next part will be all the more horrifying" because I have a nightmare of operating a 60 foot robot and I am re-entering Earth and land in the snowy part of the Himalayan mountains. When I make it to a Nepalese monastery, every one of the monks have perfect white straight teeth.

This dream started in 2002 and I had a dentist who regularly donated his trade to a Nepalese monastery but I didn't see the dentist until 2008.

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#10 Old 13th Jan 2018 at 3:45 AM
I had this dream of tables laid out like the empty squares of a crossword puzzle. My job was to slide around spreading water to cover all dry surfaces. Why? There was an building nearby and the more I slosh water the closer the more the building gets painted. I don't see the connection that water-sliding has to do with painting. I'm not a paintbrush in any sense, covering a building is not a crossword, and any explanation I try to explain the dream, as what exactly, is just uncertain belief.
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#11 Old 13th Jan 2018 at 7:26 AM
Sometimes I get this form of Deja Vu where I suddenly watch a hazy dream play out in front of me. The weird think is that I remember commenting on things, and bam answers to what seemed like a stupid idea.
I don't understand it. In reality it's probably just weird brain things, mixed with common enough experiences that my mind could have mashed up, but it's still fun to think about in a what if kind of way.

Otherwise my dreams have people looking like actual people. :P
Shame they don't happen more often.

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#12 Old 14th Jan 2018 at 10:04 PM
i see that some people has weird dreams , i have that too and sometimes my dream could turn into a nightmare

yesterday i had a dream that my best friend was coming and so we we're talking with how we are doing with work and our family and stuff
and i was been away for awhile (out of the bedroom or livingroom) i was going to the toilet, i came back
and my friend (male friend) changed into a girl and i didn't even recognized him
and i literally asked who this girl was but then my best friend answered it was him into a woman person and i kept asking who this person was since i didn't believed him.

and my parents was like: who is this girl and where has your best friend gone ? and i answered: it's him in a woman's body
and so we could talk about girls stuff

and when i woke up i was like: phew it was just a dream
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#13 Old 15th Jan 2018 at 8:20 PM
I usually don't remember my dreams, unfortunately.
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#14 Old 16th Jan 2018 at 8:33 PM
I dreamed I woke up and was... PANDAQUEEN! I was trying to get dressed, but no one would give me any privacy (a common theme in my dreams) . I was SO mad at my parents and wanted to leave, but they had hidden my car keys. I had a huge purse and dumped it out looking for keys. I got distracted by all the makeup and started playing with it. I also had a mustache. Apologies to Pandaqueen

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#15 Old 16th Jan 2018 at 11:48 PM Last edited by simmer22 : 16th Jan 2018 at 11:58 PM.
I woke up today, and I could almost swear I'd just seen a series or movie, because my brain dreamed up a very intriguing start of a story, with unusually vivid images complete with dialogue. This doesn't happen too often, so I wrote down the scenes I could remember. Maybe a new story concept for some other time.

One of the weirder dreams I've had in recent times was that time when I dreamed up a good VS evil musical, where I was on the "good" side, and the worst bully from my childhood was on hte "evil" side, and the musical itself went on in my gran's house - song and dance and all that, with strange creatures dancing around among the people.

A recurring nightmare I had when I was very young was being chased by a giant spider (think twice as big as Aragog from the Harry Potter movies) on the school roof.

A more recent recurring nightmare is that of my computer getting a virus (the kind that completely destroys 100% of your files), and they're often so vivid it usually takes me a few minutes to realize I'm still in bed, not in front of my computer. And the dream varies every time. The first thing I do when turning on my computer after those dreams is to do is a virus check and usually also a backup.

My brain is weird. And my dreams are occasionally a very scary place to hang out...
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#16 Old 21st Jan 2018 at 11:03 PM
i saw the comment and i clicked to funny and to love mostly

i usually don't remember about the most of the dreams either
but i did remember my bad dream what i had today

today i had this dream that i was gonna celebrate my birthday with a few friends of mine so i invited a few friends of mine
(it was my birthday in my dream anyway) and so i was waiting till all of my friends came so i decided to watch TV in that meanwhile

then my best friend (male friend) showed up, and not that long later my other friend (male friend) showed up
and then my 2 other best friends (both females friends) showed up and i kept waiting till all of my friends showed up at my home
but they never came and so i was dissapointed in them and in this meanwhile my best friend (male friend) asked my mom where the bathroom was and so i showed the bathroom
because he had something in his face or something

but then i kept getting be mad to the most of my friend
and my male friend was like: BE HAPPY THAT I SHOWED UP
and i was like: I KNOW ALRIGHT I KNOW, YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY THAT (with a angry voice)
then my mom overheard it all and said that everyone has forgotten about my birthday already (or something) and that they made other plans other then coming to my birthday to celebrate it

my dream turned into a nightmare last night
but luckily me when i woke up: i already knew it wasn't my birthday yet in real
since i have to wait for 4 months when it's my birthday (my birthday is in may)

thank god it was just a dream or else i would explode to the most of my friends if it weren't for my dream
#17 Old 22nd Jan 2018 at 12:15 AM
Originally Posted by grammapat
I dreamed I woke up and was... PANDAQUEEN! I was trying to get dressed, but no one would give me any privacy (a common theme in my dreams) . I was SO mad at my parents and wanted to leave, but they had hidden my car keys. I had a huge purse and dumped it out looking for keys. I got distracted by all the makeup and started playing with it. I also had a mustache. Apologies to Pandaqueen

None taken and apology accepted. dreams shifted from fantasies to playthroughs of my daily life to "What are they giving me at the doctor's office?" since I began sharing dreams.

I had a weird dream my family's washer and dryer broke, so it meant me and Dad had to haul our laundry to a new laundromat. My laundry consisted hoodies, raglan baseball shirts, letterman jackets and utility jumpsuits each branded with the Japanese mon (family crest) resembling a jingle bell.

We got there and because my load of laundry was huge, the staff maintaining the laundromat showed me a huge washer with a door 3 meters wide. I stuffed the laundry into the drum and set it to sanitize. Things went well, I watched The Office on my phone and chatted with two strange men, one in a suit with a giant mouth that was a vacuum (getting him to keep his mouth shut was the challenge) and a short, stocky man in a pair of giant shorts that had a waist high enough for the shorts to be considered a romper. But about an hour a obnoxious wannabe Frenchman with an exaggerated overbite begins hitting on me, but that wasn't the only thing to worry about.

The door to the washer bursts open and I clearly heard Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" coming from the drum as 6 men were in a decent sized boat and said "How's that for an entrance?" The wave of water and suds washed the big mouthed man, the high waist shorts man and the overbite wannabe Frenchman into the street.

Definitely going to look into getting an earlier appointment. I can't wait until April.

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#18 Old 22nd Jan 2018 at 4:48 AM
I had a dream where only girls had an appendix and it caused personality changes
#19 Old 22nd Jan 2018 at 12:45 PM
Weird this thread reappeared today. I've just woken up from a dream where I had an exam... about Sims.

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#20 Old 23rd Jan 2018 at 10:30 AM
I dreamed that a guy I know basically became trans-racial. He's a white guy with long blond hair, but dream version was pretty much merged with Will Smith in a sense. Ended up with that 90s box haircut made into a mullet, a stubbly bad moustache, and darker skin. So thanks brain. It was kinda a funny look.

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#21 Old 23rd Jan 2018 at 6:42 PM
I dreamed I was watching a movie or reading a book or something like that, but I was also in it, you know. That weird dream thing. It was about different families living in the same building and something happened. Something bad that lead to a fire. The whole house burned up and only a few people survived. And I saw these people as they made the decision to escape the flames. The decision to not save anyone else. To leave them in the flames. And it ended with these people standing (in an airport, I think) and some of them... Smiled.
#22 Old 24th Jan 2018 at 12:45 AM
I had three weird bathroom dreams. I dreamt I flushed a DVD player down the toilet because it was broken and how else would I get rid of it?

Then later I washed an entire slice of pizza down the bathroom sink.

Then my dog turned into a toddler and overflowed the toilet with her poop. I woke up consciously in the dream, handed her off to my dad and said "this is the funniest nightmare I've ever had but I gotta go."

I wake up consciously in my dreams a lot.

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#23 Old 28th Jan 2018 at 2:31 PM
i had this weird dreams from 10 or 11 years ago about that the earth was gonna explode and changed into a vulcano or something
then there was this ugly and a mean which who was counted to 5 (i meant like when you say: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and BAM)
and so the earth was gonna explode, everyone was death already and when the which one almost said 0 i woke up and heard the thunder
and then i woke up pretty much scary and almost called my mom because of my fear i once had xD
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#24 Old 2nd Apr 2018 at 11:40 PM
i had this weird dream about the swimming pool

i was at the swimming pool with my sister
but the swimming pool changed into a monster (you could call it water-monster)
i warned my sister that we had to run away but she was so stubborn to listen to me
and then we almost got killed but at the last moment she ran away with me

thank god it was just a dream
#25 Old 3rd Apr 2018 at 2:42 AM
Any time the cat testifies in English against me at home. She's a Siamese mix with Siamese as her dominant genes in communication.

Been a recurring dream for a while, at least since the blackout last month.

Sometimes, she'll catch me kissing some guy I like and if it's someone married, she gets me into a cat fight between me and the guy's wife.

Sometimes, she'll tattle on me and my bad habits to my dad.

Sometimes, she'll blackmail me into feeding her sour cream, whipped cream or cream cheese.

When I wake up from her wrecking my life with her English language skills...I check to see if she still speaks in the language of beasts.

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