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Default How to add texture (custom food)?
I'm not entirerly sure how to explain this, that's why the title is horrible, apologize for that. Basically, I'm re-texturing this food here by eris3000. As you can see in the original "ingredients" texture:

the cutting board's texture is very tiny and that's why it's blurry in-game. EA's "ingredients" texture usually looks like this:

I wanted to fix this, the mesh was originally one group so I separated the ingredients and cutting board into two groups, like this:

in hope I could perhaps create a new texture for the cutting board only. The thing is, I don't know how to do this? I tried messing around in SimPE (cloning TXMT's, textures, editing lines/names, adding lines in the SHPE, fix integrity etc) but I couldn't get the board to use my new texture. I've already fixed the mapping of the board in milkshape fyi :-] any help is much appreciated.

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The simplest fix is to just make the texture bigger. Scale it up to 512x512 or 1024x1024 (use the smallest workable size - if 512x512 looks fine, use this), do all the changes you want to do, and build the texture with DXT3 or 5. This fixes the texture size (Don't do import and then "fix all sizes" because it gives a poor result - DXT fixes all the sizes automatically and gives a less grainy result).

Food meshes are more dificult to work with, and I'm not sure how well they handle extra subsets (probably works fine if you do it properly, but food meshes are a bit more intricate than other objects since textures are often reused for several parts, and they often have morphs here and there). Parting up the mesh isn't always a good idea because you're often only creating a lot of extra work for yourself.
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I was thinking that it would be better to just create a new texture for the board to use, than to scale up the original one, but perhaps it's not then? (This sounded way better in my head) Darn, here I was thinking I was onto something haha. Thank you!

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