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Default Help with resizing objects sims 2
Hi guys

A bit new to creating and modifying furniture for the sims 2, so a little help would be appreciated.

I have this window and it's 2 tiles but I really need it to be wider (3 tiles)

Is there any simple way to do this or can someone help me with this?
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For the size, sizing up by 1,5 should do it, I think (you may want to make a copy of the group, size this up, hide it by vertex so it's still visible, and then adjust the mesh using the copy as a guide, because otherwise the mesh itself will also size up).

You probably have to fix the window cutouts, and it's probably a good idea to clone a 3-tile window for the project so you don't have to figure out how to add tiles as well. Maybe check out some of the tutorials on making windows.

It's not one of the things I have much practice in, so here's a couple tutorials: - Windows - wallmasks
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Here's a tutorial on extracting a dormer (which is going to be the same size as a wall. You can extract the three tile dormer and use it as a guide for resizing your mesh.
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