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Snatch (2000?) was on tv the other day. Always fun, now matter how many times I've seen it. An 8 I guess?
Batman Forever (?) accidentally came across it a couple of nights ago. Jim Carey(?) is the shit, he makes it so fun. And pink hair.
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The 5th Wave (2016) - 4/10
The Boy (2016) - 4/10
10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) - 7/10
How to Be Single (2016) - 5/10
The Veil (2016) - 4/10
Joy (2015) - 6/10

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The Conjuring Part 2 (7/10). It takes place in England after the Amityville Horror, and also after the first movie. I haven't seen a horror movie in a while and this freaked me out. The music helped a lot with the creep factor, as well as the makeup work. It's a lot of jump scares, but there's actually something there instead of it being "Just kidding!" jump scares. They need to step away from the possessed/ghost child thing, though, because that's pretty old now. Still liked it, and supposedly a "character" from this one is getting its own movie.
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Finding Dory (2016) - 6/10
Everybody Wants Some!! (2016) - 5/10
The BFG (2016) - 5/10
Bad Neighbours 2 (2016) - 5/10
Tammy (2014) - 4/10
The Dead Room (2015) - 1/10
I Spit on Your Grave 3: Vengeance Is Mine (2015) - 5/10
Honeyglue (2015) - 6/10
The Boss (2016) - 5/10
The Girl in the Photographs (2015) - 2/10
The Conjuring 2 (2016) - 1/10
Now You See Me (2013) - 6/10
X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) - 7/10
The Other Side of the Door (2016) - 3/10
Eddie the Eagle (2016) - 4/10
Buried Treasure (2001) - 6/10

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Thelma & Louise (1991) - 6/10
Ghostbusters (2016) - 6/10
The Secret Life Of Pets (2016) - 6/10

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Saw Star Trek Beyond last night and let me just say this. I am glad I got a free ticket with the Wrath of Khan bluray because I would not have seen this movie in any form otherwise. ITD just did too much damage to the brand and I didn't think anyone around Paramount still understood Star trek.

This has a lot of the same problems of being an action movie as the last two but it is an action movie where like Wrath of Khan the action is there to serve the characters and for the first time in a long time in Star trek there is philosophical debate at the heart of the story and while it feels like it is there because of Babylon 5(The villain of this film is basic The Shadows from Babylon 5), it works because it comes up naturally from the nature of Star fleet.

Oh and for the first time in these movies Kirk feels like Kirk, and not some self centered,lying, show off who only cares about himself.

All the characters are given at least one great moment in the story and it flows so well it feels a lot shorter then it is.

Also on the last two movies I wondered where the budget went because I didn't see much that I couldn't imagine seeing on a TV show, this one has a reason to be a big budget film as the scale and look of everything is upped to the point where there is no way it could be done on TV. the Alien world looks like an alien world and not a sound stage and everything is done on such a large scale. Imagine Star Trek the motion picture but with an exciting charter driven action adventure story where you really care about Kirk at it's heart.

I didn't mind the first film starting with Kirk as a jerk, because he seemed to learn his lesson at the end, but then when ITD he was an even bigger jerk I felt like I was watching the same character beat all over and I lost faith in Chris Pine's Kirk. Well this movie restored that faith, while Shatner will always be THE KIRKI, Chris Pine proved that he can play the character his own way and yet still retain what the fans like about Kirk's basic character and I hope the higher ups at paramount take note and continue to allow his charter to grow like this, because as of right now this film as restored my faith in a franchise that was completely dead to me before.

Letting Simon Peg write this movie was the best move Paramount has made in a long time and I hope they continue because as it stand now this feels like the natural next step from the first film and I will just pretend ITD didn't happen and i will be trying to see this again in theaters and will get it on day one when it comes to Bluray.

Star Trek is back, this film feels like Star trek.

If you like me were feeling beaten down before when it came to the future of Star trek, go see this movie, you will have blast and it will restore your faith that Star trek can be done well in this modern day and age.


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High-Rise: 7.5/10.

A bit style over substance. It's trying to tell you something but it doesn't really do it as well as it could. The breakdown of society in the building is so sudden, so extreme, yet so unclear the social commentary loses a lot of impact because it lacks articulation with what's wrong with the system.

Besides that, everything else is well done. The setting is well done, great music choices, some terrific cinematography and visuals, and incredible acting. Lovely mix of dark humour and surrealism in it, too. A couple of pretentious scenes (I'm looking at you, penthouse orgy with the rich people slow-mo dancing and looking into the camera as classical music plays.) but overall I really liked it.

I'm writing a TV series, yeah. It's a cross between True Detective and Pretty Little Liars.
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^ Ya, i think your comments are pretty spot on about that flick. I'm pretty sure I gave it a 7 over on IMDB after watching. Have you watched Snowpiercer by any chance? Deals with a pretty similar subject matter, social and economic class, or lack thereof. I liked it a little more, probably gave it an 8.

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This topic is still relevant, unless everyone has stopped watching movies. Somehow, I don't think so.

Footloose (the original) - rating: Meh. I think that's about a 4/10

Trolls - far more engaging than I anticipated. I don't really like the music of the 80s and 90s, but it took on new meaning in the story and under the handling of the artists they used for it. Also, the story is simply about happiness, so what's not to like? I read later that the directors/writers studied Ted talks and Eastern mysticism to learn more about happiness. 7.8/10

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I was bored this morning, so I watched the original Pokémon movie; Pokémon: The First Movie
I still love it, even though it's almost 20 years old, it is still one of my favourite anime movies of all time

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Boss Baby, the story of a young boy with a highly active imagination who feels somewhat pushed out by the arrival of his younger brother, was clever, funny, and very sweet. The visuals were gorgeous. There were times I thought I could feel soft and nappy texture the babies sat on in the conveyor belt. Additionally, there were some very smart looking 2D sequences. I chuckled over the many references to other movies. 8/10

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Last night I saw King Arthur legend of the sword. It was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I'd probably give it a 3/10
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Welp Spiderman Homecoming has finally given me a favorite superhero. I almost want to say 10/10, but there's probably something about it that'd make me want to say 9/10. There was a couple times where the choices made by Peter where a little "no no no agh you idiot" but that is based partly on my personality of what I'd do, and after the consequences of his actions came together they made much more sense. I actually really liked the ending.

Personal metrics is 10/10. Woo!

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I rewatched Moana (10/10), Kubo and the Two Strings (10/10), and Trolls (9/10) again recently. I watched a weird movie with no point called The Breakup (2/10) - it was a huge disappointment!

* Edit - just saw Lion (9/10) over the weekend - It's an amazing story!

**Edit - Watched Dr. Strange (10/10) - Engaging and exciting. Amazing visuals! I'll bet there will be a sequel.

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I watched Tower, a documentary about the first American, or really any, mass shooting taking place on August 1st, 1966 at the University of Texas. It was powerful, a rare time where I cried at a movie. It was a collection of personal stories from those there that day. At this point the one person who just hit me the hardest was Rita, just wow, an amazing act she did.

10/10 recommend it to everyone.

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I rewatched Boss Baby because I was on a plane and my boyfriend missed so much the first time around (and we watched it in sync). Now I want the DVD. There were so many clever scenes throughout the film, as in tributes to former animation styles, such as Warner Bros cartoons and other media - movies. And then there was the emotional piece about brotherhood. I cried during the last several minutes of the film. It's beyond weird that I can't find an appropriate image of the most powerful scene in the film when the baby opens a package sent by his older brother that spells out a future agreement between them and demonstrates love in the strongest terms. That was heartwrenching. If you have a sibling, this is a must see. The movie is really about sibling rivarlry and ultimately about love.

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A stinky fairy tale 8.5/10
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The Despicable Me trilogy. Gru is a supervillain in a world where supervillains exist in such high numbers to the point they usually be frequently reported on the news channels.

Despicable Me (95/100)
In the first movie, after an upset by a rival who stole one of the Great Pyramids of Giza and replaced it with a giant inflatable replica, he decides to steal the moon but while waiting to be seen for a loan, he comes across a cocky upstart of a supervillain named Vector who has a thing for launching aquatic animals with his terrible inventions. Gru presents his idea to steal the Moon, but he is denied the money until he steals a shrink ray. In the process of theft of the technology of the shrink ray, here begins a succession of Spy vs Spy styled fights between Gru and Vector. It was only when the orphaned sisters of Margo, Edith and Agnes sell cookies to Vector that he found a way to get the shrink ray. He adopts the sisters and at first, his frame of reference with children is on a thinking of "no different than pets" but as time goes on and the shrink ray heist was a success, Gru realizes there's more to his life than being a villain. He even attempts to cut his moon stealing mission short to try and be at the Swan Lake recital the girls practiced throughout the movie. But he ends up having to rescue the girls after Vector holds them ransom for the shrunken Moon.

It's actually a sweet movie with twists of sour. It has a great character development where Gru goes from one of the world's famous supervillains to the supportive father of three young girls who have sort of this triptych. Margo is mature and the voice of reason. Edith is a girl whose anything but girly in spite of her pink earflap beanie. Agnes represents the innocence of childhood and embodies this pure excitement.

Despicable Me has one of those people changing plots that people find great as Gru's transformation from supervillain to adoptive father shows a great healthy story growth and as I mentioned elsewhere, a movie plot, like any story, needs to have character growth. As for sequels, you just can't go back and give the characters amnesia. That's a cardinal sin in story writing.

Despicable Me 2 (96/100)
A laboratory in the Arctic Circle is under attack by a giant magnet and an organization is baffled by the possible culprit. Meanwhile, Agnes is turning 6 and Gru, his Minions and Margo and Edith are helping her have a happy birthday, by any means necessary. However, a mother of Agnes' friends in the neighborhood keeps pestering Gru to consider dating. Gru then runs into Agent Lucy Wilde and therein lies the first footsteps to his journey to being a secret agent for the AVL (Anti-Villain League). Upon meeting Silas Ramsbottom, he is reluctant. But when it is revealed that the item being stolen is an serum that creates violent, destructive creatures from an injection of the serum, he reluctantly joins Lucy in an undercover mission at a mall. Meanwhile, while getting acquainted with Eduardo from the Mexican restaurant Salsa y Salsa, who may be an old supervillain named El Macho, who likely faked his death; Margo falls for Eduardo's son, Antonio. However, the majority of the Minions go missing some time after Dr. Nefario changes job...but the plot starts to thicken, especially when that serum comes into play.

This movie, like the previous one, is growth from the last one. Gru finds himself in love with Lucy and the feeling is mutual. It also shows the struggle Gru is going through being a single dad in that Agnes longs for a mother figure and how will Gru handle Margo as she is growing up?

Some of the funniest moments were where the Minions were singing a drinking song while have all kinds of ice cream, or were on the resort. But hands down, their renditions of "I Swear" by Boyz II Men and "YMCA" by the Village People...the outfits made it complete. I usually find that the Minions steal the show quite often, so much so they were given a prequel titled "Minions" where their past is explained.

Despicable Me 3 (99/100)
The movie starts with a retrospect "Where Are They Now" about former child star Balthazar Bratt who was the star of "Evil Bratt", a worldwide phenomenon of a prime time show which lasted up until Season 3 when puberty got him fired and he became delusional and disillusioned with Hollywood. Gru and Lucy, now full time agents for the Anti-Villain League, are now dealing with Balthazar Bratt, 30 years older since hitting puberty and his show axed. Stuck in the 80's, much of his outdated tech has some of the latest tech intermingled at his hideout and vehicles. The only major difference is he's got a mustache, a bald spot and a vengeance stewing from 30 years ago. Balthazar had been stealing large gems and replacing them with fakes. With a major slip-up involving Gru, he and Lucy lose their positions at the AVL. The Minions want to go back to evil, and all but two march out in protest. Meanwhile, Gru receives a letter from his brother regarding his father's passing. However, Gru was told he was an only child and his father died of disappointment at his birth. His mother revealed that he has a twin who lived with his father in Freedonia and his parents divorced when Gru and Dru were babies. So with nothing left to lose, Gru and his family pack for Freedonia and it's quite a shock when the brothers meet and notice their upbringings had differences and the unsettling familiarity of being told they're not able to meet their parent's expectations. Turned out the pig farm is actually a front for supervillainy and their father was regarded as a prime example of supervillainy in his day. Faced with the reality of his life changing once more, Gru has to figure out his true calling.

Let me say, Trey Parker, who many of us remember from South Park as numerous male voices including Stan and Cartman has impressed me with his ability in terms of vocal range. For the role of Balthazar Bratt, the vocals he put out were not unlike Randy Marsh's voice or a generic announcer within the South Park universe. I actually was just impressed by the tech Bratt used in the movie where stuff no longer produced (Like audio cassettes and Walkman) actually served a purpose of how disillusioned and out of touch he was while it was integrated with typical jewel thief tech. The Rubik's cube smoke bomb is a favorite. Also, it was apropos to integrate 1980s music. Between the lot of us, I have all the songs featured in the movie.

Gru and Dru, being twins, seem to embody the archetypal "one is the sobering yin to the other's raging yang" and this case, Gru is the sobering yin to Dru is the raging yang. However, the twins end up working together in the third act.

If they do a Despicable Me 4, I would love to see how that gets written and furthermore, see if they could bring Russell Brand back to voice Dr. Nefario (he was frozen in carbonite in DM3)

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Wached Game Night the other evening. 'Twas fun
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Elf. In the spirit of the Christmas season, a more light-hearted film.

ELF (91/100)
The movie opens with an elf in Santa's employ (played by Bob Newhart), telling of two elfisms:
1.) Elves like telling stories.
2.) There are only three jobs available to elves: cobbling shoes, baking cookies or making toys (which the third is a dream job and well-suited to the natural inclinations of elves).

In passing, he mentioned that in the past, they've hired gnomes and trolls. But the gnomes were heavy drinkers and the trolls weren't toilet trained. Which brings him to the mention that, up until 30 years prior to the main story, no human set foot in Santa's workshop.

The story begins proper of an orphaned baby boy sneaking into the giant sack of gifts Santa (Ed Asner) brings with him. After a successful Christmas Eve, the elves start on next Christmas. But when the baby emerges from the sack of gifts, the elves dubbed him Buddy and the elf narrating volunteers to be Buddy's adopted father. Buddy (Will Ferrell) one day overhears Head Elf Ming Ming (Peter Billingsley aka "Ralphie Parker" from A Christmas Story) talking with another elf about Buddy is actually a human and Buddy realizes how he seemed different for so long. He confronts Papa Elf and he explains to Buddy he was the love child of one Walter Hobbs and Susan Welles. Walter never knew Buddy was born, Susan gave Buddy up for adoption and would soon pass away shortly thereafter. Walter, currently living in New York City, working in the Empire State Building was also on the Naughty list, which meant Buddy had to also bring back the Christmas spirit to his biological father as well as bond with him.

He ventures southward to New York City and has a few mishaps with his Naughty Lister father, Walter Hobbs (James Caan), who takes Buddy for a simple DNA test. Upon finding out Buddy is really his son, the doctor suggested Buddy stay with Walter's wife and their son prior to his knowledge and appearance of Buddy.

Buddy falls for Jovie (Zooey Deschanel), a shy young woman who sings but is shy of singing for audiences. He bonds with his younger half brother Michael (Daniel Tay), especially making use of his talents and skills honed in the North Pole

After numerous mishaps around Buddy's ignorance from living at the North Pole, Buddy is distraught and runs away. But unfortunately, Santa's sleigh and reindeer goes down in Central Park and requires Christmas spirit to get it flying again.

It's actually charming and funny in its awkward nature.

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Toy Story 1

Ranking: (100/100)
As of this writing, Toy Story 4 is garnering its fair share of positive and (in one famous case) negative criticism, but it's still a crowd pleaser with the cast of characters.

The first one opens with little Andy Davis, a child in a single mother family who loves his toys and his favorite is a cowboy pullstring ragdoll named Sheriff Woody and Woody has been an old family toy who seen his shares of playtimes, so much so that he is the de facto leader of the kids' bedroom (Andy shares the room with his toddler sister, Molly, because of reasons beyond my knowledge). He is in love with a porcelain doll in the likeness of Little Bo Peep. He has authority over toys like Slinky (a Slinky Dog with hound dog overtones), Hamm (a plastic piggy bank who has street smarts from looking out at the street from the window he's perched on), Rex (a cheapo plastic T. Rex who is scared of his own shadow) and Mr. Potato Head (the famous spud constantly has a chip on his shoulder because he's constantly reassembling his face when parts fly off.) Woody had everything in order in his world...

...until HE came.

Buzz Lightyear was an action figure as a tie-up to an action cartoon in the Tri-county area. Problem was, this particular action figure thought he was the real deal, which irritated Woody to no end, so much so that in his attempt to knock Buzz into a gap between the wall and desk, it gets out of hand and knocks Buzz out the window. Not to mention, Woody was jealous of Buzz being played with a lot. Woody goes along for two rides and reunites with Buzz, only to end up at Pizza Planet and eventually in the possession of the twisted, destructive Frankenstein among toys: Sid Phillips. It becomes a race against time to escape the Phillips residence. Buzz eventually finds out the truth that he's a toy through a rather assaultive commercial, tagged at the end with "Available at all Al's Toy Barn outlets in the Tri-county area" and despondent, he attempts to prove it wrong, only for he to be proven wrong. Eventually, Buzz is fixed, but is a prospective victim to a giant explosive worthy of a catalog that would inspire the band name "Porno for Pyros", but Sid's launch is rained out and time is ticking away as the Davis family plans to move elsewhere within the tri-county area.

My favorite scene was where Buzz is depressed and Woody is hyped up to escape. Then Woody pep talks Buzz about how cool he is. Which leads Woody to be beat up over the fact he's just a pullstring rag doll with a lame catchphrase "There's a snake in my boot!". But Buzz, realizing the nobility of being a toy and being played with and being loved by a child, that's where the climactic escape and chase become apparent and obvious. In spite of their favoritism fights and the bickering of leadership in their rogue position, they work to not only escape, but with Woody's help, terrorize Sid as vengeance for the years of destruction and Frankensteining of toys with the help of the mutant toys Sid created over the years.

Even with all the rendering and simulation and texturing and modeling and further advances in the technologies, especially with hardware\software capabilities in the 30 years since production began, I seem to find the first to be part of the reason we're up to a 4th and the 17 other films in between since the inception Pixar as more than short films but feature length CGI animated movies.

But now I'm actually getting sick of CGI and want hand-drawn. Now I understand Walt Disney's despising of his features after comparison to Snow White and today's aspiring animators are probably under some misguidance that only Japanese studios like Studio Ghibli are capable of beautiful hand-drawn or everything filtered through a computer comes out as gold. Roy Disney, at the time, said in passing "We made a few bad 2D movies..." (In reference to between Walt's death in 1966 and the Disney Renaissance in 1989-1999).

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Watched Spiderman into The Verse for the 4th time. I really do love it- like how it was put together, the story line was nice evene if it wasn't anything super wow, and the characters felt real. Like Miles only ever listening or humming one song?

But that Marvel intro with all the flickering and shit? That should be illegal. When I was it at the cinema that actually hurt my eyes and head. Its not as bad in my living room with the lights on, but it's still not fun. Where was the warning, like that could have been really uncomfortable for a lot of people. My friend was really upset by that because when she was a kid that would have been a guaranteed seizure. Skip that intro and all is well.

The Toby McGuire ones are nice because it was the first set of movies (but like its super cringe rewatching them after all these years). We don't talk about the Amazing Spiderman. Homecoming was nice and refreshing, but into The Verse was something else. Legit felt like a kid again watching Toy Story 1 or The Incredibles for the first time.
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Toy Story 2

Ranking: 99/100

It was long-awaited after the success of Toy Story 1, but 4 years was just part of the process. Late in the game, the directorial team said "Overhaul it" and in the span of 7-8 months prior to release, people worked 36-48 hour shifts, sometimes losing perspective and ended up out of touch with reality, according to Lindsay Collins in editorial. Worse, because of a executed data dump using a Linux command, they almost lost all the work they did and it wouldn't matter if 150 people worked a year straight to reanimate what was lost in 20 seconds and they tried unplugging and replugging the machines in systems in the chaos and the backups failed. But luckily for Oren Jacob, his co-worker Galyn Susman just had a baby the week before and her computer had the data for Toy Story 2. With as much care as you would give the Pharaoh and a beloved cat, they transported the hulking mass of high tech that was the last hope. It was a success and according to Ms. Collins, the movie would have suffered if there was a delay any further and Mrs. Susman was grateful for the flexible option to work at home while caring for her newborn son Eli.

We start off with Rex playing a Buzz Lightyear game (using a Super Famicom Controller) and every toy in Andy's room is doing their own thing. Woody, however, is panicking because there's a list of chores for Buzz to adhere to, but Woody can't seem to find his hat (which he had on for the majority of the first film). Bo Peep reminds him that Andy would take Woody to Cowboy Camp with or without the hat. This is part of the introduction to Mrs. Potato Head, whose very sweet and lovey toward Mr. Potato Head and that puppy who was introduced via barking at the end of Toy Story 1, is a dachshund named Buster and although the impression from Toy Story of dogs is "Dogs destroy toys". But he ended up getting doggy kisses.

Andy, now a couple years older, does a playtime scenario in a short span (death by monkeys was a directorial crew joke, a favorite for Lee Unkrich, co-director) and in the process, Woody’s right arm gets a tear in the shoulder, fluff coming out, ended up shelved. This was one year Woody would miss Cowboy Camp. During a nap, Woody has a nightmare of being trashed and fixating on his broken arm. Waking up, he accidentally disturbs Wheezy, a squeeze toy penguin who had a broken squeaker and unfortunately suffered from asthma (and dust is the enemy to his condition). When Mrs. Davis begins a yard sale, she grabs Wheezy for the 25¢ box, Woody makes a daring rescue to save Wheezy. But as Wheezy gets back to Andy’s room, Woody is caught up in the yard sale. Enter Al McWhiggin, owner of the Tri-county area's toy emporium, Al's Toy Barn, first mentioned in Toy Story 1 as a tag for the Buzz Lightyear commercial. He also is a collector of all paraphernalia related to the 1950s puppet show “Woody’s Roundup” and needs Woody to complete the collection. He tried bargaining, but ends up stealing Woody. Buzz attempts to rescue Woody, only to be tossed off the trunk with a feather and the custom license plate code.

Woody is taken to an adult-only apartment building (The sign clearly states “No Children Allowed”) and during the disappearance into the building, the toys back at Andy’s room are working on the forensics of Woody’s abduction from the identity of his toynapper to using a Little Tike to recreate the scene of the crime with blocks and wooden elements. Buzz is preoccupied with figuring out the license plate and when he is spurred by Mr. Potato Head, they realized it was Al McWhiggin, who stars in his commercials for the Al's Toy Barn stores. Back at Al's, Woody is attempting to escape, but with his right arm of no use, it becomes confusion when a toy horse, Bull’s-eye, takes Woody for a wild ride around the apartment. Then Jessie, who is overwhelmingly excited to meet Woody. Finally, they meet the Prospector, who is MIB and NRFB (Mint In Box and Never Removed From Box, for those who haven’t brushed up on collectibles terminology.)

Side note: According to commentary, the three of new characters from “Woody’s Roundup” show different responses as how one would react to not being played with. Bull’s-eye was eager to play again. Jessie kept her distance about being played with due to her past, which I will elaborate later. The Prospector dealt with it by telling himself his value is best while he’s in the package from all those years ago.

As Andy’s toys are looking for the map to the flagship HQ emporium for Al's Toy Barn, the toys of the room pack and head off with the party of Slinky, Rex, Hamm, Mr. Potato Head and Buzz leading the charge.

While looking through the “Woody’s Roundup” paraphernalia, The Prospector tells that they will soon be going to the Konishi Toy Museum in Tokyo, Japan. Woody objects due to ownership by Andy. But during the photo shoot, Woody's bad arm gets a thread caught on the stand and his arm falls off then it becomes a matter of getting fixed up.

Meanwhile, Buzz and Andy’s toys are constantly moving the 20+ blocks to find Al, but they end up disturbing traffic and find themselves driving through the aisles, even though Mr. Potato Head insists on driving and he’s awful at it. It’s about this time the two Buzzs switch and the toys go down the Barbie aisle and with the help of the Tour Guide Barbie, they reunite with the wrong Buzz

(During the release of the first Toy Story, in Mibumachi, in Japan, they opened a toy museum called Mibumachi Toy Museum. In Toy Story 2, Konishi is the family name of crew member Sonoko Konishi)

After getting fixed up, Woody and Jessie have been mean and nasty in attitude to each other. Woody tries to rationalize he leaving because Andy is special and saw Woody as a best friend and a living entity. Then Jessie revealed Emily, her previous owner was like that. It segued into a montage set to “When She Loved Me” by Sara McLachlan on vocals and Randy Newman on piano of when Jessie used to be played with and the days when Emily stopped playing with toys and began painting her nails. The horse figures were replaced with makeup. Her cowgirl stuff replaced with hippie rock posters and records. And stuff under the bed accumulated dust. Eventually, the old tree where they played was adjacent to the Goodwill type of donation drop off and she was donated. It cuts back to present and also Woody attempts to leave, but the Prospector manipulates Woody with a rather hard sell by saying, in distillation “You will be outgrown. Stay with us and you will be revered.” (Actually throughout the entirety of Woody in the Prospector’s presence, he slowly manipulates Woody into following him)

With Andy's toys and the crazy Buzz making a rescue, the real Buzz awakens Emperor Zurg. When the toys enter SWAT team style, Woody declines and becomes delusional in his world and the real Buzz arrives and attempts to ground him in reality, reminding him he's a toy and not a collectible. Real Buzz then reveals the ugly truth: go to the museum and you will never be played with again, you will never be touched or held. While watching a "Woody's Roundup" feature of Puppet Woody singing "You Got a Friend in Me" he attempts taking the Roundup Gang, but the Prospector objects, revealing his life as a constantly passed over toy and his hatred of space toys as it was the launch of Sputnik that led to the cancellation of "Woody's Roundup".

A fight in the vain of Star Wars with Zurg leads to the classic "I am your father." line with fake Buzz and Rex knocks Zurg down the elevator shaft. (Commentary jokes "Isn't this a 23 story building? More like 400 stories with this elevator car!")

The fake Buzz stays behind with Zurg and Buzz and Andy's toys stage a daring rescue to save Woody. The Prospector gets punched for suckerpunching Buzz and they place him in a destructive "artist" little girl's bag. While attempting to rescue the remaining Roundup Gang, Jessie is place on the luggage cart and the sequence becomes more like a western where the good cowboy jumps from car to car and just when you think they'll jump, they exit precariously through the landing gear and get to Andy's Room

When Andy comes home, Jessie and Bullseye are a hit. The epilogue shows little stories of life in the room and Robert Goulet provides vocals for the now-fixed Wheezy to a Vegas-splashy brass band version of "You Got a Friend In Me". Woody and Buzz have a heart to heart promising they'll be friends - for infinity and beyond.

Favorite scene was the Opening Sequence. It was a call back to the original intention of opening with a cel animated show in Toy Story 1. The director and co-directors made the game over about as disturbing as a G-rated film can get, to the point of collective silence and gasps of the audience mixed in.

Favorite quote: Mrs. Potato Head screaming to Buzz and the rescue party “DON’T TALK TO ANY TOY YOU DON’T KNOW!” According to the directorial team, during a recording session, Estelle Harris shouts out something and the directors found it hilarious. The original line from the directors was “Don’t talk to any strangers.” Estelle plussed it, keeping in line with the toys as the protagonists saying “Don’t talk to any toys you don’t know.”

Also, Geri the Doll Cleaner says "You can't rush art!" Also mentioned in Zyuranger by Pleprechaun, the monster artisan, this was an irony in itself as the majority of the film was crammed in less than a year.

I decided to do the spoilers because it didn't make sense without them, because Jessie and Bullseye appear in Toy Story 3, not to mention the Little Green Men were popular enough to tag along into the next movie (Besides, the Potato Heads adopted them after Mr. Potato Head saved them, so they followed the team home and Mrs. Potato Head gushed over his heroics and their adorable cuteness.)

I should be the only one to shine,
I am the Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica
(Translation of a line from image song Golden Queen Galaxia)
#624 Old 8th Aug 2019 at 12:23 PM
Mars Attacks
Loved it as a kid, and my brother loved it when he was a kid too so I last saw it about 10 years ago

It's incredibly dated and I didn't really get why the aliens were attacking. Just kinda seemed like they were assholes. But that kinda made it funnier.


~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
#625 Old 8th Aug 2019 at 2:27 PM
Hellboy 2019 remake. 3/10

It was terrible and I was bored and could barely pay attention despite Ian Mcshane, whom I adore, being on screen.

Sometimes casting A list actors is actually a detriment. I couldn't stop thinking about Sheriff Hopper from Stranger Things under all those prosthetics. Voice was entirely to recognizable.

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