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Default Can't register on
I'm trying to register on But the site keeps telling me that i didn't answer the verification questions correctly. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my answers?
Here are the "questions" and my answers:
A butterfly on the... - my answer: sky
I can go twice as... - my answer: fast
Take a... - my answer: break
It's in a... - my answer: box
A Reading... - my answer: from the book

Apart from those "questions" there's a standard verification thing with typing in letters from an image which I believe I'm doing correctly.

(also sorry if i posted this in the wrong section of the forum, I didn't know where else to post).
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Jenna had to change up the questions again, because the bots got around the last set (it was a massacre...). Anyway, all I can say is do a search (the first two sentences should do the trick), because it does make sense. And please don't post the answers, because those bots are really annoying and they somehow figure it out after a while.
(all but one of your answers are wrong, I can tell you that much).

But the bots don't seem to have figured out this one, so as long as it works, it looks like we're keeping it
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