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Default Holding Hands..glitch?
lol this has happened to me ever since I got the game, but I decided to ask you guys if it's the same for you..
I dunno if it's been brought up before, but I think it's funny.

When my sims are flirting or in of the options is "hold hands" in the romantic menu.

But for some reason, it's always switched around...or at least it seems like it!

For example...I'll be playing the male, and I will click on the female and select "hold hands"...but the weird thing is, the GIRL will grab the mans hands, and hold them.

So whenever I want the GUY to reach out and hold the girls hands, I have to select the GIRL and "hold hands" with the guy.

Does that make sense? haha it's just always been backward. I wondered if that was on purpose or some kind of glitch.

Anyone else notice this?
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Yes, the animation is reversed.
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Is there a reason for that, or just a programming error? I'm assuming the
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Programming error, it seems. I can open up the Jazz and take a look, and throw it in with the also-backwards fight attack animations. Although frankly, that hold-hands thing always looked creepy and weird even in TS2, and not at all romantic.

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TS2 had the same problem, and the ol' switcharoo should be easy so I don't know why they didn't fix it for TS3.

Yes it doesn't make sense and highlights EA's stupidity, but it's not worth fixing because it's just a single step on the inevitable path to woohoo!
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Switching the 2 animation clip files around doesn't work very well. It gives this result:

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It looks like she is charming out his heart through his groin lol
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lmao omg. that picture is funny.

Oh well. Just gotta make a conscious reminder to switch around the hands.
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That just doesn't look right... You would think the sim ur playing would be the one to grab but appearently the partner or romantic interest has ESP

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is that an alien in his pants? lol funny

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Is it any fix for this yet?
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I'm sorry for necroing old thread but still I cant find the fix for this
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I'm not sure anyone bothered to fix it, since EA left a lot of other things that need fixing even more. This just looks weird. It doesn't cause lag or fry your graphics card. If you've been watching for a fix and haven't found one, it probably hasn't happened.

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You cannot fix what is not broken. This seems to be a design choice, not a glitch. Some interactions can be random in that either the male or female will initiate the action despite directing a specific Sim. If I remember correctly, sometimes when directing my female Sim to slow dance so that the male takes the lead, that does not always work. And quite frankly, it really does not matter to me. It gets boring anyway always expecting to have the male lead. It's equal so that the male or female can lead the interaction so it's all good to me. At least TS3 is not sexist and let's the player decide how they want to play for the most part.
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