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Default Multiple aliens visiting my lot, is it possible?
Hello all!

A female alien visited my lot, but I want a male alien to visit. Is it possible that another alien will visit me? Because in another gameplay in april an alien visited me randomly, and then I played more and nobody visited me again. And i do not want to use testingcheatsenabled to turn the female alien to male. I wan't a natural gameplay.
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If you have the bistro oven along with ani's mod, you can assign the aliens to work there as a chef or waitress. Then you can talk to them any time you want. It is still ... natural gameplay, hehehe. They're just illegal aliens now.

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In my games, I have always had multiple aliens.
But I think abductions are the reason for my sims getting to know many aliens... So, make sure to get abducted, and then you should be able to "invite them over" from your relationship panel. Maybe you need to try and talk to them too before they run off after they have brought you back to your lot after abducting you.
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