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Default Mark Brand's Hairstyle
Today I tested some CC, and randomly selected Mark Brand's household in Twinbrook for this purpose. I never really played him, so it is the first time I've actually noticed that he has a hairstyle hot available in CAS. Really, is this hairstyle hidden, and if so, is it unlockable?

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He's actually wearing a hairstyle that's only available via Stylist and is hidden in CAS. There are several other hairstyles from Ambitions that act the same way.

You can access this hair several ways:
By changing your sim appearance via a Stylist station.
Or you could use Nraas Mastercontroller Stylist option.

Or to access this hair in CAS, you can use a cheat: unlockoutfits on
Or for the same effect as the cheat, you can aslo use Nraas Mastercontroller (and Integration module) to unlock hidden parts: City hall or computer > Nraas > Nraas Mastercontroller > Settings > CAS > Category changes > Show hidden parts.

Or edit the CASP to make this hair available in CAS.
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