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How to trigger SimBot construction opportunity?
Hey all! I've been trying to get my Sim to build a SimBot for a while now, following Carl's Sims 3 guide to make sure I'm doing it right, but I just can't get the opportunity to appear. My Sim's inventing skill is to 10, the skill opportunity slot is open, and I've waited for five or six in-game weeks but the call has never come.

I've heard from some people that you need all inventions discovered for the opportunity to appear, and I know she's missing the Claw Dipper and the Air Bender. I've been trying for weeks to discover them, but inventing at the workbench only ends up with it looking like she's discovered something (sound effect and all), but nothing actually changes. (Skill journal stays at 88% discovered inventions)

Am I missing something, or is it possible something is bugged? I'm on Starlit Shores, if it matters.
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Update; ended up just using NRaas to force the opportunity to appear. Something seems weird with it.
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