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Default Alvi Family
is there anything that do you done with this family? Did you stick to the lore or made your own future path for this family? Headcanons of your owns and those that you agree on? How's the relationship has changed of Igbal and VJ the day you interfared or spectated from another active household? How's Miraj handling the situation or what his doing and how's his hanging? VJs todays interest for Lisa Bunch? Is the family still poor? Is lqbal still working the same job and is still single?

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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What I have done when actually paying in Sunset Valley is to delete Alvi family and that eyesore of a house they lived in (not sorry).
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I didn't do a whooole lot in SV because I prefer the premades of Twinbrook and Appaloosa, but the Alvis were one of the SV families I actually did like.
I moved VJ (and Lisa too) into the Roomies household when he was still a teen, and he actually managed to get his life together. Relationship to his father became more neutral when they were separated, later they called each other sometimes, but they never became best buddies.
Iqbal lived in the same house with Miraj until he died. He retired soon, living the happy retired single life with lots of fishing and his son taking care of him. I rotated households at this time so I didn't play through much of Miraj's teenage/young adult life, but he started a relationship with the Ursine-daughter later (the unborn baby at the start of the game). Bit of an age difference there of course, but they were a cute couple.

No pics cause that was a while ago but maybe I'll go back to SV one day...
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