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Default Lover to A Prince Of Darkness
Many creatures exist who prowl and roam the darkness; parasites, feeding off the grief and sorrows of others. These are creatures filled with animosity and hate for all things living, and contept fills their eyes when they see We who thrive in the joy and pleasure of The Light. Our only use to them is for the satisfaction of the hunt and the meat and blood that we possess. Cursed are these, who can never see the light of day. But is it possible, can it be that these who we regard with fear and terror can actually experience the most powerful and beautiful emotion known to humankind; Love? Can love be found in any such beings that we term as monsters? Or is it purely lust, disguised to better suit their insatiable desires? Only time will tell.......

Chapter One :- In The Beginning...

'Andromeda, Wisteria! I would like to speak with you both,' called Mr. Rhodes. 'Coming, father!,' shouted Andromeda as she walked past the elaborate kitchen to her father's study. 'Dromy, wait for me!,' muttered the younger Wisteria as she joined her older sibling in the study. 'Is it that hard to wait for me occcasionaly?,' said flustered Wisteria.

'Enough bickering, girls! I've called you in here for a reason. I've decided that it's time we move. With a promotion and raise upcoming, I feel a bigger house is in order. What do you young ladies think?'

Ay Rhodes watched his two beautiful daughters with pride and wonder, pride that the two had grown up so well and wonder that two siblings borne from the same parents could be so different.

Dromy was tall, fair and with the most delicate blonde tresses, the more beautiful of the two, and the living image of her mother.

Wisteria, on the other hand, was short, springy, lean and fit, a typical tomboy, taking after her father's dark brown curls and angled, almond eyes, a wild beauty in her own right.

'Definitely, daddy, when are we moving?!,' exclaimed the ever ready Wisteria. Dromy, on the other hand, looked more reserved and disquieted. 'Just as expected,' thought Ay. 'The last physical memories of her mother lie in this house, and leaving it would be hard for her.' Andromeda was always more emotionally attached to her mother, and when she was taken young at the age of just thirty two in a car accident, it was the fourteen year old Andromeda who was most affected.

'What about you, Andromeda? What do you have to say?' The twenty six year old woman sighed and said, 'I guess it IS time for a change. When do we leave?' She managed a smile for her father. She was always quite family-oriented, and she truly did want to make her father happy and proud. Just beginning to blossom in her career track as politician, Andromeda had begun to stand on her own two feet, and was privately considering moving in to a house of her own.

'Will Aunt Ebony be living with us?' questioned Dromy with a frown.

It was Ay's turn to sigh now; he knew better than anyone else that Ebony and Andromeda had never gotten along and never would, and privately, he couldn't blame his daughter.

His sister was mean-spirited and intensely self-focused and never had time for her two nieces, except to taunt and insult them. She saw them as a barrier to his own affections, as, being his younger sister, he had half raised her himself.

'I've been thinking, and I've decided that it's better if Ebony lives separately from now on. It's no deep secret that you two can never see, erm, exactly eye to eye.' A reserved smile brightened Andromeda's features, and, for the upteenth time, Ay observed how very like her mother she was.

'Then it's decided?,' grinned Wisteria. 'We're moving for sure? When?' Ay smiled at his younger daughter's enthusiasm, and said, 'In three weeks. Start preparing, girls. Let's start afresh, and let's carve a new life for ourselves.'

Ebony was delighted to hear the news, even though it meant parting from her brother, who she clung on to with her fierce, spinster-like obsession. A house all to herself, and to be rid of her nieces were double causes for celebration.

'When do you leave, brother?,' purred Ebony. 'It wil definitely be lonely around here and separating from my....beloved nieces will be quite heart-breaking, especially for me.' Tears filled Ebony's eyes at these words. 'An actress born and bred at the knees of our mother,' speculated Ay. 'The same tears that sprang as and when she summoned them, just as when she wanted a toy from my hands in our younger days.'

Their mother always loved Ebony more due to her visible beauty and talents, and when she and their father separated, it was Ay who took up the role as father to Ebony. 'We won't be far, Ebony, dear. You can come visit anytime you wish.' 'Yes brother,' sniffled Ebony. Ay rolled his eyes and walked out of the room.

The Rhodes family bid adieu to Ebony and walked in and started a life of their own. Months passed by, and success followed them in all most all walks of life; Ay's books were declared instant best sellers, Andromeda was fast heading to the track to mayor, Wisteria's college results were nothing short of A's, and BEST of all, Ebony stayed mostly away from the family!

But something was amiss for young Andromeda; every time she left her house, it was as if a pair of eyes were boring into her back, she felt some one's gaze on her, some evil presence was watching her from amidst the shadows...

One day, as she left the house for work, the sense of being watched had left her; it was as if the presence had it's concentration elsewhere. Shrugging to herself and wondering if these were all the effects of too many action movies, Dromy took the car to work.

A couple of hours later, returning home, she was shocked to see neighoburs, policemen and firemen all gathered outside the mansion, talking grimly amongst themselves. When she got out of the car, it was to see smoke rising slowly from the kitchen.

'Ma'am, are you part of this household?' asked a young policeman. When shell-shocked Dromy nodded, his face instantly turned to one of deepest sadness. 'Then I regret to inform you that your sister and father were lost in a raging fire in the kitchens....'

The world froze around Andromeda as a gut wrenching scream tore from her lips. She ran, throwing people out of her wake, and ascended the steps to the kitchen to see all that was left of her family...

Images flashed through her mind of flames engulfing her father and sister and she thought of how they must have held on to each other for comfort as they knew the end was drawing near and the last few seconds of their lvies were flashing past them. They must have thought and longed for her at that point in time, and she thought bitterly that she wouldn't mind being there, too.

Sddenly, it all grew dark as Dromy's world shifted into a blitz of colour and motion around her. The last thing she saw before she lost consciousness was one charred and torn piece of a dark black suit....

5 months later.....

Andromeda had had enough... After the fire, she had given up everything, her job, her chances, her life, her all. Now, she never left her home and never did anything apart from sit hollowly in her bedroom, weeping about all that was lost to her. Initially her bosses saw the bright future she had laid in front of her and the promise she showed, and they decided to give her some time to cope with her loss. But as the months passsed by, they swiftly realzied that she would not recover, and immediately, other people rose to assume the job of town mayor.

Andromeda refused to care, refused to think and refused to live anymore. One day, it all became too much for her. She had nothing left, and her only family was Ebony.

Ebony, lost in her own private grief over her brother, failed to realize that this was the opportunity to make up to her niece for all the past misunderstandingsl instead, she distanced herself further, blaming Andromeda for her failure to take care of her brother.

From her part, Dromy was just looking for a shoulder to cry on.

Ebony grew harder, colder, and this further deteriorated reason for Andromdea to live.

Finally, late one night, abandoning and deserting her home, Andromeda desired that her grief, pain and hurt overrode her desire to continue in a world without her family, and so, she prepared to take leave of it.......

To be continued....

Note: guys this is my first ever story... I hope you like it mplease comment and tell me what you think...
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Default Chapter 2:- Not to Die, but to Live Again....
The cool ocean water splashed over Andromeda’s feet as she took a last shuddering breath before submerging herself into the water. A single tear rolled down her cheek, the last one, she promised herself, before she took leave of this world.

'Trying to kill yourself, are you?' whispered a voice behind her.

The stranger was leaning against the beach pier, surveying her with keen interest. She hadn't heard any one approach her, and was quite shocked to see him standing there. 'I suggest you walk away,' she told him. 'A witness at a suicide case can be acquitted for murder.' She turned, and proceeded to walk further.

'Why?' He asked her. The meaning of the word was obvious. She turned to him. It has nothing to do with you. Why am I even entertaining your questions? Go now before I do it and you get implicated, too.'

'Maybe you should reconsider.' Her temper surged and she felt annoyance build up within her. He knew nothing, he understood nothing, he felt nothing that she went through...Who was he to advise her what she ought and ought not to do? Suddenly it all flashed before her; Her father's and sister's death, her failure to recover, her failure at work, the shattered relationship with her aunt and with that, she let a scream rent her throat and pierce the night air.

He stood watching her calmly, watching her vent everything out in that one scream, and when she had finished, he walked towards her.

‘Stay away from me. I don’t know who you are, or what you want, but just stay away from me.’ He stopped walking towards her, but he had moved quite close in a very short span of time. Something about him caught her eyehe had the darkest, jet black hair, with streaks of red, and the depest eyes the colour of red wine that looked both young and old at the same time. Dressed in a dark black suit with a red undercoat, he looked the part of an attractive young man.

'He's so good looking,' she realized with a gasp. 'But that doesn't matter now....what matters is the end of this suffering.'

'I know what's happened to you and I know what you're going through,' he said quietly. 'But your reaction to this is not right.'

Tears seeped from the conrers of her eyes, but she blinked them away. 'I can't go on. I can't move on. It's too hard for me to do this alone. Not without...them....'

Suddenly, it didn't matter to her that he was a completle stranger to her, suddenly it didn't matter that she didn't even know who he was, where he came from, not even his name. All she needed was a friend and she fell into his startled embrace and wept.

'Shush,' he cooed to her softly. 'You don't have to be alone. No one's said that you should be. You just kept pushing people away, and there was nothing anyone could do to help you unless you let them in.'

She sobbed, an they stood together for almost an entire half an hour, frozen in the silence, only broken by her quiet sobs, as the sun rose to their left. The picture was almost perfect, and when she had finished she dried her eyes, and they both smiled at each other, they both knew that they were bonded together, till death....

There are some things that two people can't go through together without connecting in a beautiful and special way, and this is exactly what happened between Andromeda and the stranger….

I know it's short but I thought it would be better to post in segments....No comments yet, guys, come on, tell me what you think!!!!!
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I think it's an interesting story. Good work! I look forward to seeing more.
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I only have one criticism: your pictures are really bright and sunny. It kind of conflicts with the darker tone of the story.

Other than that, everything is great. Your writing is excellent. I enjoyed reading the story. Would love to see the next part =]
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Originally Posted by Misanthrope
I only have one criticism: your pictures are really bright and sunny. It kind of conflicts with the darker tone of the story.

Other than that, everything is great. Your writing is excellent. I enjoyed reading the story. Would love to see the next part =]

Thanks so much for the views and comment, Misanthrope! You're right, but what do you suggest? Taking pictures in the sunset, night and dawn, maybe? I'll see how I can work on it! Thanks,

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Taking pictures outdoors can be kind of tricky, because you're dependent on the time of day and EA's lighting. Try taking some pictures indoors. Play around with the coloring and lighting to portray a certain mood you're aiming for.

You should check out this thread ^^ I haven't used it myself, but it looks very nice. Scroll down for the screenshots at the bottom of the page.
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I think most of your readers were shocked into silence. xD The death of her father and sister was thoroughly unexpected! The update was great, can't wait to read more.
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Default Chapter 3:- To Begin Anew...
'Come on, let's get you home,' he said to Andromeda. Shivering because of the cold, she went without dissent. As they got out of the car, the Sun had just begun it’s daily ascension in the sky; the dawn light spilled onto the front lawn, lighting up the dark panels and casting forth it’s dreamy hue through the windows.
She remembered the few months she spent here with her family, the life they had lead, the laughter and jokes that they had shared together.

‘Don’t cry,’ he said to her softly. ‘It’s time you stopped. You can make a new home here, filled with mew and better memories.’ ‘Yes,’ she sobbed softly. ‘Yes, you’re right.’ She steadied herself, went to the door and opened it. She had promised herself she would never return here, and was quite surprised that everything remained the same, intact as she had left an hour or so ago.

It was as if her subconscious expected the house to disappear altogether with her death. Together, they trooped silently to the living room and sat down.
‘I’m sorry.’ She said softly. ‘For what?’ He whispered just as quietly. She suddenly recognized the intimacy of the scene; a stranger in her living room in the breaking hours of dawn, her lower body soaking, and her shirt collar loosened….. She blushed. ‘Just accept my apology. It would make me feel so much better.’ He smiled. ‘I can’t forgive you if I don’t know what’s there to forgive. You did absolutely nothing wrong, and I was just trying to help.’ They both smiled at each other.

After a while, normal conversation broke out. It was suddenly as if nothing had gone wrong, and there was nothing that had occurred, and they spoke as if they were old friends. They spoke of mundane things, things that any normal young people their age would speak of; dreams, hopes, aspirations, thoughts ,beliefs…..

As he talked, Andromeda’s head dropped down on his shoulder; she was tired and it was almost 08:00 A.M in the morning. I think we’ve spoken enough for today, ‘he whispered to her. ‘Mmmm….’ She muttered, and nestled closer into his shoulder. He took a look at her and found her sound asleep. After checking again, he quietly inhaled the scent of her hair, the hollow in the base of his neck, and wrapped his arms around her.

As he slowly disentangled himself from around her, she got up, and smiled at him. ‘Did I just fall asleep?’ she asked, smiling. ‘Yes, you did. It’s time I left, don’t you think? Who knows what the nosy neighbours will think, seeing me walk out of your house at this hour.’ She giggled and he smiled. Let me show you out.

As they walked towards the main road, she studied him shyly out of the corner of her eye. Again, she noticed the fine cut of his suit, the heavy collar, the dark, blood red eyes, and the strong curve of his jaw…..

Just as he entered his cab, she held out an arm to him. ‘Wait! One more thing….’ He smiled and looked at her questioningly. ‘What’s your name?’ He gaped at her for a second, and she blushed. It was odd, how; after so much that had transpired between them both, neither knew the other’s name. Warren. Warren Ravenheart. And yours?’ ‘Andromeda… Andromeda Rhodes. But…. You can call me Dromy.’ She blushed.
He smiled at her, held her hands and said, ‘Take care of yourself. I’ll be back to visit, as soon as I can.’ With that, he left her, feeling, not happy, but more at peace with the world and herself than she had been for a long time.


After this, things changed for Andromeda Rhodes. Slowly, her life moved back on track. She no longer thought of ending her life, she no longer saw this as a closure; she looked forward to things, and slowly, her hopes, her dreams, her aspirations began to redevelop.

Thoughts of a future, maybe falling in love and getting married came to her mind. She was ambitious, and thought it took her awhile; her heart slowly began to mend. She started walking around town again, meeting people, and everyone was delighted to see her, restored, and back on track.

Warren was true to his promise; he visited as much as he could, at least thrice a week, and with each visit, he brought with him posies of flowers and little gifts. His presence was a great help to her, and she recovered quicker because of it. Each time, she anticipated his arrival more, and their friendship grew and blossomed.

Together, one day, they cleared the last vestiges of the remains of the fire; Andromeda had let it stand as it was, untouched, because the pain and grief was too much for her.
She wept as they did it, but she was comforted by the fact that this was probably one of the last times she would shed tears for them.

Though she initially looked weary and drawn, the tragedy that had taken away her family had taken away the few remaining traces of a child from her face; she now had the look, grace, elegance and poise of a young woman, strengthened by the trials she had faced but and slowly and surely returning to a normal, wholesome life.

She even took to the stove, no longer ordering food, but enjoying the delicacies and freshness of the taste of home.

Her services to the town and the efficiency of her work in city hall where not forgotten, and many encouraged her to return to her job, for the good of the township. She would often smile and this, but she knew that, in her heart, it was her desire to do the best she could for others, and soon, she would be drawn back to her life in politics.

Finally, one day, she made up her mind, and she returned to her office, and was immediately given her old position. She was welcomed back with cheers and approval, and, as she took her old seat, tears filled her eyes.

This was not the end for our young Andromeda Rhodes; this was purely the beginning of her life, a cleaner, fresher start, and she had emerged triumphant and a better person because of it.

Little did she know, the pains of the past were nothing compared to the horrors that awaited her in the future……

To be contined….

[I]Note: Sorry this post took so long, guys, just been a bit caught up with real life Hope you all like it muchly :D
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Default Chapter 4:- Reunion

Ebony Rhodes gazed morosely out of the window of her fresh, newly built house. She had been able to afford it due to the large sum of money left to her in her brother’s will. Her life was exactly where she wanted it to be: living in the lap of luxury, not doing any sort of work to earn that privilege, away from the world, her family, and, best of all, in one of the most beautiful homes in Sunset Valley.

Yet, she was discontented. It was as if, through the entire selfish passage that was her life, there was an unknown limit to the level of her self-fulfillment; a bowl which was slowly being filled, and now, finally, that bowl was bursting at its saturation point. It could hold no more, and so, Ebony couldn’t, either.

She had gotten everything that she had ever wanted and now, she was unsatisfied….She was unable to be selfish anymore; she was incapable of thinking only for her benefit any longer.

She moaned in frustration. What was this? Couldn’t she finally relish in this, her greatest triumph? Yet, there was this feeling, this itching, nagging feeling that there was more to this world than meeting and fulfilling her own desires. She still had some unfinished business left to do. She still mourned for Ay, and she knew that the only family she had left was her niece, Andromeda.

She turned away from the window. Recently, her past deeds kept coming back to haunt her; her estrangement from her niece, her ill treatment of her, the way she failed to recognize and meet her needs as Ay would want her to do. Guilt, yes, guilt was haunting Ebony Rhodes, and it was a long time coming, but, her heart and aging were finally catching up to her.

‘She’s the last remnant of Ay’s line,’ Ebony muttered to herself…. I can’t just let her struggle on her own. We’re united in this, our greatest grief.’
Many a days, Ebony would take to drinking to sooth her frayed nerves and her new found conscience, and it worked…… For a few hours, for a night, maybe. But then, the feeling would return, stronger than ever before.

She sighed as she poured herself a Merlot. She knew she couldn’t delay the feeling forever. ‘It’s time to make amends and set things straight,’ she said as she drained the glass in one gulp.

Saturday afternoon found Andromeda busy cooking for her afternoon lunch. Warren promised that he would drop by, and though he was never late, he would sometimes arrive earlier than expected. Spaghetti and noodles was the affair of the day, and though Warren ate very little, she delighted in doing lunch with him whenever possible.

She was thrilled with the remodeling and renovations on her house; all the designs were requested and planned by her with her interior decorator.

Sunset Valley was a small town, and both Warren and Andromeda had decided that they preferred the seclusion of her home to the open and public bistros and restaurants scattered around town, where the neighbours’ eyes were focused more on everything and everyone around them rather than their soups.

She was drawn from her chain of thought as the doorbell rang. Warren had come earlier than expected, she thought. Little did she know that it was not Warren, but an unexpected guest…

Ebony stood waiting in wonder on the Rhodes’ newly decorated porch. The house had changed so much since she last visited. It was obvious that Dromy looked to begin anew and forget the past and everything associated with it as much as possible. She wondered if she, too was part of that past, and shoe too had been long forgotten- jut as she had once wanted to be.

Suddenly, it was as if something broke inside her as she rang the doorbell for the first time. One sentence emanated from the depths of her consciousness, and it rang aloud, in a voice that was deep, resounding and alien to her. ‘One of them was here,’ was all that it said, all that she heard. Her fingers drew inwards, her face was set in a grimace, she felt sick to her very stomach, and bile burned in her throat. She felt as if she might be sick. The entire process lasted for just about a minute, and suddenly, it was as if nothing had even happened. She was perfectly fine again.

‘The weather. Or too much wine. Or I’m just losing my sanity. Yes, that would explain it. Why else would I even be doing this?,’ she muttered to herself. Before she could reflect on any of this further, the door opened and there stood her niece.
Andromeda’s smile froze on her face and her jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t begin to understand why Ebony would come and approach her now. Was it a favor she needed? Or simply more money?

Her expression of shock quickly turned to one of dislike and then anger. ‘How could she even think of showing up here again?’ she thought. ‘Just as my life is on the mend, just as I find happiness again, she returns to take it all away. She will never be satisfied till I join my sister and my father in their eternal rest.’

‘What do you want? Haven’t you done enough?,’ she greeted her aunt rudely. Ebony sighed. ‘Niece, that is no way to greet your aunt. I’ve come to talk. May I come in?’ Andromeda hesitated, then resigned. ‘Yes, you may. For him.’ Ebony nodded, understanding what she meant.
As she crossed the threshold, Ebony once again felt the sickening lurch and this time, she gasped and bent over, trying to control herself. Andromeda turned and glanced at her? ‘Sick?,’ she asked unsympathetically. ‘No, I’m fine, it’s nothing,’ Ebony choked. She righted herself and walked onwards.

Andromeda guided them to the nearest bedroom, and then rounded on her aunt. ‘What brought you all the way here to speak with me, then?’ Ebony closed the door, though the house was empty and no one could hear her.

‘I’ve come to make amends. No, let me speak,’ said Ebony as Dromy opened her mouth to argue, ‘Andromeda, we’ve both suffered our own losses, in our own ways. It’s almost been seven months, since Ay’s and Wisteria’s deaths, but we both still do struggle a lot.’

'We’ve made mistakes in the past, you and I, both. We’ve fought, we’ve argued, but, at the end of the day, we’re the only family to each other we both have left, and I’ve come…to apologize, however hard that may seem to believe. I loved my brother, and he loved you and me, both. We don’t have to keep bickering like stable cats on heat. We can try to work together towards repairing this relationship.’

‘We both have a lot to do, if that’s the case. I don’t think it’s ever too late to try and to forge new beginnings. I haven’t come to beg, niece. If it is your wish, we can reconcile ourselves, for Ay’s as well as for our own sakes. We both need our family, and we have each other. Let’s not ruin it for the both of us.’
Andromeda’s first reaction was shock, then quiet contemplation. She couldn’t believe that her aunt, the cold, hard; Ebony Rhodes was coming up to make an apology and actually wished for a reconciliation. This was most unlike her, she thought. Maybe she really had been affected by his death, maybe she truly did love him, and was truly missing him. Most of all, Andromeda felt sorry for her. She was all alone, too, and was in almost the same situation as she was.

Andromeda found herself smiling warmly back. If Ebony wanted peace between them, she didn’t have to push her away. It was the right thing to do, and holding on to old memories and past grievances would never lead to a happy life. ‘I believe your right, Ebony. It is time we settled things. Let’s bury the hatchet and let’s forge a new life for ourselves, a happier one.

Ebony found herself smiling back, and then slowly, tentatively, she held out her arms for Dromy. They hugged carefully, as if the spell would be broken easily. Things warmed between the two of them after that, and then they both sat down to talk. The hours slipped by, as aunt and niece talked, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.

When Ebony finally realized what time it was, she hurriedly excused herself and went to the door. Andromeda was there to show her out. ‘Take care of yourself, Ebony. Call if you need anything.’ ‘I shall, my dear. And if you require assistance, you know where to reach me.’

They smiled, as Ebony opened the door to leave. Suddenly, the sick feeling that had plagued her as she entered the house hit her again and she lurched forward, almost temporarily blinded by the mass of roiling feelings coursing through her.

She felt a hand touch her and withdraw immediately, she wondered if whoever it was could also feel the shock that pulsed through her.She finally gained control of herself and looked up; and the look of concern on the face quickly turned to one of deepest malice and hatred.

She could feel her own features contort to mirror his, and then, they both strived to veil the hatred that was so obviously written on both their faces. Andromeda’s smile faltered, as she too noticed something that was clearly wrong with the picture. Yet she smiled, and made her introductions.

‘Ebony, this is a friend of mine, Warren Ravenheart. He’s new to town. Warren, this is my aunt, Ebony Rhodes.’
‘Charmed,’ said Warren quietly. ‘Pleased to meet you,’ said Ebony just as shortly. ‘I must take leave of you; I have to be… elsewhere.’ With that, Ebony quickly departed.

Andromeda stared after her, wondering what on earth had taken place between them that could cause such instant dislike between the pair. She smiled at Warren, and they went into the house.
The moment Ebony walked off the property, she felt completely fine. She took a deep, shuddering breath, and shivered, but not due to the cold. ‘Something was very, very wrong there,’ she said to herself, ‘I don’t understand it.’

‘How could I feel so… powerfully against someone I met for the first time today? There’s something here that just doesn’t fit. What makes me feel so ill when I’m in that house? Something’s not right, and I’m going to figure out what.’ With that, Ebony turned and walked back to the safety of her home.

Hope you guys like it! Rate it and tell me if it's going well
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I chuckled at the scene where they were sitting on the couch, and right behind them you could see outside of the town (You might've want to put the walls up ) Anyway, great work. Your writing is great as always.
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Originally Posted by Misanthrope
I chuckled at the scene where they were sitting on the couch, and right behind them you could see outside of the town (You might've want to put the walls up ) Anyway, great work. Your writing is great as always.

Haha, lmao, wil ltry and work on that, hun I didn't make the same mistake again, though in the next pics I used walls hehe, I keep forgetting ,cos I always play Sims 3 without walls thanks for the update, anyways, xD did you like the pics?
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I love the dark evil supernatural elements used in the story, and now I'm really looking forward to finding out the connection between Warren and Ebony, and how Dromy fits into all of this. Good going!
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Default Chapter 5:- Whoever Loved, that Loved Not At First Sight?
The next few months were some of the best of Andromeda Rhodes’ life. It was spring, the season of growth, prosperity, and most importantly, the season of love. Dromy walked around her house, with all the windows left open to tempt a caressing spring breeze, carrying the scents of honeysuckle in bloom, roses fresh and waiting to be plucked, and the fertile, familiar, heady scent of the earth.

She smiled as she sat admiring nature’s beauty in Central Park; intuition told her that the coming few weeks in her life would be some that she would never forget. As she heard birds twitter around her, she knew that many things would happen this spring, and this time, it was made for her. This was her chance, and she would take it, and she would revel in it, and she would succeed.

She was right; for within the month, Andromeda was elected as Lady Mayor of Sunset Valley, the very thing she desired most. She sighed. She had overcome, she had triumphed, and she had won. Her life was in her hands, and she had made it beautiful, just as her parents and sister would have wanted her to.

In celebration, she invited Warren over for dinner. As they sat quietly in the dining room by the warm fire with the subtly blending scents of spring and autumn salad in the air, she smiled. She felt at peace with the world and with herself.
Warren watched her and he mirrored her smile. He knew how much this meant to her, and he was happy for her. Upon seeing him smile, she felt an odd sensation within herself; as if she was warmed by his very gaze. She felt comforted in his presence and happy that he was there with her, in her joy.

She reached out and touched his arm. ‘I’m happy that you’re with me here, today,’ she smiled. ‘I don’t think I would’ve gotten this far if you weren’t beside me. Thank you.’ ‘Anything, for you,’ he replied, in his calm, steadying voice. He gazed intently at her, looking, she felt, as if he would unravel the meaning behind her words and understand more than she thought she had said. Suddenly, they locked gazes and she saw the desire hidden in his eyes, and knew that he saw the same in hers.

She looked away, and they both pretended as if it was just another moment between them. They talked of mundane things, of what her plans were as mayor, of the improvements and the changes she wanted to engineer, and he listened quietly, with his usual reserved, cool gaze, as he gave her his full attention.

When dinner was done, they stood and did the dishes together. The atmosphere was easygoing, calm, there was nothing in it to hint anything apart from the cool grace and calm composure of the pair; but somewhere, deep inside her, Andromeda knew that tonight would probably be the night.

After they finished the dishes, they walked down the stairs to the living room. As they reached the bottom, Andromeda tripped and stumbled. Warren was ahead of her, and with his lightning quick reflexes, he turned around and caught her before she fell to the floor.

‘Tha-,’ the words died in Dromy’s throat. They were close, his arms were wrapped around her back, and hers around his. He was staring at her intently now; with a mixture of… was it love? Desire? She felt it too, she felt the closeness of his body to her’s, How they were pressed to each other from almost her head to her calves.

She couldn’t refuse him, even if she had wanted to, but in any case that was not what she wanted. He stared at her, waiting for just one word, one sign of consent. This was the moment, her moment, their moment; this would change their lives forever. She could break away from him and they could pretend like nothing happened, or she could push ahead… And who knows where that would take them both?

She closed her eyes, smiled, and tipped her head back. In a moment, he was all over her, exploring every part of her, nuzzling at her intently, and then they kissed. It was the most delightful feeling in the world, as this was her consent, her approval of this, and everything that happened after, too. She knew then, that whatever followed, she would never regret her decision.

They broke apart and then they looked at each other, for just a second. Within the next, he had scooped her up in his arms, and he took her to her chamber, where their lips met on her bed for the second time.

It felt like whole seasons filled with sunlight and joy, tranquility and pleasure had passed, yet, at the same time, merely a second after which he broke away. ‘Do you agree?’ was all that he asked her. ‘Yes, with everything that I am, and with everything that makes me who I am, yes, I do.’ He smiled, and her eyes closed as he bore down on here.

‘Wake up, my love.’ Andromeda stirred and grunted. She felt lazy and lethargic; and as she opened her eyes, she saw him smiling at her. She gaped, shocked. He looked…immaculate was the word she was looking for. Not a hair on his head was ruffled; there was no early morning sleepiness in his eyes.

He looked as fresh and vigorous as he had last night. Her smile turned to astonishment as she took his profile in. ‘Didn’t you sleep at all?!? You don’t look like you did at all!’ ‘Well, as you know, my love, we, the both of us, barely slept at all. We were kept…rather occupied.’ He grinned roguishly. Dromy giggled. ‘I can hardly imagine by what,’ Dromy said innocently.

He laughed; his deep, resonant chuckle. I woke you up because, apparently there’s some one at the door. They’re quite impatient; really, I should think they need you in earnest. She gave him a quick peck on the lips as she threw on her night robe and walked to the main door.

“Oh! Er- Aunt Ebony! Glad to see you! What’s up?’ Ebony raised an eye-brow. ‘Really, niece, ‘what’s up?” Can’t you do any better than that?’ Dromy sighed as Ebony scanned her more intently, taking in the flushed pallor of her cheeks, the state of dishevelment of her hair, the vague scent coming off her……’

‘So what did you n-,’ ‘Who was it?’ Ebony smiled sardonically. ‘Who was what?’ asked Dromy dumbly. Ebony sighed and raised her eyes to the periwinkle sky, as if praying for patience. ‘Who did you bed?’ ‘Who did I what now?’ ‘Oh my Lord, must I spell it out?’ cried Ebony. ‘Who did you sleep with?’

Dromy’s high colour rose instantly. ‘Wh-what are you talking about, Ebony?’ she said gruffly. ‘Oh, don’t try to fool me, niece, though it may be hard to believe, but I was a teenager once, and I had class, I didn’t just let every single man hump me and throw me aside like common dirt. Now, tell me, who was it? I hope it wasn’t one of those Alvi boys, I would die of shame…’

Dromy stood for a minute, gaping at her aunt’s crassness. She finally thought that no harm would come of it, she barely had any friends in Sunset anyway. ‘Warren.’ Replied Dromy briskly. ‘Warren Ravenheart. You know, the one you-,’ ‘Yes, the one I met, yes, yes, I remember.’ Ebony’s face grew dark. ‘Is it just the one night, or something more….regular?’ ‘I think….we has something…and we could probably take this somewhere,’ muttered Dromy.

‘Good. I wish you both the greatest of success.’ Ebony replied stiffly. She turned around and walked away. ‘Thanks for…the visit.’ Said Dromy awkwardly as she closed the door on her aunt’s retreating back. She sighed. Something told her getting Warren and Ebony to be civil with each other would be quite a chore, possibly even a source of heartache for her.

She could not understand how two people who had never even met each other before could feel so powerfully against each other in this way.
She sighed as she walked to her room again. As she entered her room again, she saw Warren’s little smile turn slowly to a frown as he noticed her dissipating mood. ‘What’s wrong, babe? Who was it at the door?’ ‘Ebony,’ she replied. ‘Oh,’ said Warren, taken aback. ‘Her. How was she?’ ‘Alright. Just came over to say hello.’

Dromy sat at the edge of the bed and looked at him; the unasked question stood like an elephant in the room, between them. ‘So……what now? Where- I mean, where do we go from here? What’s it going to be like?’ She finally broke the silence. He looked at her and gently, reached out to touch her cheek. ‘I don’t think I can live without you. But maybe we should take things slow.’ ‘I guess you’re right….. Nor can I. I don’t know how I feel; it’s all so confusing and after last night….’ She blushed.

He nodded understandingly. ‘We’ll take things slowly,’ he repeated. ‘We’ll see how it goes… if we do…have feelings for each other, we’ll take things forward. If not…. We’ll try and remain friends.’ He sounded unconvincing, even to himself. They both knew that if they ended whatever it was that they had between themselves, being ‘just friends,’ again was sure as hell not going to work out.

‘So, I’ll leave now,’ he said awkwardly. ‘Can I visit you this evening, again?’ She smiled. ‘Yes, please do.’ He grinned wolfishly back at her, and in a flash, he was dressed and ready to leave. ‘He came to her, and she closed her eyes, desirous for his touch, but not daring to encourage him, at the same time.

She could feel his breath catch as he saw her as she was, hair disheveled, his scent on every part of her body, her robe slightly parted. Then he kissed her coolly in the cheek, and as she opened her eyes, she just saw the back of his hand as he left the room.
Despite all said and done, and the awkwardness that they shared initially, the young couple slipped into a daily routine. He came home around 6 in the evening daily, and the greeted each other warmly enough, and then they sat to talk. They dined together, and then he left. Dromy chose to keep things simple initially, not let their desires take the better of them, despite their first night.

Their ‘system’ worked very well indeed for them. Their relationship and love for each other blossomed.

Together, Dromy and Warren created a little haven for themselves in her home on a daily basis, where they joked, laughed, played, and sometimes, gave themselves the liberty of a quiet touch, a caress, or a kiss within the four walls. Each time, it seemed that Dromy looked forward to his visits with eager anticipation. Slowly, feelings developed more and more intensely, and soon, she wanted him, not just for lust but now…..for love……..
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Sorry it took me so long to post again, guys, suffered from writer's block for awhile hope you like the story so far!
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Default Chapter 6:- Stumbling Upon the Truth.
Ebony had been in deep contemplation recently. She felt older than her fifty six years these days; her limbs were not as receptive as they once were; even the slightest of exertion tired her immensely.

Climbing the stairs felt arduous, and more and more these days, her gym sessions were reducing in time and effort. She sighed. She was getting old. Soon, she would depart from this world, and she knew that she wouldn’t leave behind much for it to remember her by…..Except Dromy. She felt confident that each day, the new and supportive bond kept growing between them both. Her only regret was that they had not wasted the many years past bickering constantly.

The only thing she wanted now was to read the book her brother wrote on their family history. The only problem with that was, it had not been seen since his death, and though Dromy and Ebony had together torn the house apart in search of it, it was not to be seen.

She sighed as she felt the wrinkles on her face. There was no point crying over spilt milk, but she vowed to ask Dromy again about the whereabouts of the book the next time they met. Somehow, it seemed all the more important that she read it as she neared her dotage. Something drew her to the book, as if many answers to the questions she sought lay in wait for her within it.

She reminded herself continually to ask Dromy whether she’d seen the book or not when they met in the evening. As she walked up the porch steps, she saw Warren slip quietly out the door and then walk briskly the other way. She sighed. Something just wasn’t right about that boy, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on, but, as she kept telling herself, it was not her right to interfere, however much she cared for her niece.

Once again, she felt the swooping sensation in her stomach as she knocked on the door, and, as usual, it perplexed her. Even Dromy had noticed that she seemed fine whenever she visited Ebony’s home, but whenever Ebony visited her own, she looked sick and drawn, almost older in appearance.

She shook the train of thoughts from her mind and smiled as Dromy opened the door for her and they embraced each other as she walked into Ay’s home. They sat together for many hours that day, as usual, talking, laughing, gossiping and catching up. They met every week and called each other almost daily now.

Quite suddenly, Ebony rushed into the topic that was on both their minds: Andromeda’s growing relationship and feelings for Warren. ‘So, how are things between the two of you?’ Asked Ebony, barely able to hide the distaste from colouring her voice. ‘We’re doing very well, Ebony… We feel more for each other day by day, and honestly, I can’t think of a life without him anymore.’ ‘Then, do you ….’ ‘Yes, I do. With all my heart, I do, Aunt Ebony, but I haven’t told him yet.’ Ebony nodded, not trusting herself to speak diplomatically enough. She knew Dromy was waiting for something more from her, worse, possibly, a word of consent or advice, but she sat dumb.

Finally, Dromy sighed. ‘It’s no big secret that you too just don’t like each other.’ ‘Whatever do you mean,? I’ve never said such a thing before!,’ Ebony exclaimed. ‘You haven’t,’ said Dromy quietly, ‘but it’s quite obvious, with each passing moment you both spend in each other’s company, and sometimes, even then, without that. The signs are clear. All I don’t understand is- why?’ Ebony sighed. ‘I don’t know. I just feel…wary of him, that’s all.’

Quickly, Ebony changed tack as Andromeda opened her mouth to prolong the discussion. ‘So, tell me, have you searched for Ay’s book, “The Rhodenders Family- A History” again? You know, I am most desirous to read the book, and I’ve always coveted it. He never quite published it, did he? It was just…a private book of his own, am I right?’

‘No, Aunt Ebony, I couldn’t find it, I’m sorry, I’ve looked everywhere for it, it just seems to have vanished into thin air. Dad had already showed me and told me where everything, including his most valuable possessions were kept. The book is nowhere to be seen; even books that have higher and greater value than that one are as they were, in the very same locations.’

Ebony sighed. ‘Well, thank you, anyway, for looking out for it. I don’t know if you’ve ever read it, but it has our entire family’s history dating right back to the early 1400’s….’ Her voice faded away as she thought back on all that work and effort on her brother’s part, lost.

‘Any way, it’s getting late. I have to leave now. Drop by my home some time, niece. You are always welcome in my home. I also want you to know that I'm always there for you, no matter what. I am your aunt, and I care about you.’ ‘Thank you, Aunt Ebony,' replied Dromy, quite moved by this emotional outburst from her usually cool and distant aunt.

As Ebony walked home alone, enveloped in her own thoughts, her feet touched something soggy. As she looked down, she saw a stack of wet, dirty papers next to the gutter. ‘Blech’, she muttered, before side—stepping the gutter and walking on. As she looked back, something on one of the papers caught her eye, a picture, half remembered, woven into the very watery depths of memory, something almost completely forgotten.

Her heart plummeted…Could it be? Could it possibly be what she thought it was? She jumped a step back and picked the papers up, almost tumbling into the filthy gutter at the side. She regarded the papers for merely a second and then smiled and walked quickly onwards.
She hurried home, not wanting to draw the attention of the curious street crawlers of Sunset Valley. When she finally reached, she didn’t bother hanging her coat or removing her shoes. She rushed to her familiar seat by the stairway, catching the last light of the day to read the papers which she most coveted.

She read the pages; the ones from, ‘The Rhodenders Family- A History,” again and again, yet the meaning simply did not sink into her mind. She couldn’t believe what she was reading. At last, it all made sense. And all this while, it was lying here, in this book; hidden away, and torn apart simply for revealing that which she most desired above all things: The truth.

Her hands shook as the pages slipped from her grasp. She knew what she had to do. She rose from her seat and looked out of the window to watch the darkening skies, just for a minute, to steady herself and prepare for the task ahead, before rushing back the way she had come.

Suddenly, she heard a quiet ‘snick’ as a door was opened, and then, a low, sinister chuckle.

She did not even have the time to gasp; within seconds, the hands had closed around her throat, and within the same minute, her body slumped to the floor, never to move again.

Hey guys, comment and tell me what you think, whatever you guys have to say Hope you mostly like the story so far, and how it's moving.

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This is extremely well written. I'm excited to see where it goes! The only thing is that your screenshots could be a little more polished, but that's a very small criticism overall.

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Winston Churchill to Lady Gray: Lady, if I were your husband, I would drink it.
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Well there are some great picture taking tutorials on here, and you don't need cc to get a good shot. I would suggest getting a little more variety in your camera angles and such, maybe use camera man mode to zoom a little bit? I dunno, but it's always fun to check out the tutorials.

Lady Gray to Winston Churchill: Sir, if I were your wife I would poison your drink!
Winston Churchill to Lady Gray: Lady, if I were your husband, I would drink it.
ps. want to read some stuff? click here and I shall love you forever. maybe.
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Default Chapter 7:- Disaster Again.

Warren smiled across the table at Dromy as she they had their dinner together. She looked up to catch his smiling gaze on her face and looked back at him, confused. ‘What’s wrong?,’ she asked him with a slight frown. ‘Aren’t the rolls any good?’ ‘They’re amazing, actually, and so are you. I wish this moment would last forever…… just you and me, and I can’t take my eyes off of you.’ Her gaze softened as she reached out to hold his hand.

‘I think… no, I want…..many more moments like this with you…. For…. The rest of my life.’ She glanced at him to see how he took this. His face registered shock and complete disbelief. ‘Do you... You mean….That you….’ ‘Shh…,’ whispered Dromy as she got up, and he rose with her too as she placed a pale, slender finger on his lips. ‘No, don’t say it. I don’t want you to say it, and I don’t want to say it, either. It’ll end then….this is all too good to be true.’

He looked at her and she saw his eyes speak volumes for him, as he sharply inhaled her sweet, mellow scent. ‘Say it,’ was all he said. She was deterred for a second; for it sounded more like an order than the sweet, passionate murmurings she was used to, but she felt more compelled to do as he asked, all the same. ‘I love you,’ she whispered, smiling, just before their lips met.

They spent the whole night together, loving each other passionately.

The next morning, when Andromeda rose from her bed as the sunlight gently caressed her eyelids, she looked around to find herself quite alone. Her first instinct was to close her eyes and whisper to herself, ‘Please God, tell me it wasn’t a dream. Please God, let him be sleeping beside me right now….Oh, it felt so real…..’ Slowly, she cracked her eyes open, and though she hadn’t expected his reappearance, she was still shocked when she didn’t see him smiling besides her.

Suddenly, a little white something caught her eye. She snatched at the piece of paper and stared at the beautiful, flowing script within.

My love,
I had to leave on some errands, and I’ll be back by evening time. I loved last night….Thank you.
The simple and short note penned by him brought her such joy that the smile was restored to her lips. She got out of bed and walked to the washroom, freshening up for the day ahead.

She sighed contentedly. Everything was going perfectly well for herself and for her life, and she was exactly where she wanted to be in regards to her financial state, her career development, her love life, and even her family state of affairs.

Nothing could or would go wrong for her, for she felt she was in the ascendant…. Little did Andromeda Rhodes know that after reaching the zenith, there was only ever one way to go from the top… and that was to spiral downwards, on a long, unending journey of grief, pain, misery… and maybe even death.

As she rose from her warm bed to begin her day with a shower, her thoughts drifted to her aunt. They had gone a long way from being something akin to enemies, and now, the fastest of friends. It suddenly dawned on her that Ebony hadn’t called yesterday, or the day before, for that matter. There was something odd.

Ebony was known to miss a day here and there, but two days had never passed without them speaking to each other. With a stab of guilt, she remembered that even she hadn’t bothered to call due to being extremely hard-pressed at work these days along with…more intricate matters in her personal life. She grinned wolfishly.
Andromeda resolved to call her as soon as she got out of work and finished her daily chores.

Work was stressful, but exhilarating. She signed and accepted an appeal from The City Council regarding renovations that needed to be made to Central Park and The Community School. So far, her political party was in the rise, but mainly through all her hard work and effort to keep it so. The end of her shift found her strained, but smiling.

She knew that whatever efforts she put in worked towards the success of her party, for the city and for herself, and these things kept her happy.
As she reached home, she decided it was time to give Ebony a call.

‘Funny,’ thought Andromeda. ‘She’s not picking up. I guess I’ll just try again later.’ With that, she continued cleaning the house and setting it up for Warren’s inevitable arrival.

Two hours later, after throwing out the garbage, upon calling again, she found both, Ebony’s landline and her cell-phone engaged. Dromy frowned. Ebony had no one else to talk to, no places to go to, no people to meet, except, perhaps her grocer. She giggled at the thought, but then the frown reappeared, marring her features.

She decided to pay Ebony a visit the next day, and ask her what on earth had kept her away from the phones all day long. She wondered to herself if this was some new kick of her’s, ‘direct communication only,’ or maybe, she had turned anti-technology again, as she once did when Andromeda and Wisteria were younger. Dromy shrugged. She’d find out soon enough, tomorrow.
Even though the next day was a weekend, Warren didn’t stay the night with Andromeda, pleading an upset stomach. She got up quite grumpy that day, in her spinster bed, left alone.

Whatever said and done; though she loved her aunt, Dromy never wanted to go the same way as she did- with no love to light up her life, and nothing but a heart and stomach filled with cruelty and bile to keep her company.

Andromeda rose and dressed hurriedly, getting ready to play fight with her aunt for her negligence in answering her phones. Though Ebony had often hinted to Dromy that she was always welcome for a visit, Dromy rarely made use of the offer, preferring ,rather not to disturb her busy schedule and instead, invite Ebony over.

As she got off her newly acquired government car, (with driver in tow), her thoughts drifted to Warren and her declaration of love for him. Though she was glad that she had finally got that off her chest, she was saddened by the fact that he didn’t seem to feel the same way, or, at least, say that he did.
She thought about all that had transpired between them and how they had met, and under such depressing circumstances. The very same day, she seemed and fulfilled in his presence, and she was revealing most of the details of her life to him with ease.

As for him, he replied in kind. She knew that he was the only heir and sole child of his very rich film producer father, who died prematurely, and who was based in Bridgeport. Though he had a fortune to live lavishly and comfortably for the rest of his days, he preferred to liquidate all his assets in Bridgeport and make a life for himself working elsewhere, ‘away from it all’.

Her thoughts were brought to a stop as she reached the porch and rang the bell. She listened for a second, though her thoughts were miles away. There wasn’t a sound to be heard from the inside of the house, and though she repeatedly called out and kept ringing, there seemed to be no response from her aunt.
Dromy became a bit anxious. Ebony had never failed to open the door for her before. The bell was a loud one, and could easily be heard even in the farthest corner of the house. Reluctantly, she used the spare key to let herself in.

The moment she stepped into the foyer, she knew that something was drastically wrong here. The stillness and the quiet, the thin film of dust on everything around and the slightly damp, musty smell in the air told her that something was terribly out of place in this house.

She walked slowly up the stairs, calling out Ebony’s name in vain. There was no response, and with each inch she moved forward, she became more and more acutely aware of her heart thudding painfully in her chest.

Though she knew that whatever lay in waiting would definitely be in the last room, she took her time opening all the other doors, leaving that particular one for last. Each room was the same; carrying that moldy scent and every item in them was dusty and lifeless.

Finally, with every part of her body attuned to even the slightest of sounds around her, with her heart hammering in her very ear drums, she slowly opened the door to Ebony’s room, not anticipating what lay within….

The first sensation to hit her was smell: The smell of rotting meat, the smell of something festering, the smell of death. Without abandon, Dromy fell to her knees and vomited on her aunt’s rich carpet. Once she was done, she curled up in a ball and apart from the occasional shiver, and one would think her body lay as dead and lifeless and her aunt’s corpse rotting beside her.

She wept, then. She wept for bitterness, for resentment, for rage, for fury that every time she had found happiness, every time she found herself smiling and pleased with the world around her, the fates just as easily came along and plucked it away from her as easily as breaking an infant’s frail grasp.
When she finally gained control of herself, she turned and walked out of the room as she dialed 999.
After she contacted the police and told them everything, the next call she made was to Warren.

‘She’s dead, Warren….,’ was all that she said on the phone before she broke down.

‘Oh God…… Babe, it’s ok, calm down..I’m on my way there…. Call the police and don’t worry, I’ll be there in a few.’

‘I’ve already called them, Warren, I don’t know how………..she was..fine…gyming, everything… I talked to her two days ago… how can this be happening?’ she sobbed.

‘I’ll be right there, baby, please, don’t cry. I’ll see you soon.’

It had been less than five minutes since his call ,and Dromy opened the door to a panting, coloured Warren.

‘I came here as fast as I could,’ he said.

‘Warren,’ sighed Dromy as she pitched herself forward into his arms and cried.

He neither comforted her, told her it was alright, nor said a single word in that expanse of time. He simple rocked her quietly from side to side, saying and doing nothing else, until her sobs subsided a little.
Then, he drew her into the living room and held onto her as they both sat in silence. She didn’t know how long it had been till she heard a vehicle park outside the house, and then, a quiet knock on the door and slowly, Warren detached himself from her with his easy grace and went to let the paramedics in.

Dromy then drifted into a dreamless sleep whilst lying on the couch, the deep sleep that one falls into when hit by a sudden loss and overwhelming grief; and her body’s only reaction to handle it seemed to be to fall asleep.

She was in a state of semi-consciousness when she heard low voices whispering around her now and then, and she knew that the paramedics were bringing the body to the van. After that, there followed more quick, clipped conversations between the paramedics and Warren; Dromy woke with a start as she heard the van close and the medics drive away.

She opened her eyes as the tears began spilling again. She couldn’t believe that this could happen to her, in such quick succession, she had lost everyone she held dear to her; her entire family annihilated before her very eyes. And each time was as unexpected as the last, each loss the harder to handle….
She sighed as Warren came quietly to her side. ‘My love, Inspector Andrews from the police department wants to question us both.’ Dromy didn’t respond, which alarmed Warren even more. ‘Dromy? Babe, reply, please…come on…tell us your ok!’ ‘I’ll see him...with you,’ she said in a hoarse whisper. ‘Alright,’ Warren replied with a sigh of relief.

‘Ms. Rhodes, first of all, may I say that I’m very sorry about your loss… If I have it right, Ms. Rhodes was your paternal aunt?’ asked Andrews.
‘Yes she was….my only known living relative.’ Andromeda choked back a sob.

Andrews’ face softened. Upon closer inspection, he saw that the girl was young and exquisitely beautiful. He had heard how tragedy after tragedy fell upon her like waves upon the sea-shore against this young woman; at the same time, he was wary. It seemed like no mere co incidence that everyone around her kept dropping dead.

The time that she lost both, her father and sister, she had a safe alibi, where more than fifty people could vouch for her presence at City Hall, whereas now, again, it seemed unlikely that she would murder her own aunt.

Also, there seemed to be no sign of a struggle, and the body was intact…. Or so the medics said so. The woman was fit, just entering into her dotage, a regular sight at the beach, swimming and keeping herself active, thought not well loved around Sunset Valley. Her health reports were all fine. The reason, though yet to be discovered, was most probably a heart attack. 'Still,' he thought to himself, 'I should keep watch for any signs, just in case….’

‘When did you say you came across the body, and what made you suspicious in the first place, Ms. Rhodes?,’ queried Inspector Andrews.
‘Ebony and I call each other every day,’ whispered Andromeda. ‘If it isn’t me, it’s her. It had been two days since I had last heard from her, and I wanted to know what had become of her…. I never thought that…..’ Dromy took a large gulp of air before continuing on.

Warren gave her a quick squeeze before she continued with her story. Andrews noticed the love they both shared, but, at the same time, he saw a glint in the eyes of the young man, which disturbed him, something hinting at over possessiveness and…power over the young lady. He shook his head minutely; whatever happened between the young lovers was none of his business. He turned his attention to the grieving girl before him.

‘I came visiting after work, and as Aunt Ebony had given me a spare key long ago, I used it to open the door when she didn’t open it herself. The moment I stepped in, I knew something was wrong…. Ebony is…..was,’ her eyes welled up again and her hand shook in Warren’s grip.

When she continued, though, her voice did not quaver, almost as if she drew strength from his love. ‘Ebony was a perfectionist; she cleaned the house every day without fail, whatever condition she was in. When I saw the dust and the musty smell in the air, I suspected the worst.’

‘I called out for her, but she didn’t respond. I walked up the stairway and looked through all the rooms; leaving her’s for the last. And that’s when I saw….’ She couldn’t continue, the poor, broken thing, and Andrews sighed as the couple held each other.

‘That’s when you called us, is that right, Ms. Rhodes?’ She nodded her head, too grieved to speak. ‘Thank you. I’m sorry to have to disturb you at such a’s just, in these circumstances…’ his voice trailed way.

‘It’s alright, officer, I quite understand. Thank you for being so kind. ‘She smiled as she dabbed at her eyes fervently. ‘I’ll leave you to yourself now. We might have to call you to the station for a more formal report when the autopsy reports are released.’ She nodded as Warren got up to see him to the door.

‘Thank you for your time, Mr. Ravenheart. The police department might expect a report from you too; a full account of what happened today.’ ‘Oh, that’s quite alright, officer,’ replied Warren sweetly. ‘When the time comes, I’m sure.’

‘Bad business, this,’ muttered Andrews. ‘That poor young woman…losing everyone close to her..and in such a short span of time…’ Andrews sighed. ‘You take care of that girl, young man, and don’t leave her, no matter what.’ ‘Yes, officer, I will,’ said Andrews in a tone as grave as his.

As the officer was about to walk out, he felt an arm touch his shoulder. ‘And, Officer?’ ‘Yes, Mr. Ravenheart?’ He turned around to look at Warren one last time. Inspector Andrews’ eyes glazed over for a moment, as Warren said, with a small smile, ‘Thank you…again.’ And with that, he closed the door behind him.
When Andrews got to the police station, the secretary told him that the Lieutenant was waiting for him in his office.

‘Inspector Andrews,’ said the hardened veteran gruffly. ‘Your report.’
‘Lieutenant Griffon,’ saluted Andrews, before delivering his report. ‘That poor child…muttered Andrews. Life can be a bit of a bitch sometimes, can’t it?’ Griffon looked at his inspector sharply. He was quite unmoved by this; after all, he had seen and witnessed death first hand; this was nothing to him.

‘Any suspects, anything out of the way or seemingly wrong? Anything suspicious at all?,’ asked Griffon. ‘No, Lieutenant, nothing.’ ‘Hmm….muttered Griffon. After all, the girl had lost all of her family in little less than a year’s time… he wondered what it meant.

‘And was there any one else with her at the time of questioning, or during the witnessing of the death?’ Griffon looked at Andrews for just a second, but when he saw the expression in his Inspector’s face, he straightened up.

Andrews suddenly looked…..glazed and bland; all animation was wiped from his face and he looked without seeing; as if he was in another world all together. ‘Andrews? Was anyone there with the woman when you questioned her?,’ asked Griffon sharply.

Suddenly, Andrews shook his head and looked around. Without missing a beat, he said, ‘No, no one else, Lieutenant. She was completely alone….poor girl…no one at all around for her anymore…. Poor girl… I hope she won’t lose herself…………to the demons that haunt her….’

NOTE:- I hope you guys are liking the story so far...this chapter was more difficult to write, but I liked how it came out Hope you guys enjoyed the read...and PLEASE, PLEASE tell me you guys understood the last bit? and what it meant, actually? Rate and comment as you feel fit!


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PLEASE, PLEASE tell me you guys understood the last bit? and what it meant, actually?

Since you asked, I'm going to go ahead and guess----

That book revealed something terrible about Warren/his family --- they're probably demons or vampires. Warren(or his family) ended up killing Ebony because of what she discovered.

Later Andromeda will find out the truth (probably by reading the book), and she becomes heartbroken. Andromeda+Warren argue for a while, she's like, "omg! I can't believe you (or your people) killed my aunt!!" and he's like, "Wah! Andromeda, I'm too dangerous for you! Stay away from me~ I shouldn't love a human~ A creature like me was meant to be alone~"..... But then eventually she comes to accept him for who he is and they get back together. Maybe along the way, she'll even discover that she's "special" or something, like a form of supernatural creature and/or is somehow desirable by supernatural creatures.

Then more drama happens, something along the lines of "Evil demons/vampires come for Andromeda and he must protect her" or "jealous ex-lover causes trouble".
And then they quarrel some more, but gets back together eventually. Then everybody lives happily ever after. The end.

Am I close? I hope not.

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Thanks so much for your comment... What I KINDA meant when I said, 'did you get the last part,' is if you understood how Inspector Andrews told The Lieutenant that no one was with Andromeda...though Warren was RIGHT NEXT TO HIM AND HE SPOEK TO HI MTHE WHOLE TIME... But it seems you took it... a bit.. erm..e.xtreme :P

Ass for the plot, I won't say or reveal anything more, apart from the fact that a little of it IS on track, but most of it is quite off I'm bugged that you guessed even that MINUTE part so easily, though, but that's mostly my fault because I was stupid enough not to add more characters and create mroe of a story of it....

I wanted to write for the pleasure of writing..So hope the read is a good one, and not stujpid, dul land boring in it's predictability Thanks for reading so far, though, and keep reading till I reach the end..which WILL be approximately in 3 or 4 chapters tc,

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Default Chapter 8:- Saying Goodbye
Death comes for us all. Sometimes, after a long, painful, drawn out journey, sometimes it takes you away while you go to your bed smiling and fulfilled, and sometimes, just sometimes, suddenly, when you least expect it, creeping through your hearth and home to take away the little happiness you find while you live your life quietly, in the fast, ever changing spectrum that is life.

No matter how death comes for you, though, you slip into the world beyond, and are no longer troubled by the sorrows, joys, toils, schemes and pains of the living. It is the living who toss and turn in their disturbed slumbers, the living who weep and mourn for their loved ones who lie cold in their graves….. It is the living who always lie in shadow….. and fear of when the sun rises on the horizon.


She wept, unrestrained as the priest eulogized Ebony’s better traits, her beauty, her strength of character and the achievements she had accomplished in her life. Andromeda Rhodes wept, but little did the few who had gathered for the funeral service know that she was not simply grieving for her aunt, but for everything she was burying with her.

Hopes of joy, hopes of peace, hopes of finally making a life for herself; shattered time and again. Another funeral to arrange, a time for weeping, a time for sorrow, a time for mourning, a time for loss….When would she ever be happy? When would she ever be free?

After the funeral, Dromy was quieter and more withdrawn, lost in the depths of her desolation. Even Warren’s comforting grasp on her shoulders did not move her. He thought it best to leave her to her grief, alone, and say goodbye to the few who had attended the ceremony.

A woman came up to Dromy and stood waiting patiently before her. Dromy ignored her for a time, but when she remained standing resolutely before her, she could ignore her no longer.

She looked up at her as if she’d noticed her for the first time and stood to greet her.

‘Hey, Andromeda. My name is Emma Hatch. I used to gym with your aunt, every Sunday. Boy, that woman had stamina!’ Dromy found herself smiling, despite herself, at the young woman’s exuberance and charm.

‘Hello, Ms. Hatch. It’s nice to meet you. Can I help you with something?’
‘Please, just Emma. And yes, actually you could. You see, I helped with the embalming of your aunt…’ Tears filled the young woman’s eyes. She steadied herself before continuing. ‘While changing her clothes, I found this in her pockets.’

Emma handed a small pile of dirty, crinkled papers to Dromy. ‘Out of love and respect for your aunt, I haven’t looked at what it was. I have to leave now, but do take care, and call me if you need anything, alright?’ With that, Emma gave Dromy her phone number and place of residence.

Dromy looked at the girl for a second, at the tenderness and love in her voice, and then she realized, with a start, that something about her reminded her of her sister. As she walked off, Dromy ran after her, and threw her arms around her.

Emma caught her with a start, and then both women began crying. They remained that way for awhile, until Emma felt someone watching them both. She turned to see a man with the deepest red eyes staring at them both. Something about him made her uneasy, and she let go of Dromy. They smiled at each other for a second, and then Emma muttered, ‘Keep in touch,’ before quietly melting away.

Before Warren came to Dromy, she tucked away the little package in her pocket; something told her that this was personal, and she would read it alone, or not at all.
With the last of the funeral party gone, Warren guided Andromeda to bed.

He kissed her gently as she smoothed her hair back around herself, and slept beside her for a time, holding her while she sobbed, making no sound, the tears gently streaming down her cheeks and into her tousled, unmade hair, until she fell asleep.

Then, he watched her while she tossed and turned in bed, neither peaceful, nor at ease with herself, nor with the world.

Andromeda was given the month off to focus on overcoming her grief and to help her cope with her loss.

The morning after the funeral found Warren preparing their breakfast. Dromy walked into the kitchen in quiet contemplation. ‘Good morning!,’ said Warren in a falsely loud, cheery voice. Did we sleep well last night?

The look that Dromy gave him was haunted, and the shadows under her eyes could not have been more pronounced. His smile froze on his lips, and they both looked away. After awhile, he placed the plate in front of her, but her hand did not move to touch the fork.
Warren sighed as he took his place beside her and put his hand on her’s.

‘This isn’t going to bring her back, my love. It’s just going to hurt you, instead. Come, be happy with me. Smile.’ Dromy gazed at him in incredulity; and then said roughly, ‘Let me mourn in peace.’ ‘Alright, then,’ he sighed. But it will do neither you nor her any good.’
‘I have to leave on some errands,’ he said a bit coldly. ‘I will be back in an hour or two.’

He kissed her lightly on the forehead, and she nodded as he departed. Andromeda lay as she was for a long time, until finally, the gnawing pangs of hunger forced her to eat her cold breakfast, after which he moved to the living room. As she sat down on her couch, she felt something in her pocket.

Slowly, she removed the messy bundle of papers given to her by Emma and placed it on the table beside her, trying to smoothen them out. Finally, she began to read:

In the year 1407, The Rhodenders family were greatly diminished in number; as most of the family daughters were lost to us in marriage, and the male line had become extinct. Our family had naught but one member amidst them; she was called Anastasia Rhodenders; and in the land of Simaria she dwelt.

Anastasia was not known for looks or beauty, yet she knew that she had to continue her family line at all costs. Her attempts to catch and have a man failed, and in desperation, (for she was fast leaving the prime of her life), she turned to the hidden paths of the occult to find a way to lure a man to her bed.

Along the way, as she plunged herself further into mysteries and powers ethereal and spiritual, she found and met a man…. A man who, despite her obvious lack of youth and beauty, fell in love with her. They quickly arranged to marry and Anastasia found herself at peace, realizing that she need not delve into hidden secrets and potions any further; for she knew that here was the man she sought.

Alas, tragedy struck the couple; for the day before their marriage, her betrothed ventured into the forest in search of wood to build their new house; and he was attacked and mauled by a pack of werewolves.

Grief stricken and forced into mourning, the woman turned, once again to the occult to fulfill the cusp of her family’s ambition, yet she chose not to let her grief remain hidden. Day by day, her power grew, until her services were called for by the king of Simaria, himself. She knew that this was her chance; and using one of her concoctions, she seduced the king to her bed.

Soon, she delivered in wedlock; unbeknown to anyone, but the king and herself, she gave birth to his son, through whom she intended to continue her family line. Now, her task done, her powers at their peak, she decided to end her life; but in the most productive way possible, to serve her cause.

First, she placed the babe in a cradle and sent it to the king, asking him to adopt the child as his own, but keep her family name as his own. Second, she drew on every inch of magical power that she wielded within herself to weave one, last spell which would affect mankind and the creatures of the night forever….

The spell gave every woman thence emerging from The Rhodendres family the gift of foresight and judgment; they would always be able to detect when a creature of the night, be it a werewolf or a vampire lay nearby. They would then feel the need to destroy them, and no power on earth could stop them from attempting this feat…..except one….

For you see, this barren woman had nothing in her life she held meaning to, not even her new born child…The only person she ever desired or wanted, she wanted for love, and it was for love that she now gave up her body, soul and spirit to concoct this spell and join him in the Halls of The Dead… So, it is love which is the only thing that can blind a Rhodendres woman to the creatures of the night….

The spell thus woven, Anastasia gave herself up willingly to join her lover in Whatever Lay Beyond….

More than 600 years later, many from within our family still believe that this was not myth and that the spell WAS truly woven, and even today, it is seen in the mildest of traces, as the magic that once flowed so strongly within our women now remains subdued, it forces itself out in the way of vomiting, illness, and instant hatred for any such creatures who roam and tread secretly amongst men…..

Nobody knows for sure where magic ends and science begins, and fact and fiction remain convoluted and misted in the murky depths of truth and time…..

Andromeda felt something, some remote thought niggling in the back of her mind. She suppressed it, yet suddenly, doubt crept in the back of her mind. This was clearly part of the book which her father had written on her family history. What did all this mean?

Did Ebony steal the pages from the book? And if so, what was the connection between this simple village tale and the greater mystery around the book? Why would her father, a reknown author, even write about such a thing in her family history when it was so obviously mythical?

Ebony stealing the book didn’t make much sense…. Why, then, would she be searching for the book in the first place? Something just didn’t add up….Where did the pages come from, and what did it all mean? Could it mean what she suspected?

She decided that it was time to go out and do a little digging up. She crept out of the house and stole to Ebony’s home at a run. Ebony’s house, dictated by the executors of her will, said that Andromeda was entitled to all the money and property amassed by Ebony in the course of her life.

Therefore, the house, and all it’s contents now belonged to her. Even so, she felt guilty that the purpose she now crept round the house was because she doubted her aunt’s sincerity, and she sought was the truth behind the bundle of papers, and why Ebony sought out the book when she had a small part of it in her keeping, and more importantly, where that part, in itself, came from.

After more than an hour of thoroughly combing every inch of the house, Dromy was forced to agree that neither the book nor any sort of evidence lay in it’s bowels, and she would have to look elsewhere for the truth on the meaning of the pages, and it’s contents.

In sudden fear, something pushed her to go to the theatre. Once there, she stared around, wondering what had brought her here in the first place. She watched the ticket vendor yawn, bored, chewing on a wad of gum, a young boy in his teens, at complete peace with his retro world. Suddenly, decided, she approached him, while he stared glumly at her without interest.

‘Hello. I was wondering, are there any movies that you know of in the past ten years or so that was produced by ‘Ravenheart Productions?,’ Dromy asked anxiously. ‘Naw, ma’am, none whatsoever,’ he yawned.

‘No…There must be some mistake. I don’t think you heard me clearly enough. Ravenheart Productions. You’ve never heard of them?,’ she asked again, her heart sinking. ‘Nope, not a whisper,’ he said cheerfully.

‘Hey, you ok?,’ demanded the pock-marked teenager as he saw her the colour drain from her cheeks as she swayed slightly from side to side.’ She grabbed onto the box and then shakily said, ‘I’m fine. Thank you.’ She took a deep breath and walked quickly onwards. Next stop: The library.
As she entered the building, the scents of fresh print and musty volumes met her, along with the quiet and serene sound of the low, steady turning of crinkling pages. She ignored these scents and sounds and walked up to the librarian. ‘Excuse me, where are all the books on production companies and family genealogies of Bridgeport?’

‘Over there,’ the old, withered woman muttered without glancing up from her computer screen. Dromy hurried over to pore over the books.

She delved into volume after volume, feverishly turning pages to search for just one trace, one hint of the truth in Warren’s story. She longed with all her heart to believe his story, she wanted, in all truth, not to doubt him. But not a single book showed any traces of a Ravenheart family or the same in the film industry.

It was almost midnight when she finally gave up and was half thrown out of the library. She walked quickly up the street to a very dodgy internet café.

This took her much lesser time to check up on. The name ‘Ravenheart’ brought up no searches anywhere- neither on Sunset Valley, nor in Bridgeport. There were no signs of a film production company with a name even slightly similar to that, either. Finally, the conclusion that she had been denying to herself and to her very being came to her mind: Warren had lied. Possible, Warren wasn’t even his real name.

Dromy drove home, thoughts cascading over each other, each idea seemingly more insensible than the last. What she did know was this: The love of her life, the first person she had ever trust above all others, the person she had given more importance to than her own family had betrayed her and lied to her, and she didn’t know what to do about it.

Who knew where he had come from, or what he truly wanted with her? What would he do with her when he found out, that she knew, and what was she going to do about it?

As she walked into her house, she also came to the conclusion that, once again, she was not safe. Whoever he was, and whatever he desired with her, the fact that he had to lie and cover up the truth showed that something was wrong here, and it was time for her to finally find out what.

Just one more chapter left guys! Take care, hope you're enjoying the read so far

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Default Chapter 9:- Breaking the Tower of Deceit
Lies are easily uttered, but hard to cover up. To cover one lie, a thousand more are required to support it, and hold up the one untruth; almost like a steadily building up of a tower that has no base, no truth, no strength.

All the material is flimsy, easy to break, and easier to topple. There are always loopholes, hidden within, awaiting the observant to pick them out and expose the fraud for what it truly is. Once the small breath of truth and the wind of honesty blows past this tower of deceit, it topples, a great collapse, and the pain inflicted on everyone involved, in the end, is greater than any pain that the truth could cause…..


The door opened with a quiet snick as he entered the house. Gently, he pushed the lock back into it’s place and slid the deadbolt into position. With the easy, almost cat-like grace that he so naturally possessed, he had begun to climb the stairs when a muffled cough alerted him to someone else’s presence.

‘Hello…Warren,’ said Andromeda with low menace in her voice as she clicked the light on beside her. ‘Dromy, my love!,’ said Warren exuberantly as he stepped forward to embrace her, but something in her gaze gave him pause.

‘What's wrong, baby is everything ok?,’ Warren cooed in his falsely cheery voice. ‘Why are you up so late? Were you waiting for me? Couldn’t sleep?’

It was finally time for the winds of truth to break this tower of deceit...But how many would topple with him into the abyss?

He smiled at her, but his good humor evaporated upon seeing the cold look she gave him. ‘Do you love me?’ she asked him? ‘What? What do you mean? Of course I love you! Why would you even ask me such a question?,’ he laughed.

‘If you really loved me, then why did you lie to me? Who are you? I know all that ‘Warren Ravenheart from the film industry’ is bull shit. You’ve never even been to Bridge Port, have you? What is all this, Warren, who and what are you?’ Her voice quavered as her gaze raked him from top to bottom.

As Warren stood stolidly before her, not saying or uttering a word, she was filled with a sudden terror. She remembered the bundle of papers, even now lying warmly in her pocket, a dark brand, almost pointing a finger of accusation against the man standing before her.

‘You’re not human, are you? ARE YOU?,’ she screamed with terror as a stab of pain and fear fluttered her heart. When he slowly shook his head, she whimpered pitifully and fell away from him, knocking the chair behind her in the process. ‘What are you?! Tell me! Now! I have the right to know after you…after everything…. What really happened to Ebony?’

‘She came to know, She stood in our way. She would tell you. You would leave me, or worse…. She stood in between US, Andromeda, in between our love! She had to go!’ Andromeda screamed, horrified at this latest revelation, and reeled backwards, almost fainting in shock and fear.

Warren rushed forward in concern to steady her before she fell, but she screamed and threw his hands off herself, repulsed. ‘Don’t touch me, you inhuman creature! What is wrong with you?,’ she screeched, besides herself in rage, fury, grief and shock.

Another blow, another piece of deceit, another false love. But before she could fully contemplate this, this fresh wound of betrayal, she couldn’t digest the normal, almost pleading tone of voice he used with her…Almost as if he was trying to JUSTIFY his actions, as if what he did was RIGHT….

‘Tell me what you are,’ she said when she had grappled with her emotions and has forced them into temporary submission, and what you want with me.’ ‘I want nothing from you, Andromeda, just your love, only your love…..’ ‘Start talking. Now,’ she growled.

‘Alright, but please don’t scream, and calm yourself. Please.’ He paused, waiting for her to say she was ready and when nothing changed her horrified expression, he jumped in, ‘I am what your race would call part vampire. My name is Cortez Draponis, and my great-great grandfather was a full, proper vampire.’ Her eyes widened as she listened to his tale.

‘I am the last of my kin to walk this earth, the last of our diluted, distributed race to live. Once we were many heads strong and we roamed freely, happily, feeding, living, bringing more to our clan….,’ his tone turned bitter as he continued, ‘Then, the vampire hunters came…’

‘Though we slew many of them, we were a limited, divided family and though each of us had the power of ten men, we were often set upon by twice that number of skilled warriors at a time….’

As your myths dictate, we cannot walk in the sunlight, though the stories of our inability to touch holy objects, places and things are false, borne of your kin’s desire to seek protection through the grace of their God… We are immortal, we drink your kind’s blood, but we can be hurt and killed by guns, knives, and such objects, though it is usually thought impossible because of the swiftness of our step and our various powers and abilities….’

‘We cannot breed. Our females are always sterile, though our males, it had been discovered, when lying with a human female, could reproduce. A child borne of this union would usually have all the makings of a true vampire, he would be stronger than most, overcoming the setbacks of both our races....

‘The part vampires borne of this liason were more tolerant to sunlight, and it was then thought that since the half breeds inculcated all the boons of our race along with the boons of your own, we could create an immortal dynasty which would last forever. So we bred, sowing our seed amongst your women, seducing them and then stealing away the children they bore in the dead of the night.’

‘But soon, we found that our first impressions were false: these children started to feel compassion and sentiment and would prefer not to feast on human blood, as it was usually done, but to drink the bare minimum required and let your people live…’

‘In anger, the leaders of our race killed most, but few survived. My ancestors were borne and raised from these. They bred further and further within your race, and now, the only living remnant is me…..’

‘I drink human blood, it is true. But I need to set upon a proper transfusion before I can bring them to our clan. It is rarely possible. I am weaker than my ancestors by far, but in truth, I can stand the sunlight for almost an entire day, though I must then reside in darkness for 3 days after to strengthen again.

I have lived a hundred and thirty four winters so far, and I am, by our immoderate standards, in the prime of my youth, as you in yours.’ His voice turned mellow and intimate as he said, ‘The moment I set eyes upon you, the first time I saw you one late night when I was out preying, I could not forget you. I fell in love with you, you Andromeda Rhodes, and we are destined to be together. Your father and sister….’

‘What?!?!,’ she cut sharply across him. ‘What do you mean by that? How were they involved at all? You entered my life after their death…..’ ‘No, Andromeda, they were not. I knew you before that, since the time that you three shifted into this house together…I have loved you since then…’

‘It was YOU,’ she exclaimed! ‘Your eyes that I felt on me, watching me, staring at me, and whenever I looked around, I couldn’t find anyone there…..’

‘Yes, it was me,’ he said, with a sickly sweet, reminiscing smile. ‘But you see, I knew of your family, I had heard of them from a time before, and I knew all that lay in your father’s book, and he was the only person who traced the secrets of your ancestress and who connected it all to her…’

‘You see, our people know you because it was your ancestors who tracked us down through the centuries, your women who found us, your men who hunted and killed us. We know you, your very scent is familiar to us.’

‘Your sister would know me for what I was immediately, just as your aunt did, and as your father would recognize her animosity for what it was, and I would never get close to you…… So I had to… I had to do….’ ‘To do what?,’ she asked him, her heart racing. ‘To do what? What did you do? What more could you have done to break my heart and to ruin my life?’

‘Don’t say that, baby, I did it for us, so that we could be together, wasn’t it worth it? It was all for us….’ ‘You set that fire, didn’t you? You used your body, your abilities, your powers, your whatever to kill them? You wanted them dead, isn’t it true?’

No matter what she said, in her heart she knew that she wanted him to say no, that he hadn’t done it, that it wasn’t true, and that he would never do something like that to her. When he didn’t respond, once again, her worst fears were confirmed and she sobbed for fear and heartache.

‘I know it’s hard for you, my love, but think about it: I did it all for you, for us! To keep us both happy!,’ he said desperately as he stumbled towards her. I love you and I know that you love me, too. Let’s forget all this, get over all of it, start life afresh!’

‘You didn’t do it for me, Warren,’ she said between sobs. ‘You did it for yourself, to make you happy, to enjoy me, to have me for yourself….. And can you ask me to forgive the murders of my entire family? You just mentioned how you lost your ancestors, your ‘pure bloods’ to men, some including my family. Can you forgive and forget all that?’

Warren remained mute for awhile, and then, as she turned away from him, he gave a little breathy cry and latched onto her arm, calling her back. She whirled around, her face a mask of despair, sorrow and heartache, and then he muttered again, ‘Please. Please forgive me. Let’s try again, let’s make it worthwhile, now there are no more secrets, let’s forget the past….’

Andromeda looked at him again, she looked at the despair and sorrow in his eyes, the penitence in his gaze, the mat of hair which she so loved, his pale, milk-white skin, the deep, ruby red eyes, the colour of his elixir of life, the very blood that flowed through her veins and the veins of all people, and suddenly, her expression cleared, and with a cry of joy, she smoothly fell into his waiting embrace.

She withdrew the knife with a thick slurp as she sobbed, holding a hand to his mouth as she struggled to muffle his scream of pain. When he finally fell to the floor beside her, she knelt down beside him, cradling his head in her lap. ‘For….you,’ he said as he looked up into her eyes and smiled for the last time, before his expression slowly glazed over, and the smile froze on his face for the last and final time before there was nothing but a pile of ash in his place.

She screamed, then. She didn’t know when she started, or when she stopped, but it continued on and on till her voice finally broke, and she crumpled to the floor beside the stale ash, touching it and hoping, somehow, wanting to bring him back to her. She now knew that she could never have continued living with him, but nowhe knew that she could probably never continue living without him.

Love had failed her, and so had life. Nothing had worked for this poor, sad, broken woman, who shattered each and everytime but yet, she found a different reason to go on living, until that was torn to pieces, too. Nobody had seen him, there were no excuses to be made anywhere about his disappearance. There was no body to clean up, nothing to remember him by at all except for……

She felt a sudden stirring in her belly- the first, proper stirring of life within herself. She had hidden it’s existence, hidden the truth, hoping to surprise him with it soon enough- but now there was no ‘he’ to surprise any longer. Something in that light, faint feeling gave her hope; something in it felt like a promise- a promise of peace, a promise of better things to come….

She could have ended her life that day, but instead, Andromeda Rhodes chose to live, chose to survive, chose to fight another day. For though she had lost all her family, she was now creating one for herself from within.
Though love had cheated her, she knew that maybe now, the love that the little bump in her belly exuded would warm her and keep her happy in the days to come. Though pain had wracked her and hammered her into submission, maybe the pain she would experience seven months down the line would bring with it something worth living for.
She chose to live because, like always, she chose to hope.

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed this last, final chapter...but don't worry, there's the epilogue that's yet to come, and since I've already finished writing it, I'll probably post it in a day or two...So stay tuned til tlhen: trust me, this one's worth it

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Default EPILOGUE:- To Finally Find Peace.

A sunny Saturday afternoon found Andromeda seated on the couch, relaxing after a stressful day at the bank, a novel propped up in her hands. She smiled as she heard the familiar scurrying on the floor above her as her daughter came rushing down the stairs to greet her.

‘Had a good rest, Adelaide?,’ she asked, marking the page and setting it aside, giving her daughter the smile that was reserved for her alone. ‘Yes, mama,’ said the little seven year old, smiling. ‘Come here, my little angel,’ said Dromy, beckoning her with her hand.

The girl came forward obediently and gave her mother a warm hug. Dromy sniffed at her, as a proud mother cat would sniff at her offspring, taking in the sweet, natural, baby scent of her and felt the long, wavy hair on her head.

She held her at arm’s length and looked at her, taking in her thin, delicate features, the elaborate curls at waist-length and the eyes, the same shade of green as her own.

It was no secret that her daughter looked exactly like she did; in fact, everyone in Ocean Glade commented on the similarity between mother and daughter, and how Adelaide Rhodes was on the way to becoming another beauty, like her mother.

‘Mama?,’ said the little girl? ‘Yes, dear?,’ said Andromeda, startled. These days, she usually got so caught up in her thoughts that she forgot the world around her. ‘Homework?,’ said the girl with a little resentment in her voice.

Andromeda laughed. ‘Yes, I had quite forgotten about that. Run along now, and I’ll join you at the table alright?’ ‘Do we HAVE to?,’ asked the little girl in frustration. ‘Yes, Adelaide, now go to the table, I’ll join you in a second.’

She returned to her book, intent on finishing one last page before she joined her daughter. But once again, she was interrupted, but by a very different sound. She heard a steady, determined trodding down the stairs and she looked up from her book to greet the second arrival.

Adler Rhodes walked down with a slow, measured pace, surveying everything around him with cool interest, ruffling his hair as he walked. His eyes showed signs of a maturity and understanding well beyond his seven years, and the smile came slowly to his lips, reaching his deep red eyes, making them dance with merriment and mirth.

As usual, Dromy felt her heart skip a beat as she set her eyes upon her son, the very image and likeness of his father. Finally resigning herself, and abandoning her book for a spot of night time reading, she set it aside and smiled at Adler.

‘Slept well, little one? What do you plan on doing now?,’ she asked him. ‘Well, for starters,' he said, grinning devilishly, 'Hounding my sister.’ They laughed aloud at that, while Adelaide stalked gracefully past them.

‘You won’t bother me now, Addle,’ she said triumphantly. ‘I’m going to do my homework, and you’d better get started, too, those math sums looked pretty hard.’ ‘I’d already finished, while you were busy snoring in the next room ,’ he said, matching up to her wit. ‘I’m going to watch a movie while you slog!’

‘Will not!,’ said Adelaide, slipping into the easy tears of the baby of the family. ‘Mama, tell him!’ ‘Now, Addy, if you had finished your work before, you could’ve watched the movie, too. Tell you what, guys, let’s make a compromise- You both get to stay up late at night and watch the movie together. Alright?’

‘Fine,’ chorused both her children, appeased once more. ‘I’m off to play THE HUMAN BEINGS 3, till then, amazing game, that one.’ Adelaide watched him with a look of mingled fury and disgust on her face, then as he walked away, ignoring her completely, she tutted before she muttered, ‘men,’ as she slipped away.

Andromeda sighed as she leaned back against the cushions and smiled. She couldn’t help but be a doting parent to two such adorable children, who could resist? Looking at them now, she never thought that when she had conceived, she was pregnant for twins.

Her two children looked and behaved as differently as chalk and cheese, as one took up after her mother, and the other, after his father. Adelaide, the older one, was just like she had been at that age; light, cheery, graceful, easily impressed, and contented with the world around her.

Adler, on the other hand, was exactly like his father; serious and thoughtful, quiet and quick witted. She loved them both equally, and through them, she had finally answered many of the questions she had put to herself almost eight years ago.

Could the creatures of the night truly love? Though she herself had been intimately part of the process of discovering the solution to that question, she still found that she had no answer. Warren had loved her, it was true, he probably loved her with all that he had, and all that he could. But was the selfishness and self-centered nature that he exhibited classified as love?

Probably not, she thought, as she stared across the vast ocean before her, which she visited more and more frequently these days before she had to get to work. At the same time, his greatest wish, like many other people, was simply to love, and not have anything get in the way of that love. He had taken it too far, crossed all boundaries that most people would, but that was because of what he was, and maybe it wasn’t right to judge him so harshly…

She had lost a lot in those days, and each of those losses she had incurred as a martyr to love. A time came when she refused to believe in it any longer, a time when everything seemed dark, and she no longer felt the desire to live. But soon after, she realized that one could overcome these things and leave them behind, becoming a better person because of the sorrows that they had endured.

As she looked at the rising sun before her, settling a deep, pink hue on everything it cast it’s pale light upon, she smiled. She felt confident that she had emerged from the depths of sorrows into the greatest of joys, simply because of something that she had once lost complete faith in: Love.

Love, she knew today, did exist, she believed in it with all her heart now, for she felt it light up her whole body when she held her children close to her, she remembered how she doted on her father, loved her sister and smiled at the thought of her aunt. She saw it in the parks, between young couples, so steeped in it that they probably didn’t even know where they were, and who was around them.

She knew now that love existed, , and she was happy to continue living a life dedicated to the lvoe of her children till the day she took her last breath, and she knew that finally, she had achieved exactly what she had always wanted to achieve, and she realized that now, in all truth and honesty, she was happy.

A tear trickled down her cheek as she smiled for joy. Andromeda knew that now, she was finally… peace……

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the support that everyone's given me while I wrote this story. I lovered writing this: my first story, and bringing my characters to life, and I learnt to love all of them along the way. The huge view count gave me great support, though the lack of replies were a bit disheartening. I still hope my next story will come out with greater reports and likes! I hope you enjoyed reading this story with me. Thanks for sticking by me and reading till the end. :D

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