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Default The Broken Bay Chronicles Updated 8/4/2012!

She was alone in the world, nothing was left for her in Chicago. Her number was almost up, and she knew when that happened, she'd be tossed on the street, forgotten, to be replaced by someone else.

People like Katey, didn't belong anywhere, and so when she got the letter from her Aunt's lawyer, she knew it was time to moved on. The cab ride from the airport was ridiculously long, and that was followed by waiting for the lawyer to show up with the house key.

"It's all yours, welcome to Broken Bay." He was tall, and well built, not exactly dressed like she expected a lawyer to be dressed, in form fitting jeans and a t shirt that hugged his very toned body, he wasn't driving what she expected a lawyer to drive either. She almost laughed when she saw him get out of the rusted old pickup truck, fortunately she caught herself in time. "Hmm, Broken Bay, doesn't sound very welcoming!" The lawyer laughed, "It was named by the founding fathers, they ended up stranded here after their ship washed ashore" She smiled as she looked around at the tiny cottage that had been left to her care, "Well Broken definitely fits my life."

The man shrugged his shoulders, "Oh and the truck in the driveway, it's yours the keys are up under the visor. Your aunt refused to part with her, said she was old but she was tough, just like your aunt. Too bad you never got to meet her, she was quite the gal." Her gaze traveled over to the driveway, and rested on the old Ford sitting there, "Well at least it's transportation, I guess, as long as it runs!"

"It most definitely runs, your Aunt took great care of her! Names Trevor Dawson, by the way, don't think I formally introduced myself. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around Katey. Broken Bay is a small town so people have a way of bumping into each other frequently. If you need anything you got my number, don't hesitate to give me a call. You're going to like it here, it's a nice place to settle down in." Katey watched as he walked back down the path to his car. With a sigh she turned back around to see what exactly she had inherited.

As she walked up the porch stairs, Katey surveyed the outside, the trip had left her exhausted, and all she really wanted to do was take a hot shower and climb into bed. It was cute, maybe a little too country for her tastes, but still it had a cozy air about it, and even better, it was all hers. No one could ever make her leave it, no one could ever take it away!

She almost tripped as she walked through the front door, two fur balls bounded around her feet. It took Katey a minute to realize what they were, and as soon as she did, she ran back out the door. Too late, his truck was already heading down the road.

She grabbed her cell phone and punched in the number, muttering under her breath about people thinking she was an animal shelter.
"Well that didn't take long," Trevor's lazy drawl came over the line, "I suppose you met Sophie and Sadie. Those were your aunts pets, Sophie is the French Bulldog, and Sadie is the cat. Oh and you do have to take care of them, I might have forgot to mention that when I was reading her will." Katie sat there sputtering on the line, "I can barely take care of myself, do I look like an animal lover to you? Do I look like someone who can keep, not one, but two animals alive?"

His slow chuckle vibrated in her ear. "It's not that hard, just feed them, and scoop Sadie's litter box, and make sure you take Sophie out or you will be cleaning up a mess. Is there anything else I can help you with?" She was furious, how dare he think this was funny! "No, I think I've got it, feed, walk, and scoop." She grimaced at the thought of having to scoop a cat's litter box, "Then I have a dinner to finish, if you don't mind Miss Katey. Of course you know how to get me if you need anything else."

She clicked her phone shut, resisting the urge to throw it against the nearest wall, and looked down at the two fur balls, "Sorry guys, but guess you are stuck with me, hope you live and all that stuff!" The house was adorable inside, not her style, but still quite cute, and it had everything she needed. She found the bedroom and was delighted to find her very own tub with a shower. After a long hot soak, she collapsed into bed.

The sun was just peeking above the horizon when Katey felt a hard thud land next to her, startled from her dreams, she sat up, ready to scream, until it started barking. "OK, see this is why I don't do animals, do you even have any concept of what time it is, and how tired I am? No, I didn't think so."

It was then that it occurred to her, maybe, just maybe she forgot to feed them. She slowly drug herself out of bed and rummaged around in cupboards until she found their food, after filling up both their dishes, she decided she might as well feed herself. She grabbed a yogurt out of the fridge and dumped it into a bowl, adding shopping to her already long list of things to accomplish. "Not a bad view, it's actually quite a nice little yard, guess you guys have a lot of fun out there too. Looks like my aunt set me up pretty good!"

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Default Chapter 2 Katie's Welcome

Katey was in the bedroom making her bed when she heard a little bark behind her, she turned around to find a present had been brought in.
"Alright if you are trying to make good with me, bringing me the paper is certainly a great start!"
She leaned down to pet Sophie, laughing as her little body wriggled with delight.
"It doesn't take much to make you happy. I wish everything was so simple!"
She decided to take the paper out onto the porch and enjoy the morning sun while she read about her new town.
She smiled as she read the big news events,
"Sophie it seems like the only thing that goes on around here are babies being born, old people checking out, and football!"

Sophie barked in response and jumped up onto her lap.
She sat there petting the puppy and laughing at the goofy look on her face,
"Maybe having you guys around won't be so bad, guess that why my aunt had you too, so she wouldn't feel so lonely."
She still wondered why her aunt hadn't sent for her years before, why she left her in Bridgeport to fend for herself, instead of waiting until she was dead to acknowledge her niece.
"Guess I'll never know since the dead don't tend to talk too much."
With that she rose up, setting the puppy down on the ground gently.
"I have to go into town and do some shopping; I suppose you two will be ok while I'm gone?"
She giggled at herself as she waited for a response.

The drive into town took a good fifteen minutes, but Katey didn't mind.
She actually liked driving the old Ford pickup, liked being so high in the air, the feeling of strength and power it gave her.
She parked the pickup at the curb and stepped out, smiling as she saw the bins of fresh vegetables sitting on display on the sidewalk.
"I think my aunt may have lived in Mayberry!" she muttered to herself.

"Naw we don't have Andy or Opie here, and your Aunt was nothing like Aunt Bee!" She turned and found herself staring into the darkest eyes she had ever seen, she couldn't quite decide what their color was.
"Oh names Elijah Williams, and you must be Katey, Deborah's niece from the big city. How is country life treating you?"
She stammered a bit, taken aback by how much everyone seemed to already know about her.
"I've only been here a day, so it's hard to say I guess."
He smirked a bit, and nodding to her groceries laying at her feet, "Well I should let you get those put up before they spoil."

She had just got inside the door and sat the groceries down on the counter top when her phone began ringing.
She looked down at the caller id, to see the all to familiar unknown on the screen.
"Hello?" she wondered if it was the lawyer checking up on her.
"Hey there, I hope you don't mind, but I asked around and well, I got your phone number.
Look if you like, I could show you around a bit; you know help you get acquainted with everything and everyone."

She didn't quite know what to say, she had only been in town the one day, and she was pretty certain it wasn't smart to hook up with the first guy she crossed paths with, "Um actually," She stammered out,
before being interrupted, "Look there's a really cool little bar here, it's got a dance floor and everything, and you don't have to be 21 to enter, they'll just stamp you at the door.
We could go tonight if you are up for it."
Well technically he wasn't the first guy she had stumbled across,
technically that would be Trevor, "Sure why not, I could use a bit of fun!"
She smiled as he gave her directions to the bar and agreed to meet her there.

"Sorry girls, you are on your own tonight, I am going to go have myself a bit of fun!"
She giggled as she skipped past the confused pets into her room to get ready for the evening.
"There that should do it, what do you think girls? Will I pass?"
She looked down to find both animals staring up at her intently, "Sometimes you two are a bit creepy!"

"Sorry I'm a bit late; I got a little turned around!"
Elijah smiled as he watched Katie walk up, "That is quite alright, you are well worth the wait!"
He led her inside to the charming little pub, taking her upstairs to the gaming room.
"You wait up here and I will be back with a couple of drinks for us."
Katie didn't bother mentioning that she wasn't legal for almost three more years.

They spent the night beating each other at Foosball, and talking for hours about everything.
She couldn't remember when she had last had so much fun.
He laughed at her jokes, and asked her questions about herself.
Of course she chose to keep a few things about her past to herself.

In the end they closed the bar down, and ended up on the sidewalk back where they had met up for the night.
That was really the last thing she remembered.

When she woke up, she realized somehow she had made it to her own bed.
She couldn't remember how she had gotten there, but she had.
Then she heard the breathing, she looked over to see, she wasn't in the bed alone.
She didn't know how it had happened, she wasn't the type to just bring a guy home, in fact she had been a virgin.
By the looks of things that wasn't the case anymore.

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Default Chapter 3 Micaela's Story

No one knows how she ended up in Broken Bay; she moved in overnight paying cash for a tiny bungalow on the beach.
She prays they never find out, it is, after all none of their business where she came from or why she is in here.

She came to get her life back, not live defined by past mistakes.
Shortly after her arrival, Micaela started making a name for herself at the local restaurant,
her skills in the kitchen breathed life into the dying establishment.

Just one short year after being hired on as line chef,
Micaela was promoted to Executive Chef at the Lighthouse bar and Grill.
She is credited with turning a struggling mom and pop establishment,
into the place for fine dining in Broken Bay.
Each of the dishes she has created is infused with her own snappy personality.

She loves cooking, she adores making people smile with her creations,
and the restaurant gives her the chance to do just that.
Home is different, after a full day of work,
returning to the empty house is often more then she can bear.

On the worst of those days she travels over to the local bar and has a couple of drinks, listens to the local band play, and pretends she is happy being single.
She reminds herself, this is her choice, she wants no one telling her how to run her life, and she alone is in charge of that.

At the end of the day, when she lays down in her bed,
somehow it doesn't matter that she has chosen this life;
somehow it seems this life of solitude has chosen her.
Is she trapped forever in its cold claws?

This is her life in Broken Bay,
single by choice, passionate about cooking,
and guarding her past,
hoping her friends and neighbors never discover
what drove her to their sleepy little town.
Will the Lighthouse be enough to keep her warm at night,
or will loneliness win the war it wages against her?

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Default Broken Bay an introduction

A small scenic town, set amidst stunning mountains,
and pristine beaches, Broken Bay is the home to just over 1500 residents.
Some say it is the ideal place to raise your children, with a low crime rate,
and boasting no murders or violent crimes in the past five years,
it does indeed paint itself as a utopia.

Neighbors can be seen chatting on sidewalks,
while children ride by on their bicycles.
Is it really all it appears to be on the surface,
or is there something darker hiding where only a few dare to look?

Micaela and Katie are just two of the residents we introduce in
The Broken Bay Chronicles.

Follow us as we get to know Juan Torrez,
the broken hearted single father,
struggling to fulfill both roles in his young daughter's life
as they recover from his wife's untimely demise at the hands of a drunk driver.

In upcoming episodes meet the Carter's,
Tom and Macy were born in Broken Bay and have roots back to Broken Bay's beginning. Now they struggle raising their teenage sons.
Will their marriage of 20 years survive the tumultuous teens?

Learn how Amelia Hart came to raise her son alone
after losing her husband to the penitentiary system,
all because she couldn’t make him hand her the keys that fateful night.

Reconnect with the saga of Khalisee started in
The Way It Is
as she tries to begin a new life with her sister in Broken Bay.

Every town has one, the oldest and richest family,
Mrs. Deborah Crandall is the great –great- granddaughter
to one of the original founding fathers,
and she married well when she chose Kenneth Crandall as her spouse,
he's a successful business leader as well as having descended from the original families. Now time has left the town with very few founding families still living there,
will they be able to find suitable mates for their son and daughter?

Is Broken Bay the Mayberry of modern Days? Watch and decide for yourself!

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