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Default Darkkissed--- A Vampire Romance ...... GIVE IT A TRY!!!!

Sophia Delapa arose from her bed seemingly synchronized with the sun as it floated over sleeping Los Aniegos, or Dead City as most call it now a days. Los Aniegos was a city to be experienced and not just heard about; a city where the rich died wealthy and the poor died satisfied. Where money bore no weight and assets were everything. It was also host to America's most thriving Hunter population. Hunters or Vampires as you probably know them by started appearing in the public eye about 20 years ago during the Satilist Conventions; a series of conventions leading up to the signing of The Satilist Agreement. Because the Hunters were becoming little in number with only a few hundred living and a handful with the ability of creation, the leaders of the hunter world approached that of the human world in order to sign an agreement in which both species could live in harmony amongst one another. Hunters were bound by these rules by the power of Kilos. The same power that prohibits them from entering another's home unwelcome or stepping out into the sunlight. With the signing of the agreement hunters were no longer able to drink the blood of a human unless consensual, that being with the exception of the Alios or pure vampires born and not created, the only vampires capable of creation, attraction and on occasion day walking.

Sophia crawled out of her bed. Her back aching most likely from the hell-a-time she had with Trevor last night. "Making coffee I hope" she called as she made her way into her living room. No coffee, no breakfast, in fact there was no Trevor at all. "Trev?" She repeated in hopes he was somehow out of sight even though she knew it wasn't possible considering her parlor was all of 200 square feet.

She let out an exasperated sigh. He had done it again. Trevor was the brilliantly gorgeous law student that Sophia had been seeing for about two years now. She's been madly in love with him since childhood and it didn’t help that he was the older brother of her best friend Nala. Trevor was funny, intelligent, kind, everything she could possibly want in a mate, in fact his only downside was that he was an insatiable workaholic.

She reached for her phone mind set on coming to the bottom of these 'smash and dash' incidents. This hadn't been the first time Trevor had skipped out on her early in the morning, it had to stop.
'Hey sleeping beauty'
'Hey? Where are you I woke up and....'
before she could finish her sentence he cut her off
'you dressed?'
'No Trev I'm talking' she continued in hopes of regaining control.
'Shhhh, get dressed lets get breakfast. I know you've been going through a lot lately, so lets grab a coffee and a chat on me' She could almost hear his gorgeous smile through her phone. And without another word the phone cut off and she scrambled to get dressed.

'Ding' She nearly crashed into the door running to open it. Her heart stopped and her breath escaped her almost every time she saw his smiling face, its a wonder she hadn't died of suffocation yet.

She leaped into his arms, dying couldn't be that painful could it? If it were less painful that not spending every moment wrapped up in Trevor's muscular arms she could bear it. She kissed him her body betraying her yearn for him.

"What's that for?" he asked surprised.
"Im glad you came back" She responded.
'Me too' He whispered his voice deep with affection before leaning in for a stronger kiss.

Breakfast would have to to wait. After the almost two months shes had, losing her scholarship to Lulila Arts Institute, her grandmother falling ill, and not to mention that 5 pound weight gain, all she could think of right now was steam, sweat and pain. So much pleasurably pain.

Cradled in his arms, the only thing that crossed her mind was how happy and greatful she was to have him. Although he was constantly working, he was a great guy. What type of woman would she be to complain about a man who over works? He was an over achiever, just like her. Thats what made them compatible.

Enough thinking, tonight she'd let herself die a little. A soft-slow death.
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