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The Goth Conspiracy: A LuLu Guiness Mystery
Part 1

Our story takes place in spooky Moonlight Falls, a supernatural mecha- our heroine, Lulu Guiness, is the #1 private detective in town. It is Halloween night and something strange and sinister hangs in the air amidst the laughs and shrieks of sugar filled children.

LuLu had seen some real horror stories in her time. Murders, kidnappings, assassinations you name it. In this fog shrouded town, mortal mischief isn't all a P.I. has to worry about. Tonight though, things are quiet as a new moon. Jack-o-lanterns flicker festively on front lawns and the town square has been decorated for the holiday. We find our sleuth in the kitchen of her quaint cottage, preparing a platter to take to the Halloween block party later that night.

"My clown costume's gonna be the talk of the party." she chuckled to herself as she sliced away at the produce in front of her. As a big fish in this small pond, she was hoping to really wow the judges of the costume contest- not just with her outfit, but also with the dish she was making now, her famous Rattitoulli. A little bribery never hurt, right? You catch more flies with honey than sugar, or...something like that. From her pocket, her cellphone jingled. After quickly whiping her hands on a dish towl, she answered.

"LuLu Guiness speaking." she sighed exasperatedly, knowing who it would be. No wonder she didn't have a boyfriend, she was married to the job. "Guiness, glad I got ahold of you!" gruffed police cheif Slater. He was a big man with a big heart, and had a real passion for the law. His family went back to generations of Moonlight Falls police chiefs, almost to the founding of the town itself. "We've been getting some weird phone calls here at the precinct. Something about the ghost of Bella Goth wandering town! Normally I wouldn't call you in over something like this, but with the investigation for Bella going ice cold, we've got to look into it. can you work your magic and find out what's going on here?" he asked.

She knew the party was soon, but Lulu's dedication to the force is what earned her good reputation in town. Back in Bridgeport, she was a nobody no matter how hard she worked to make a name for herself. The city was full of celebrities, and if didn't know the right people, you could forget about working your way up the job ladder. When she got the news that a now distant great aunt had left the tiny cottage to her, she eagerly packed her bag and moved on to greener pastures.

"I'll look into it right away, chief." she smiled, remembering the feeling of falling in love with the little house, the slow pace of life here, and the local color. She wouldn't want to be anywhere else. The Rattitoulli and the party would have to wait. After all, something as bizarre as getting phone calls about a ghost called for immediate action. Some people in the town, like chief slater, were skeptics about the paranormal, but Lulu knew first hand how odd reality here could really be.

The Guiness family has lived in Moonlight falls for several generations, but Lulu's ambitious parents moved the family to Bridgeport when she was still a child. Great Aunt Emily had stayed behind though, unwilling to leave the cottage her husband Jacob had built. She was struggling with his death, and still talked to him as if he were there. Lulu's prents thought she was senile, but Lulu knew something they didn't- she and Great Aunt Emily had a gift, the gift of magic. Aunt Emily had taught her from the time she was very small to be careful who she let know about her gift, for not everyone would understand. After moving to Bridgeport, Emily and Lulu lost touch as Emily became a recluse and Lulu grew from a little girl to a young woman.

When she first arrived back at the cottage on a warm summer night, Lulu found a leather bound book on a desk in the basement. On the inside flap was a message, to her-

"Little Lulu; The days are growing dimmer and I feel myself getting closer and closer to Jacob. I know soon I will pass from this mortal realm, and with me the arcane knowledge I know you will need on your journey too. For this reason, I have written all I know in this Book of Shadows for you. use it and think of me, and remember to always seek the light.
all my love,
your great aunt Emily

Also left to her was a crystal ball, which to her surprise, she found she already knew how to use. Far from a phony mystical fortune teller like the many around town, Lulu used her powers primarily for helping investigate the strange occurrences in Moonlight Fall, solve mysteries, and save lives.

Tonight, she consulted the glowing orb once again, closing her eyes and letting the magical force wash over her. "Lord and Lady of the light, please give me guidance" she whispered, feeling an aura of peace surround her. The crystal ball began to tingle under her fingertips and float slights above the table. Lulu peered in, and what she saw was...impossible.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1! I'll be uploading Part 2 very soon. This is my first story, so I would love some constructive criticism.
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