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Default Digging Graves
(I'll be using a filter in photoshop to doctor my screenshots, as the graphical quality is not the best. And I kind of like the style of the filters. Let me know what you think.)

Finally, Cecilia had graduated from high school, and could leave her hometown of Moonlight Falls behind. The dominance of the supernaturals and Cerebrophage plague had taken its toll on her wistful nostalgia, to the point where she could no longer look on the old town with the same eyes as when she was a child, knowing of the dark underbelly that had been hidden from her by her parents.

They were supernatural hunters, stemming the tide of altered Sims by targeting the ones that most often preyed upon mortals. Of course, once the war was started, lines began to blur, and common foes among the supernaturals turned en mass against her parents. Good witches stood alongside the evil magi, while werewolves hunted with vampires. A great wizard led the offensive with the rest of the horde, destroying her parents' section of the Science Lab. They had no chance against the combined might of the supernaturals, and were burned alive with witchfire.

Cecilia heard later about what happened, having been sat alone at what should've been her eighteenth birthday celebration. She cried herself to sleep and locked herself in her house for what seemed like months. Finally, her resolve built to the point of dragging her out of bed, and making the call to move out of Moonlight Falls.

She would miss the beautiful alpine forests, the heady mists arising from the river, and the snug winters, playing among the crystalline boughs.

She vaguely remembered looking out her car window, and seeing pale yellow eyes creeping from the path behind her. Resting her head against the window, she fell asleep and let the cab take her to her new home.


Her flight arrived at the military airport of Sunset Valley. Here she would make her home in a beautiful, sunny town where it never snowed or grew cold. Warm beaches awaited on the shores, and a beautiful town square. She trusted now in the Bulwark of distance to keep the vengeful supernaturals at bay. Although they existed outside of Moonlight Falls, their numbers rarely reached critical mass when the corruption of power compounded itself.

She arrived at her new home, which she'd purchased with the funds left by her parents. There was little enough left when she arrived at the Monochrome house, taking in the sight with a tired smile. Night had fallen by the time she entered it's door. She swiftly found the bed, and then crept into it, sleeping the night and memories away.

She awoke later, receiving the oddest sensation. It felt almost as if some voyeuristic entity beyond the veil of sleep was watching her every move. she shrugged it off as she pushed off the bed.

Nevertheless, she got dressed directly afterward, unpacking clothes from her suit case. She checked herself out in the mirror, and nodded, satisfied.

She checked her phone, only to find it malfunctioning. She tried getting it to cooperate, and almost managed to get a text to send, but it simply shut down, no bars. "Damn it." Cecilia groaned, frowning as she stuffed the phone into her handbag. She'd have to find someone who could fix it.

Since setting out from Moonlight falls, she'd given a few thoughts to what she would do when she got to Sunset Valley. She'd always wanted to follow in her parents footsteps as scientists, or perhaps a doctor. Cecilia had a mind to go to the hospital to apply, but figured she had time to find a fix for her phone first.

She overheard a man among the crowd talking to his friend about the latest gismo. Maybe this one could help her, "Hey there, I couldn't help overhear you talking about the latest iSimple phone."

He gave her a sidelong glance and nodded, somewhat nonplussed. "Yeah, I was thinking of trading mine in for the new one. The last batch of adjustments I made to it didn't take."

Cecilia gave it a second thought, but supposed she had nothing to lose. There were probably few enough who could modify a phone let alone repair it. Besides, there was something about this kid that she liked, "Would you mind taking a look at my phone, it doesn't want to behave..." She flashed a coy smile.

"Well, alright," He took the phone from her. After fiddling with the screen for a few moments, he smiled wryly, "Well it looks like you just locked yourself into the options screen. That field you were trying to input messages into was your profile. You might want to take lessons in social networking before you do much more with your phone... Wouldn't want everyone knowing what you're saying to ZeroHr1984."

"Oh..." She felt somewhat crestfallen. "I'm not really as silly as I seem, I'm just a bit new to these kinds of phones. I come from a more rural area, where the most advanced form of communication is a telegraph."

"Hey that's fine." He said, "Maybe when you figure it out, you can shoot me a text."

"Thanks," She smiled brightly, "I'll do that."


After attending a class on social networking, she headed home now under cover of night. She still couldn't shake the feeling of being watched, but shrugged it off just the same. She looked up at the night sky, scored by bright stars and a great big moon. Hastened by the bad memories the sight of the moon illicited, her step picked up in pace, until she finally found her way back to her new house, where an ice cream truck was parked nearby. Taking the opportunity to fill her hunger need, she made an order for a cone.

Enjoying the raspberry dairy treat, she entered her house, locking the door and tucking herself into bed.


Later that night, Cecilia's slumber was disturbed by the sound of shuffling outside her window.

She thought to call the police, but knew they would take too long to respond. Suddenly filled with an anger that made her forget herself, she rushed out to shoo the voyeur. Her heart skipped a beat when she rounded the corner, to come face to face with a Cerebrophage.

From experience and foreknowledge, she knew they were rarely aggressive. They would attack if they got close, but otherwise were clumsy and dimly aware of their surroundings. She waved her arms to shoo it off, but thought better of calling out. Their senses were dull while in their zombified state, but the slightest sound could draw attentoin, which was something she didn't want to risk. So she ran back inside and locked the door, throwing a chair in front of it for good measure. There she hid in her room until the day came, when the Cerebrophages would come out of their half-dead stupor and shift into normal Sims again.


In the morning, after getting showered and dressed, Cecilia sent a text to the staffing manager of the Hospital. If there was a Cerebrophage outbreak, Cecilia wanted to be a part of the solution. She refused to hide any longer.

She sent it as a secret admirer text: Meet me at the Monochrome House. Come alone. I'm waiting with baited breath.

Her skill with the phone was still limited, and she didn't know how to conceal her number. A little while later, she received a phone call from the Manager, Geoffrey Landgraab. "Hello, who is this?"

"This is Cecilia Graves, Sir... I was just sending you a message so we could meet."

"To what end?..."

"Well... I was thinking if I gave you my leg up, you'd give me another leg up in the Hospital business."

Silence, then reluctant laughter. He answered obliquely, "Very well. I must attend a few things here first."

"Thank you sir, for the chance."


He arrived a little later. She didn't feel it was wrong what she was doing. There was little chance of her getting this job without some form of bribery, with no formal education the odds were stacked against her favor. But she would sacrifice a shred of integrity to help against the Cerebrophage menace.

"So we're agreed, a job at the Hospital?"

He nodded, "Yes, yes, but let me have a look at you..." He took her arms in his hands, his eyes roving up and down her conservatively dressed outfit, and imagining the body underneath. He smiled, "You're of age, yes?"

She nodded, choking on his words.

So they embraced. Despite herself, she felt chills down her back where he touched her that were not altogether unpleasant. After a few moments she embraced him back, and they kissed.

She took him by the hand as they broke away, and led him into the house and into her bedroom. It was her first time.
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At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about the posterized screenshots but this is so beautifully written they ended up not bothering me! Keep up the good work! Will be checking back for updates
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Default Chapter the Second
(Thanks for commenting. I actually agree with the feedback about the filter. On third glance, the lines are far too jagged and a bit blotchy and blech. This chapter is going to be unfiltered. I played it without advanced rendering enabled so it may look odd. Oddly enough, I prefer disabling advanced rendering as it removes the weird sheen to many of the textures, and also the yucky olive-grey vampire overlay which bugs me when I'm playing a vamp sim. Sometimes playing without it gives me graphical artifacting, so meh. The third chapter will be captured in advanced rendering, as I seemed to have hit a good balance between quality and performance. So without further ado...)

When Cecilia awoke the next morning, she did feel strange. Like there was a change without a difference in feeling. She'd been flirty as teenager, without letting the boys get too far. She didn't feel ashamed of what she and Geoffrey had done, and it was not entirely as much of a business arrangement as it might seem to the gossip circle. Of course, she'd done it under the assumption that he intended to make good on giving her a headstart as a nurse at the Hospital. What had transpired, however, had been more than just a transaction. Not that she was falling for Geoffrey, but he was gentle and kind enough that she enjoyed the experience. He assured her that every other time would get even better.

He left before she woke up, for which she was grateful. She had a lot to do, and couldn't afford to split her attention between preparation for the exam to enter the medical career and Geoffrey. He seemed to understand well enough that this was a casual thing between, that may or may not happen again.

After getting dressed and fixing a bit of salad for breakfast, Cecilia made her way to the park, where she intended to engage in some friendly chess games while enjoying the Leisure Day activities.

She made a good showing, beating her opponent for a best two out of three. Being a certifiable genius had it's perks.

The sim woman couldn't resist an attempt to make nice with one of the locals that had come to the Festival. Perhaps too hastily.

Undaunted by this, she shrugged and made her way to the next attraction, a medium-sized roller situated at the corner of the Park. Hopping into her roller skates, she clumsily stumbled into the arena. Crying out in distress, she waved her arms as she nearly fell, but then was caught by the hands by one of the other skaters.

He managed to steady her, before panic took over and she brought both of them down to the floor of the rink.

"Ow! Sorry about that..."

"That's alright," He said with a friendly smile, "Happens to every newcomer to the rink. Are you new in town?"

Cecilia nodded as she righted herself, unsteadily sliding her skates beneath her center of gravity. Then she returned his smile with an eager grin, "Yes, hi. I'm Cecilia Graves. Nice to meet you."

"Stiles McGraw." As he rose to his feet, he watched Cecilia straighten her posture, "How about I give you some pointers on skating?"

"That would be lovely, thanks." Cecilia gave him a demure smile, as she let him take the lead.

For the next hour or so they got acquainted while teaching her to skate. She learned that he was an aspiring musician, and she in part told him about her ambitions in the medical field. They spent another hour practicing skating before he remarked, "You're a fast study..."

She began twirling, reaching her hands up. Cecilia surprised herself with her progress. "Must be the teacher." She grinned.

"Listen, maybe we can meet up sometime, catch a movie or a bite to eat..." He looked nervous.

"Well, I could use some help settling in. I haven't finished unpacking at my new house. We could meet there later."

"And here I was worrying that I was being too forward..." He grinned and then chuckled, "That sounds, good though."

Cecilia gave him her address before they parted, and he gave her his phone number.


She wasn't done at the Festival just yet. From all the excitement, Cecilia worked up an appetite. The smell of hot dogs wafted from the other side of the park, attracting Festival goers from all over. Luckily, Cecilia was able to finagle a spot on the eating competition that was just beginning. The bell sounded, and so the eaters went to it.

The battle of guts lasted a good thirty minutes, before Cecilia finished, casting a baleful gaze over her competition, and the vanquished plate of wieners before her.

Not a bad day, and she ended it with a few festival tickets, to spend on prizes. but her mind was elsewhere, and with no small amount of excitement, she made her way home, where she could wash up a bit and change into something more comfortable.


A few hours later, Stiles arrived as promised. She let him in with a smile, "Glad to see you again. Are you ready to move some boxes?"

"Absolutely, just show me where you want them."

Stiles nodded. And so they set about unpacking her things. He was content to do the bulk of the heavy lifting, while she took a moment to admire his 'work ethic'.

There wasn't much left to unpack, however, and it wasn't an hour before they were done. Cecilia brushed his shoulder with her hand, and frowned, "Oh, you're so tense. Here, let me help." She put both her hands on either shoulder, while he turned obediently.

She kneaded his shoulders gently but firmly, leaning in as she finished.

Then, as he turned around to thank her, she leaned in unexpectedly to touch her lips to his. And, they kissed. For just a moment as their lips played against each other, the world seemed to spin around them.

It wasn't long before Cecilia seduced him into her bed. Hours later, they lay exhausted, clasping hands beneath the sheets, and gazing into each others eyes.

Cecilia could feel this was different to what had gone between her and Geoffrey, more than recreational woohoo. There was a rightness to it that at the same time made her feel silly. They talked the night away until they fell asleep.
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I do like it better without the filter. Good call! But gee, Cecilia doesn't waste any time with the men, does she?! I'm really enjoying this story though; your writing (especially dialogue) is outstanding.

This line made me laugh, "The battle of guts lasted a good thirty minutes, before Cecilia finished, casting a baleful gaze over her competition, and the vanquished plate of wieners before her." Nice work!
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Default Chapter 3
(Yes, she is a bit of a tart, I suppose. I think we all have at least one sim that's like that. I have a feeling she'll soon learn to reign herself in, anyway. Thanks for the compliment and comments. In truth, I often feel it's dialogue where I struggle most. It's good to hear that the last couple of posts ring true.)

The two woke up early the next morning. After her daily ritual of bathing, dressing, and checking her phone for blog updates and messages, she came by a text from Geoffrey, who informed her that she'd get a position at the hospital as soon as she completed a degree for Medicine and Science at Sims University. Immediately ecstatic, she ran to find Stiles, who curiously was dressed and standing by the door.

"I'm going to University!" She squealed, "They gave me a partial scholarship, so I'll be able to afford it."

"That's great, hon." He said, patting her on the back. She twined her own arm around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss, taking a picture with her phone.

So having done little unpacking at all, she now had to pack for university. It took her a few weeks, but eventually she got all she needed and also some extra money to spend at the University Town.

When she arrived, she was awed by the architecture of the central buildings, and the crowds of students who all were well into their own activities. There was a comic shop, several halls where classes were held, several hangouts, and a large Studen Union building, which had everything she needed for her studies.

When it came time to choose the place she would rent, she went with the single room bungalow, which was modestly sized for a single student. Thankfully the University provided an unpacking van and service, so she was able to settle in very quickly.

She began acclimating herself to the social network availed by the University. She texted and blogged until her eyes burned, then she went to make a simple dinner of macaroni and cheese. She ate quickly, and washed the dish just as much. Unfortunately, the sink suffered technical difficulties, perhaps resulting from her haste in washing the dishes.

"Bother!" She grimaced and gestured angrily toward the sink. "It's okay, Cecilia, you can fix it, you have the knowhow."

She was by no means a handiwoman, but she knew her way around the plumbing, and so wouldn't have to spend her limited funds on the repair man. She fixed the sink before she went to bed.

She'd signed up for many credits this term, and was prepared to go to class all day three days a week. Cecilia spent much of the first week fighting the temptation to party with fraternities and sororities. At the end, she had an A report card to show for her efforts.

Then the weekend began, and she thought it best to use those days free from study to explore her University more thoroughly. As something of a nerd herself, she thought first to go to the local Comic store, which was fully equipped with not just comic and poster displays, but snack dispensers, video games of all sorts, and PCs set up on a LAN. Cecilia didn't waste any time in engaging the nerds in all sorts of nerd activities. One fellow in a bicycle helmet challenged her to a game of table asteroids. She nearly squeed when she saw the graphics, which hearkened back to an age where gameplay mattered more than flashy art.

She played him until she started losing.

As they got up from the table, she couldn't help herself from sizing him up. She realized she was getting a bit loose since her first encounters, and decided to employ a new gating procedure, meant to weed out the ignorant. She approached the guy, and without the slightest amount of coy, "Hey, you're kind of cute. I'll let you date me, if you answer these questions, three."

And so she went on to lead him into the questions, awaiting his answers with baited breath.

He answered correctly just once, two out of three equaled failure. She patted him on the shoulder and gave him a sympathy peck. "Better luck next time. Thanks for the gaming."

Next up, she decided to play some Sim Animal with another nerdette. They went on for about half an hour before Cecilia stood triumphantly. "Bear always beats salmon." She smirked with on small amount of smug. "Hey, do you mind if I try some things I've been learning in psyche on you?"

The girl leaned backward in the sofa, quirking an eyebrow, "Erm, eh, I guess?"

"Oh, it's nothing intrusive. Not like I'll be giving you neuroleptics or anything. Just some ink blots for you to look at and tell me what you see." This seemed like a great way to get to know people better, and was very pleased that University was giving her an opportunity to learn it.

"Well okay, that sounds fun!" The girl giggled.

"Okay," Cecilia said getting up, followed by the other young woman, "Now," She pulled out an inkblot, "What do you see?"

"Ummm..." She scratched her chin, then giggled, "Gummy bears!"

Cecilia nodded, and smiled. Childish...

It was after five when she realized she'd better get home and see if anyone had emailed or snail mailed her. She'd sent a love letter to Stiles earlier in the week, and was anxious to see if he'd reply.

She arrived home and first thing checked the mail box. To her surprise, there already was a letter addressed to her. With no small level of excitement, she took it out of the box and read the address. She frowned, it read landgraab, but the office address and header were not Geoffrey's, they belonged to someone named Nancy. Not yet curious enough to open it, she went inside and placed it on an end table, intending to check it later.

Sunday went by fast, with she working on her social networking and science skill. She had just begun to learn analyzing rocks and other things found in the wild, which gave her Scientific pursuits a headstart. She'd all but forgotten about the note left on her end table by the time Monday arrived. She left the house in her school gear, and readied herself mentally for a long day of classes.

At the end of the day she was tired and hungry, and surprised to find on her phone an invitation to a party at a fraternity. Nevertheless, she was pleased. This could be fun!

She arrived there, and greeted her host, who apparently was some rich legacy. He challenged her to a game of juice pong. She jumped at the chance to taste the nectar hitherto forbidden to her, and hopefully in great quantities.

She got off to a slow start, losing the first round, and being made to drink a full cup of juice. Defeat never tasted so good.

The next few rounds didn't go so well for rich boy.

He eventually conceded victory, and by that time she was beginning to feel the effects of the juice.

The rest of the night was a pleasant blur, but eventually, after somehow making her way back to her place, she found herself face to face with a stranger. Her heart jumped, but then remembered vaguely delivering a line propsoitioning a technology major to bone up on anatomy. Yadda yadda yadda, they ended up in bed together. His name was Tiberius, and thankfully was understanding about this being a casual arrangement. She explained that she was falling for someone back home. And that was that.

She finished the Term with flying colors, and savored a victory well earned. She only need come back to complete the last few credits, and she can even spend most of it just having fun, so long as she has the funds to do so. Cecilia was counting on that job.

It was just then she remembered the letter from one Nancy Landgraab.

She went over and opened it.

Ms. Graves:

I heard what you did with my husband. This will not stand. I regret to inform you that you won't have a job at his hospital when you come back from Sim University. And also, the house you live in will be rented out to another, so don't bother planning on staying for very long. We Landgraabs own most of Sunset Valley. And now everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, knows what you did with my husband, and the value of your virtue.

Nancy Landgraab Esq.

Cecilia's heart sank. Her despair defied description. She spent the rest of her downtime at Uni crying into a pillow, knowing that Stiles wouldn't have her, and her life in Sunset Valley had come to an abrupt end. Still, she had only known him for a week, and not even spent more than a few hours with him. She could survive this, she'd gone through worse.

The next day, she went on the computer to look for other residences she could take up. Interestingly, she found one in a place callled Legacy Island, under a man named Bruce High, who was renting out extra rooms in his house. Under the description, she saw a view of the place. It was a modern townhouse, beautiful, with large windows lining each end of the Villa. She sent a quick message, then got to packing.

There were still loose ends to tie up in Sunset Valley, and things to gather from what she thought would be her home. She arrived with a heavy heart, thinking about what she'd lost.

THere she was greeted by a young woman wearing a chessboard patterned slicker, who promptly invited her in.

Cecilia started as they moved to the kitchen area, "I'm just here to pick up my things. I'm moving to Legacy City at the first opportunity, just a few things I need to pack. I'm travelling lightly."

"Ooh, Legacy Island! I hear they have a great casino there... I'd love to go too."

Cecilia quirked a brow, "Well... You actually could." She couldn't resist the urge to rob Nancy Landgraabs of the rent revenue, however meager it'd seem to them. "From what I hear he has two rooms available, and even said I could bring a friend with me."

"So you don't mind then? The color scheme of this place IS a bit depressing..."

Cecilia capitulated, in truth glad that she wouldn't have to go to this stranger's place alone. And so she bid farewell to another town, but thankful for the lessons learned. The two new companions gathered their things the next day, and made for Legacy Island.
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Darn Nancy and her schemes! Hopefully Cecilia will have better luck on Legacy Island. She's a likeable character, and I hate to see her dreams get squashed. I thought the Rorschach inkblot test was a nice touch, and a creative, fun way for Cecilia to figure out the nerdette had the childish trait.

Your story entertained me like usual and your writing was superb as always! Keep it up!
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Default Chapter 4

While they were seated on the train that would take them to the coast, Cecilia reflected on more of what happened. She'd perhaps been a bit hasty in inviting the strange woman that was in her place along with her. Although she thought little of it at the time, it seemed exceedingly strange that the woman immediately invited herself to Cecilia's relocation. Before they left, she shared a picture she'd gotten of the house.

The woman told Cecilia that her name was Vera Domino. Amiable enough, she seemed a bit odd at times, evasive in conversation. Cecilia would’ve sworn she spotted Vera slipping odd objects around the car, like dinnerware, into her carry bag. Sometimes brazenly doing it without fear that anyone noticed. The rest of the time Vera spent on the computer, playing chess and at night looking at web pages that seemed official by the look of them.

Otherwise, they passed more of the time in conversation, mostly focusing on Cecilia's tangled love-life, “… I'm not even sure what Stiles knew, I never got to meeting him after I returned from college. I just couldn't stand the idea of having a confrontation. Sometimes I wish Sims could just have love and romance without jealousy. Maybe I just haven't found the one Sim that I would want to be with forever and exclusively.”

Vera shrugged, “The words forever and exclusive always resemble a salesman's pitch to me. Forever of anything sounds like hell to me, and exclusive is a lonely word. Some people just like having options, without regard for how much they like one thing. It's too bad that one thing might get upset when you reveal you have no intention of sticking around, without inviting guests from time to time.” Vera snickered, then concluded, “Contracts and promises are a thing of evil, you'd do well to remember that.”

“I'm not so sure.” Cecilia quirked a brow, “Seems a bit flippant when you're dealing with peoples' emotions. And not just that, but their livelihood in cases of professionalism.” Hearing it from herself made Cecilia feel even more remorseful at her sudden departure. Shouldn't she at least have given Stiles a chance. Mentally she cleared the thought. She would think only to the future for now.


They arrived by train at a station on the coast south of Bridgeport. From there a cab took them to a port that transported travelers to Legacy Island by ferry. The boat didn't take long before it arrived at the Island, which seemed greatly developed for such a small area. They took a cab to the High Townhouse, which lie on the northern part of the island.

As they took in the sight of the house, they couldn't help marvel at the modern architecture. Much of the walls were spanned by great windows that flashed with a mirror shine. They almost seemed reflective. Vera and Cecilia could see themselves as they approached the door to introduce themselves. They rung twice as instructed by correspondence, then waited.

Within a few minutes, the door opened to reveal the man posting the property listing himself.

Vera smiled at him, but something in Cecilia caused her to recoil. Around him, she could see an almost imperceptible aura of red, and a feeling of apprehension engulfed her. She wasn't normally one to let her instincts run unchecked, but she did hesitate a good few moments. She didn't know about Vera, but none of her family were alive to miss her, should something happen. Cecilia wasn't a paranoid type, but she gave serious thoughts before finally stepping through the threshold.

The door shut behind her, and almost instantly she regretted her decision.

As the couple turned to face Bruce, the fangs came out. His eyes grew and canines elongated as he let out a sinister hiss, and that imperceptible aura Cecilia had noticed before turned into a fog with tendrils that shot out and reached to caress the sim women. A sense of hopeless terror and foreboding engulfed them, and so they fled in separate directions within the house, neither having an idea where they were going.

Cecilia ran up the stairs, while she heard Vera locking herself into a room on the ground floor. Cecilia didn't turn to see if the man followed her, but merely found his study, and hid under the desk. Although rationally she realized this was probably the most terrible hiding spot she could've come across, the fear held a tight grip on her heart, bottlenecking her thoughts into only those of flight and hiding.

She'd known about vampires from her time in Moonlight Falls, but the few who lived there weren't outright evil, at least not on the magnitude of the evil she sensed within Bruce. She closed her eyes and prayed for a quick end, seeing little else that could save her at this point, although it occurred to her, perhaps he wouldn't want them dead...

Cecilia was shaken out of her thoughts by a piercing scream, followed by sobbing and pleading, and then more screaming. Then the sobs ebbed and flowed, until they weakened into a whisper, and then Cecilia heard no more of Vera.

She could hear heavy footsteps making their way from up the stairs.

Her heart thudded with every reverberation of his boots. She thought it would come out of her neck.

The footsteps got closer to his office, then stopped.

For a few moments she heard no more. She almost allowed herself to believe that he'd gone by. Maybe he'd gone down the hall. Maybe she could sneak out!

She got out silently from behind the desk, peeking out to see if she could make him out in the room. He was nowhere to be found. Emboldened by his absence, she made her way toward the entrance of the study.

She passed through the threshold with a frantic speed, when she was seized from behind. He pushed her to the ground, landing on her stomach, knocking the wind out of her and likely bruising her elbows, although such an injury would seem as nothing to what would come.

She could feel him lean forward, until his face was just next to hers. She could almost feel his lips parting to reveal a smile, though she saw nothing but her own tousled hair. “It gets so lonely being evil.”

Then it was Cecilia's turn to scream.

To be continued...
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Wow! This chapter was very exciting! I read it late at night and to be honest, it gave me a little bit of the creeps (In a good way)!

I can tell a big difference in your writing and such since you decided to take pictures according to what you wanted to write. I only wish, and this is just my personal opinion, that there were a few more screenshots to tell the story.

All in all though, another fabulous addition to your ever entertaining story!
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I really think your pictures look great the way you have them. smile.
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Thanks for the replies, both. I'm glad someone is finding it at least a bit scary. Admittedly being somewhat desensitized it's not always easy for me to figure out when something I wrote is truly within the realm of horror, speaking in terms of genre versus quality, of course .

Unfortunately, I had some software problems, possibly a virus or something similar with my system and had to reformat it. I don't think I'll be continuing with Cecilia, but may just make this more of an anthology of horror, or something, or continue with a new protagonist. At any rate, it'll still be the same overarching conflict of supernaturals and so forth, possibly referencing or featuring Cecilia and company as well, we'll see if I can make good enough clone of her. I have little confidence I could just recreate my characters from scratch, so that's that. Oh well. I didn't plan on being so frigid with these characters, but old habits die hard. Hopefully I can still make it entertaining enough, I'm still interested in writing it,regardless.
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I really enjoyed this last chapter. When I was a teen, (way back in the 1900's) I was a huge vampire fiction fan. If it had to do with vampires, I read it or watched it.
You did a great job of building suspense and I loved the cliff hanger ending. I seem to do that a lot when I am writing

I wonder what has come of poor Vera?

Sorry you are having computer problems. I would suggest just making a new Cecilia in Body Shop. That way you have her clone if you need her. I am sure you will do a great job and the new Cecilia will be fine.
Keep up the good work.
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Originally Posted by Plumboob
Thanks for the replies, both. I'm glad someone is finding it at least a bit scary. Admittedly being somewhat desensitized it's not always easy for me to figure out when something I wrote is truly within the realm of horror, speaking in terms of genre versus quality, of course .

Unfortunately, I had some software problems, possibly a virus or something similar with my system and had to reformat it. I don't think I'll be continuing with Cecilia, but may just make this more of an anthology of horror, or something, or continue with a new protagonist. At any rate, it'll still be the same overarching conflict of supernaturals and so forth, possibly referencing or featuring Cecilia and company as well, we'll see if I can make good enough clone of her. I have little confidence I could just recreate my characters from scratch, so that's that. Oh well. I didn't plan on being so frigid with these characters, but old habits die hard. Hopefully I can still make it entertaining enough, I'm still interested in writing it,regardless.

Software problems? What a bummer! I feel your pain. I had to start The Pleasantview Diaries from scratch after chapter 4 (but that was mostly my own dumb fault). Regardless, I was glad I did. So, don't set your mind on quitting just yet!
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I loved the beer pong game in chapter 3. That was great. I have not played in years. lol
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Default Chapter 5
(Thanks for the encouragement. A few answers in this update, though it's another short one with just a few screenshots thrown together. I haven't got a copy of Bruce just yet, but will try and make one for the next, if he even appears in that chapter. Apologies for the little slivers of picture slipping through my frames, I'll get better at it sooner or later.

Tasia: Thanks for the comment. I have to confess a weakness for vampire fiction myself from a young age, I always try them when playing them is an option in games. Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen was my first favorite game to feature vampires. I like movies and books too, though I've skipped over Anne Rice's books (saw the movies, though) and Twilight. Twilight: to think, when I was a lad, Anne Rice was reviled for making vampires too soft...

H: In fact I get a bit paranoid after a while, when a few things go wrong on my system. Every six months or so I reformat it, just to be on the safe side. Next time I'll be more conscientious and save my games for the new loadout, though my MO is generally to nuke things from orbit.)

They were in the dark for three days.

Cecilia quickly realized that Vera was with her, sobbing in the dark, and tried to comfort her as best she could. The moments after she was bitten were a blank, and from what she gathered from Vera, she could remember little beyond the first moments of her initial attack. How long had they been under? It was hard to count time from the moment they regained conciousness, while no light shone. They were fully clothed, unbound, and not wounded except for the bite marks, and could tell nothing nefarious (as if a vampire attack wasn't vile enough) had gone on after they were attacked. Did vampires even have woohoo? Cecilia had grown up in a neighborhood where they lived in the open, and even she was unsure. Maybe that answered her question, as she'd assume whatever their deal was would be obvious. She did know that not all were entirely evil.

"What do you think he wants." Vera asked shakily.

Cecilia shrugged, "I don't know, just wait, maybe he'll let us go." It'd seem cruel to tell her the most likely scenario, that they would probably just be kept here as regular meals until they were too weak to support his thirst. She didn't want to tell Vera what he heard him say during the attack, fearing it might be taken poorly.

More time passed in darkness, before a sliver of light appeared at the other end of the room they were in. Their eyes narrowed painfully at the assault of light, maybe it was Cecilia's imagination, but she thought it was more than the darkness that made her recoil from it.

The Silhouette of Bruce appeared in the doorway, and he walked forward. Without words his mind reached out to each of them, and there was a short melding of one's thoughts to the other. Gradually, Cecilia felt her worries melt away. She knew, for whatever reason, Bruce's purpose with them wasn't what she feared. Cecilia's mind defied the intrusion, and she thought perhaps this was another stage of the seduction to making them living plasma factories. Then he revealed his purpose to her.

"You are to be my pets, my children." Bruce smiled, showing his fangs, "Look on yourselves, and see your companion has already changed."

Cecilia looked at Vera, saw the fangs, the pallid complexion and a dark heaviness around her eyes, rimmed by dark red. Then she touched behind her own lips, and felt the fangs that had grown.

"I will gift you a flat Downtown, where you will live apart from me. For my own security, our contact must be limited, but I will allow you to hunt outside of my stalking grounds, and supply you with an allowance of plasma for your refrigerator. From there, you must pay with your usefulness to me. I know much of each of you, that you, Cecilia have an aspiration to a medical career. And you, Vera, have a history of participating in cyber crime and are an expert hacker. I will give you some time to familiarize yourself with your surroundings before I call on you again. I trust you will not abuse my trust by forsaking my gift. I am far less accommodating to those who are prey."


The next day, they followed directions to what would be their flat, given an account to spend on housing supplies and getting their start in the city. Cecilia was conflicted about her nature, never having seen herself becoming one of the night's creatures. She pondered how her parents would've seen this. Likely they'd be sending her to the hospital to get cured the first thing. But from what he said, that seemed not to be an option, and leaving the city probably wouldn't save her from his wrath, should she cure herself.

She slept most of the day, while Vera went to her own quarters in the flat. There were two bedrooms. Vera graciously allowed Cecilia to take the larger one, while she had the room with a computer desk and cable connection.

Cecilia awoke hours later, feeling strangely. She got dressed and signed onto her own computer terminal in the living room, determined to shrug off the feeling with a distraction. Vera was already logged on, and made it a point to send Cecilia a message.

[V: Hi there, see you're up. I've been busy here, getting acquainted with our network.]

[C: I feel weird. Like I'm hungry, but without the feeling in my throat. But more like I want to go outside.]

[V: You sound weird. Definitely could do with an outing myself. I'll put my sandals on and join you.]

[C: I think I want to go it alone. Feel free to leave though, he gave us both keys, afterall.]

So Cecilia left the apartment. After having a ride from a taxi, she told him to stop by a local Coffee shop near the center of town. After paying him, she went in. Once inside, a rush of sensation flooded from her throat to her head. The nerves in her fangs (there were nerves!?) went on fire, and she went into autodrive, scoping out the place to her surprise with a sense of predation.

She found a portly specimen on the stage that called to her with his blood. Her conscious thoughts were all she could do not to pounce on him then and there. She knew well enough that Vampires weren't tolerated in every neighborhood, and murderous, feral vampires were tolerated nowhere.

Unfortunately no one else was there in the coffee shop, so her hunger went unrequited. Just then she received a text from Vera, telling her to hit up the Sensei's Dojo, which was still opening while the coffee shop was closing.

Vera was already there when Cecilia arrived. The late comer was weary, and thirsty for what she now knew was plasma. Disgusted with herself, she didn't even indulge the desire to hunt, but watched Vera make her way on one of the Sim-Fu students.

Without listening to the words, indeed, through some shared bond of their minds Cecilia could intuit what was occurring between the predator and her prey. Vera had entered the young woman's mind. At first she resisted, but eventually, when pressed and caressed psychically by the young cybercriminal, she capitulated.

That didn't prevent her from crying out when the bite was made.

Cecilia resigned to her apartment, taking the same cab as Vera back, where her companion would sleep off her first meal, while she contented herself with a pack of plasma, and a sense of restlessness for the remainder of the night.

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Another lovely addition to your story. I especially like the screenshots in this chapter (5). Keep up the good work!
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Ewwwwww, cool, I really like this chapter. Well done. I especially liked this line..
"She found a portly specimen on the stage that called to her with his blood".

That really grabbed my attention and drew me into the situation that you were writing about. Great Job!
Looking forward to the next chapter and I hope you get lots of new readers.
I am now off to post the rest of Beau's Birthday.
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