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Default Saving Face

"The truth of life is, fate never quite turns out how we think or hope it will. We struggle through life, blind to the plan it has for us. Forces beyond our control that we can never quite identify usually end up taking us far away from where we ever thought we'd be. In the end, we end up clutching to these fantasies like a hallucinating madman, until we let it go and come to terms with our reality. If we're lucky, our reality finds us in better circumstances than we'd hoped for ourselves."

"In my case, it was nowhere near what I had planned. One of the very few wise words my mother imparted upon me before her death were these: 'If you ever want to hear God laugh, tell him the plans you have for your life.' I can't say I ever truly believed in God. I prayed to him through pregnancy test after pregnancy test, through three miscarriages, two rounds of in vitro, and the death of my husband. However, believing in God is entirely different from praying to him. Anyone can pray to an idol. Believing is having faith. In my was always in short supply."

With a somewhat grim expression, Irish McCourt slowly shut the book and gazed out to the crowd from her podium. Her hair, a red-laced tone of chestnut brown, was pinned away from her elegant features and shined beneath the meager spotlight, which only served to accentuate the handsome planes of her visage. The author was known to be striking to look at, but beyond that was a sense of intelligence. However, laying atop all of the good qualities was a thick layer of cynicism that even the most untrained of eyes could spot. The light caused her brown eyes to sparkle with amusement at the people before her.

Iris merely hoped that the excerpt she'd decided upon hadn't been too terribly bleak.

A sign colored in highly contrasting hues, "Award-winning author Iris McCourt signs her best-selling autobiography Saving Face! Pick up your copy today!" was placed outside, announcing her presence. Iris McCourt. It was hard even for her to believe at times, that she'd come far enough in her career to gain this much recognition. She was becoming a household name. Her name was being said on the news for the nth time since she'd written her first best-seller ten years ago.

The crowd turn-out really had been quite fantastic, Iris mused. Somewhat impressive for such a small-town bookstore at the very last moment. She would make absolutely certain her agent was thanked heartily. These small, impromptu appearances along her book tour had only served to heighten public opinion of her. "Illustrious Author Visits Village!" The last penny-saver had proudly stated. Iris had clipped it out with a small, happy smile and carefully placed it in a large scrapbook that had been tucked neatly into her desk drawer at home. Something about that article had briefly produced warm, affectionate feelings in her that she assumed were long dead.

Slowly the stately woman made her way down from the podium, her nude-colored heels tapping delicately against the light wooden floors. She was greeted by two particularly enthusiastic young fans. One, clearly early in her twenties and sporting pigtails as a testament to that fact, spoke up first.

"Forgive me if I'm being too forward, Ms. McCourt, but...I love your autobiography. I recently went through a miscarriage myself and the completely visceral way you describe the sense of...emptiness. I cried for an hour, but after I finally was like a healing moment." Her voice was high-pitched, but that wasn't what bothered her. Iris winced at the word "visceral," one she'd particularly always disliked; however, she was elated that her fan base connected with her so personally. A rare smile rose to her features.

"I'm very happy you could find some use for my sad little stories. It's a bleak world indeed when we have to--Oh. E-Excuse me."

Iris glanced down when her phone began to play the familiar jingle that seemed to come preloaded on ever single smart phone. Blushing in fake embarrassment at the faux pas, she excused herself as she glanced towards the spotless touchscreen. Turning away and wandering towards the center of the room (which had become unoccupied rather quickly), she answered. She hadn't recognized the number, or the clear voice that rang out on the other side, piercing through her thoughts at once with the urgency of it's owner's tone.

"Hello, this is Erin Locke from Immaculate Heart Medical Center in Bridgeport, I'm looking for a Ms. Iris McCourt."
"This is she." Iris responded at once, her voice presenting itself in short, clipped tones, annoyance very evident.

"Ms. McCourt, I'm afraid to report that your sister Tabitha has been in an accident..." Iris' grey eyes widened as the voice continued and the phone slipped from her fingertips and fell to the floor, causing a noise to echo throughout the small lecture room the bookstore had provided. Several sets of eyes turned her way as Iris buried her face in her hands, trying unsuccessfully to stop the tears that rolled down her cheeks, smearing her mascara and turning her face into a garish display, one that equally matched the pure, despaired sob that tore from her throat, chorused by a chant of, "No, no, no, no!"

One life had left the world, and another goodbye was added to a life that had seen far too many.


Thank you, thank you, thank you ALL for reading this. I apologize for having such a short prologue, but it provides a good base for the first chapter, and it also gives you a feel for my writing style. I have had this concept bouncing around in my noggin for some time along with a couple others. I had one other story that I had gotten about two or three chapters into when my laptop just QUIT. I lost my simmies. I almost lost this ACCOUNT. So I was wary when starting another but, but BUT...I finally figured out how to back them up. SO, all of the sims for this story are guarded carefully in a separate hard drive!

Anywhey, PLEASE comment, give constructive criticism, whatevs :3 I am completely and totally grateful for any attention this story receives.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?! DUN DUN DUUUUUN. Tune in next chapter to find out! >:O
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Your story line seems so unique! Definitely looking forward to reading the upcoming chapters. By the way, your sims are beautiful.
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Well I hope to get more into the main storyline very soon. I've got an annoying test tomorrow, but after that's all done and finished with I should have a little bit of a breather in order to get the pictures taken for the next chapter. I've already got like the next five written, they just need to be typed and illustrated! :3 This story is taking off a little slower than I had hoped for but it's hard to lay a good foundation when the first thing you're introducing is drama drama drama. Bleh. Thank you for your comment! :D
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You made me feel very sad for her - you did a very good job making this prologue. I'll be waiting for the next chapter And by the way, regarding her name "Iris McCourt", did you intend for it to imply "judging eyes" (eyes from Iris and Judging from Court)? Or is it just a coincidence? :P

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Oh no. It's not. And you're VERY smart for picking up on that, mister!! You'll find out why I gave her that name in the next chapter, it's part of her back story.

Also, I'm really glad you decided to check on my new story. I wanted to continue with Going Home so badly but after I lost all my simmies my motivation to continue it just kinda died ): surprising how events like that take the inspiration out of you. However I've got my characters for this story backed up on a hard drive so no worries lol
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Originally Posted by CNASara
Oh no. It's not. And you're VERY smart for picking up on that, mister!! You'll find out why I gave her that name in the next chapter, it's part of her back story.

Also, I'm really glad you decided to check on my new story. I wanted to continue with Going Home so badly but after I lost all my simmies my motivation to continue it just kinda died ): surprising how events like that take the inspiration out of you. However I've got my characters for this story backed up on a hard drive so no worries lol

Thanks for the compliment I guess I'll just have to wait, but I bet her back-story is good.

I'm glad you decided to write again because losing all your sims ... that could have made you quit all together! So good for you for coming back and trying again Maybe I should back up my sims too

Anyway, keep it up and don't be a stranger, drop by my story and leave a comment, positive or negative it doesn't matter. Good luck!

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Default Saving Face: Chapter 1
*Iris P.O.V.*

The steady, quiet hum of the engine and the soft "whoosh" of tires on the road were the only sounds we could hear. The vehicle smoothly navigated the roads on the outskirts of the main island. Despite the sunshine and the steady sound of waves crashing onto tropical beaches that seemed to stretch further than the eye could see, the mood inside the car was deeply ill-tempered. I didn't know quite what to say. I was heartbroken herself...but my niece Riley had just lost the only parent she'd ever known. Despite my vast vocabulary, words failed me.

"I think you'll like the house." I settled on lamely, my nearly-black brown eyes not moving from where they were settled. "My husband and I bought it a few years before he...passed. I've got a lovely bedroom picked for you, and tomorrow after school we can do a little shopping, get some paint samples picked out if you don't like the color or set up I've picked, and by the end of the week--"

"I don't want to talk about my room." Riley interrupted coldly, her eyes focused out the window to her left, the sharpness in her gaze hurting me. A very pregnant silence hung between us before I spoke again, my voice softer, in guarded tones. "We could order pizza for dinner. Maybe watch a movie?"

"Correction." Riley responded, her tones acidic, her eyes narrowing as she turned her gaze to me without moving her body. "I don't want to talk. Period. Leave me alone." The teen hissed. Her attitude caused me to cringe, the dark and heavy atmosphere inside the car belying the bright and sunny environment surrounding it.

For now, I left it alone and redirected my attention towards driving. It was obvious the young woman wanted nothing to do with me. *How can I blame her? She hasn't even seen me since she was small...likely remembers so little about me that it's like going to live with a stranger. What other fifteen year-old girl would feel good about this situation?* I could only hope that seeing the house would turn her opinion the other way. I had found healing in the ramshackle beach home, would Riley?

Pulling off the road, I slid the gear shifter into park, turning the ignition to the left and extracting the key before opening the door. Riley didn't bother to get her bag, just stalked away from the vehicle silently, obviously still angry. "Why shouldn't she be?" I murmured towards the sky, "You left her with no one but me, Tabby..."

It was in that moment that I decided that no matter how difficult I had to try, I was going to become Riley's protector. Become the family this girl so desperately craved. She hadn't gotten grandparents--My and Tabby's mother and father had died during a political assassination, and Riley's father had never been in the picture. And now her mother had left her in this world, to be cared for by a relative that was a relative stranger to her.

Wandering down the beach path, I released a relieved sigh at the sight of the home. Really, it was something that belonged on the east coast somewhere, among the rocky beaches and rainy weather. It had been straight out of a fairytale--newly on the market, just in the right price range, and needing little to no renovations when Henry and I had been searching for a home before my first novel had been published. The natural wood shingles were treated, but left unpainted. I truly loved the house. The shape, the contours, every crack and crevice, including the way the house seemed to breathe as the waves crashed over the sand beneath it. My own little piece of heaven.

Impatiently Riley waited by the front door, her arms crossed tightly over her chest, scowl perpetually painted on her lovely features. I took my time, getting her bags out of the car and hauling them to the deck where they wouldn't be ruined if it rained. Darkness was slowly closing in on us, and I wanted to get inside with what little amount of daylight was left. I reached for my key, and unlocked the door. Once that small task was done, she was inside almost immediately, sighing appreciatively at the air conditioning but not appreciative enough to utter even a word of thanks. She merely stood in the middle of the open-concept floor plan and turned to gaze daggers at me.

"Where's my room?" She demanded. I was taken aback by the rude comment, before numbly responding.

"Second floor. Go straight down the narrow hallway and it's the only door on the right." Riley turned on her heel and marched up the steps, disappearing altogether. I simply stood there staring after her. The girl was lovely. Looked so much like her mother, aside from that tanned skin tone. By the look of her, I guessed her father was Hispanic, or something of the like. Maybe Native American. Tabby had told me her father's name, but apparently the guy had never seen it fit to be in his daughter's life. His name wasn't even on her birth certificate. I closed her eyes and was at once in a flashback.

"I took the test, was positive. What am I going to tell mom?" Tabby's facial expression conveyed sheer terror. She was only seventeen. Unmarried. And her father was up for re-election next year.

My eyes widened considerably. I was seven years older than her sister. At twenty-four I was newly married, and Henry and I had been trying for a year and a half to get pregnant, with no help. At twenty-four I was foolish, self-centered. She was beautiful, she had always been more beautiful. Smarter. But I had this on her. She had gone out and got herself pregnant. But more than judgement flooded my heart. So did anger, fueling my hateful words, my hateful hateful thoughts. It pounded in my chest like an angry man against a locked door. Like waves hurtling themselves against the rocky edge of a cliff. That still didn't excuse me for what I'd done. The anger I felt boiled inside of me. I was absolutely furious that this child, who didn't even want the baby, could have the child I so desperately craved.

" should be ashamed of yourself! I never want to see you again!" I cried, trying to stop the tears coming to my eyes. How was it fair that someone who didn't even want a baby was allowed to have one, and I wasn't?! I'd never forget the betrayal and hurt that flashed across her face that day.

Turning my back, I had simply run away, the beginning of a separation that would last sixteen years.

I hadn't seen her sister after that until Riley was nearly ten. Henry had recently passed away, and my heart was hard. The cynicism had grown like an ugly scar over my soul. Henry's funeral was the last time I'd seen Tabby alive. And I hadn't even spoken more than two words to her...

Shaking my from my sad memories, I wandered into the kitchen to decide what to do for dinner, shoulders slumping slightly at the sad memories, and the vivid picture of my sister's coffin in my mind's eye. My heart was heavy, but my hands were busy, trying to clear these things from the thoughts running through my head so I could be a proper parent figure to Riley.

*Riley P.O.V.*

To me, it was hell. Hell that was a dull-colored piece of crap on some garish-hued sandy beach. Waters so clear it should be criminal. The island was so far from the mainland that there weren't even ferries that ran back and forth between, otherwise I might have considered running. No, we had to take a plane, which made escape all but impossible. The moment Iris told me where my room was, I stomped up the steps, attitude in full swing. Did I care? No.

Iris hadn't even cried at the funeral, I thought bitterly. Not even a single tear, just some screwed-up look on her face like she smelled something bad.

This wasn't right. The room was nice but it wasn' It wasn't the room I was used to. The room I was used to held my paintings, my sketches. The ones I'd done in art classes and my sessions at the community college. The walls here were bare, save for a couple of mirrors and some cheesey "LOVE" print in the corner. It was too bright for least for right now. With my frame of mind, I'd prefer colors to match my mood. Black, dark red.

Only three boxes stood in the corner. One box was dedicated to shoes and one to clothes. One was all of the important things I've ever acquired in life which amounted to very little. The other was my prom dress. One I'd never wear because my now ex-boyfriend, a senior, would be attending prom alone while I started over at a new school.

Anger flooded my system at the thought and I glared at the new laptop on my new desk. The new phone. Little did Iris know, there was no way in hell I'd get rid of my prepaid cellphone, even if it no longer had service. That cellphone held the last text message I'd ever received from my mom. I could hear her voice telling me she loved me whenever I felt like it.

I wandered over to the window, gazing out at the scenery. Before mom died, I would've killed for a room like this in a place like this on some vacation. Darkness was falling over the island, turning the skies to darker shades that were reflected in the water below. I loved the city but most girls dreamed of a white sand beach and clear waters. However my current situation kind of killed it for me. This was a prison.

With a half-hearted sigh, I wandered over to the bed and settled down on the plush covers. That's another thing that annoyed me about Iris. Mom and I had struggled constantly. I was used to cheap, rough blankets from cheap stores. We only once ordered pizza, and mom had paid in singles. And here Iris was, the millionaire sister who had fame and fortune, throwing three-hundred dollar bed sets my way, seven-hundred dollar phones. New laptop, new TV, new furniture, new clothes. The electronics in this room alone could've given my mom and I food for months, maybe even a year at the right stores. And she just threw them at me, trying to buy my affection. Screw her. I hated her. I hated this house. Tears rose to my eyes but I blinked them away, sinking into the softness of my bed. Tomorrow I started school.

*Iris P.O.V*

I silently placed the tray of cookies on the desk. I figured after an in-flight dinner, a little home-cooked sweetness was in order. Turning around to gaze at Riley's sleeping form curled into the fetal position. She looked so vulnerable there. I could only hope that as her emotional wounds healed, her anger towards me would lessen.

I hadn't been there for much in her life, but I was going to starting this very moment.

I turned and made my way out of her room, stopping to gently drape a blanket over her and shutting the door behind me. With an exasperated sigh, she moved suddenly, kicking the blanket towards the foot of her bed and immediately curling back up, which just caused me to smile. She was so much like Tabby, stubborn. I reached to shut off the lights as I made my way out, cloaking the room in darkness. Tomorrow was going to come quickly. I had to be up early to wake her in time for school.

Wandering into my study, I seated myself silently behind my desk, gazing at the dark screen of my computer. Words had abandoned me lately. My inspiration to write further had died with my sibling. My trademark blue notebook sat on my desk, waiting patiently to be filled with words. For now, that would have to wait. Before that call, I had a million concepts bounding around in my head. Now my brain might as well be laying on the desk before me for all the good it was doing.

I turned on my computer, settling for merely checking my stocks. Money had never been a motivation for my writing. I was more than financially stable. I owned properties on the mainland. Stocks, movies from my books, multiple printings. Income had grown into wealth. Yet as the old adage said, money could never buy happiness. I swiftly turned the computer off and pushed back from the desk. Pitting my elbows on my thighs, I buried my head in my hands and spoke to the girl I'd ignored for sixteen years.

"You have to help me here, Tabby. I know you're mad at me but...I need to make this work. I need to redeem myself, even if it's just a little bit. Riley deserved to be raised by a mother who understood her. Who has been there since she was born. Someone who knows what they're doing..." I whispered, feeling a little silly talking to a woman who had passed a month before. However, it was the truth. I needed her help, wherever she was.

"I miss you, Tabs." I whispered brokenly.
Well there you go, folks! If you're wondering where this GORGEOUS HOUSE came from, you can thank my friend over at I wrote him with my need for a beach house for this story exactly! And he did an AMAZING JOB, so please do check out his creations!! MUCH LOVE!! <3 The wonderful house I requested can be downloaded at:

NOW! ONTO NEXT WEEK! What kind of shenanigans will the fiery-tempered Riley get into? What in the eff is Iris going to do with all her spare time? ALL WILL BE FOUND OUT IN CHAPTER 2!

As always, comments and constructive criticism are always welcome! I also love new stories so if you'd like me to read yours, drop me a line!

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This is really good!!!!

I am jealous of the quality of your pictures =).
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Awesome Story! Awesome screenshots! and I love the girl's bedroom! thank you for linking my site and I can't wait to read/see the rest of 'Saving Face' !

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Default Saving Face: Chapter 2
Riley's P.O.V.

I gazed silently in the mirror, turning my head this way and that. The light fell across my face in certain ways, highlighting my naturally tanned skin. I scowled at the freckles sprinkled across my nose. Usually they were hidden behind my concealer. According to my mom, my dad had freckles...wherever he was. My green eyes danced across the rest of my body quietly. I had a little meat on my bones. But in my last school, I was known for being tough so no one really messed with me. I'd even had a boyfriend. A senior my mother had hated and after she passed...I never wanted to see his face again.

I wandered over to my dresser and began to look through the contents. The lawyer had helped me to pack up my things and send them. She had been kind, telling me about how she lost her mom at my age and how someday, I would be able to think about her without it knocking the breath out of me. I lifted several shirts, shook my head, and placed them back in the dresser. I didn't know what to wear. Everyone here was suntanned and perfect. I was tan but it wasn't sun-kissed like everyone else's. I was far from beautiful.

Grasping a dress from the second drawer down, I grinned. My best friend had gotten this for my last birthday. "Five finger discount." I murmured, mimicking what she had told me when I questioned how she ever could afford it. I slid out of my towel, pulling the dress over my head and letting it settle on my body...right at my mid-thigh. Right. I couldn't wear this, Iris would hate--

"I'm wearing it." I decided aloud. Rifling through my dresser, I added panties, and leggings. I applied my makeup carefully, winging my eyeliner at the corners of my eyes and painting my lips with a sinful red that matched my complexion well. Along with heels that I was never fully sure I'd wear, I studied my reflection. I thought I looked pretty good. Maybe a little too dark for the bright peppy people on this island but...good. With a grin and my head held high, I strutted out of my room like I was on a catwalk. I was careful descending the spiral staircase in my spiky heels. I usually didn't wear heels, but the overall look--or more Iris' reaction to said look--was just too juicy to pass up.

"No. No. No. Absolutely not. You look like a hooker. Go upstairs and change." Iris ordered the moment I hit the bottom of the stairs. I just rolled my eyes, strolling past her as if I hadn't heard her at all. At least I was wearing leggings. There were plenty of girls who just let everything hang out. I was not one of them.

"Shove it, Iris. Not like you gave a shit about me before, no need start to now." I could see her jaw set. Her eyes narrow. My words had hit their mark, and they had stung her. I could tell she wanted to say something, but she didn't. I did a little dance inside my head. Something about baiting her...seeing how far I could push, was pleasing to me. However, it was the truth. Iris had never cared about me or my mom before, so why should she be able to boss me around now?

"Eat your breakfast." She muttered darkly, turning her attention back to the book she had been reading before I came in. I glanced over the pastry tray as I wandered into the kitchen. It looked like something someone would set up in some yuppie hotel. Store-bought sugar-ridden things that were almost too pretty to eat. I collected a plate of waffles, making sure to douse them in a fair bit of butter and syrup before taking my place at the table. I ate in stormy silence until my aunt spoke up, the book she was reading poised in her hand.

"We better get going if we're going to catch the ferry to the main island." I nodded simply, rising from my spot and collecting my backpack from the floor near the door. This hadn't been there last night, which meant Iris had put it together for me without asking. Maybe she did care...just a little bit... NO! A backpack and a room in my favorite color did not an aunt make. It was just another instance of her throwing money at a situation she couldn't change herself. I let that beat against my stone heart, not even causing a crack.


I gazed up at the small private school, my eyebrows rising slowly. Modern walls surely hid the horrors of high school. I wondered aloud how a small collection of islands managed to support and populate not only a public high school, but a private one as well. Perhaps there was more to it than I originally thought.

Smooth white stone walls erupted vertically from the leveled ground. The windows, spacious and wide, would provide a great deal of natural light and a gorgeous view of the nearby ocean waves. In back, a luscious, green soccer field was nestled between two bleachers...apparently soccer was a big thing, who knew? All of it looked ridiculous to me. So pretty. So expensive. The school I had gone to in Bridgeport had been a ratty public school without rapidly depleting funds.

"Private schools." I scoffed. So much wasted. Expensive cars slid into the parking lot in droves, filling the front spaces up first. People with Gucci sunglasses that could've paid my rent back in the city. I've never seen so many expensive cars in my life...all owned by students! Who in the hell would let their kid have a car that expensive? It was ridiculous.. I snorted at the disgusting display of wealth.

Before I could consider moving forward, I was stopped by a red-headed girl. Her blue eyes were clear and pretty, but she was hidden behind a pair of thick glasses. The tucked in tanktop and the cardigan she wore over the top told me she cared more for propriety than the sweltering heat. Why did it always have to be so damn hot?? She was out of style, but she didn't seem to mind at all.

"You're Riley, right?" Her voice was chirpy, overly saccharine. If her eyes didn't flash sincerity, I would've highly doubted how genuine she was.

"What's it to you?" I grumbled.

"I knew it! I'm Lucy. I know everyone at this school and I've never seen you before. I'm supposed to show you to the office and to your classes. I'm a sophomore, just like you!"

Before I had time to tell her to stop talking so damn much, both of us were interrupted by a girl with honey-blonde hair carefully manicured into a bumped-up ponytail. Her outfit featured a dress that had to break at least ten dress codes, and the large diamond earrings she wore displayed her wealth. Or at least her daddy's wealth. Heels that seemed impossibly tall adorned her feet, and at once I hoped she immediately fell and broke her ankle. Was it wrong to pray for a conviently-placed pothole?

She pushed me aside and inwardly, I wished I could've taken a swing at her. What a massive bitch! I thought girls like this only existed in movies... "Aw, Lucy! Good to see that sense of style hasn't changed over the entire summer. At all." Dear LORD. If I'd thought Lucy's voice was too sweet, this one was just sickening. And fake.

The plastic goddess strode by without another thought and I glared after her. I heard a soft sigh and I turned to see Lucy grinning like a fool.

"She complimented me. Maybe we'll become friends this year?" She asked herself, mostly. I scoffed. Someone had to burst her delusional bubble before it became therapy-worthy.

"No, she wasn't. Lucy, that was sarcasm through and through. That girl is one of the fakest people I think I've ever had the misfortune to encounter." I fully expected Lucy to become angry. To shun me. To make me the new girl and the outcast. Instead, she looked as if she'd come to the same sad realization.

"You're right. I try so hard to fit in sometimes. It's just...easier for some people than others, I guess." She just looked so down, I had to say something.

"I like you. I mean, so far. You're the only one who has stepped off their pedestal to say hello to me. I was standing there by myself for twenty minutes before anyone even bothered to say hello." The look on her face almost caused me to run for cover. However, I couldn't very well do that when she launched herself onto me, encircling me in her arms and hugging me tightly.

"Damn, Lucy! Leave the poor girl alone!" If the tone of the voice speaking hadn't been so playful, I would've decked the guy. In the few moments I'd known her, I'd grown attached to the idea of having someone like Lucy as a friend. Lucy removed herself from me with a giggle. The two figures that revealed themselves seemed friendly. The boy's arm was protectively wrapped around the shoulders of a girl that seemed to be the same age as us, but as he spoke it slowly dropped to his side. The trio chatted for a short time before Nate turned to me. I'm surprised I didn't melt like butter.

"Sorry about that...Riley, is it? I'm ah, Nate. This is my sister, Kendra. I can see you've already met Lucy." He finished with a grin, causing me to smile. His eyes were such an electric shade of blue that it caught me off guard and forced butterflies into my stomach each and every time he looked at me.

"I gotta get Pun'kin butt here," he indicated the girl next to him who regarded the nickname with obvious distaste as her eyes narrowed, "to her first class early. It was nice to meet you, Riley." His eyes stopped on me for just a moment too long before he spoke once again. "Lucy. Bring her to the alcove. She looks cool." He offered me a wink that inwardly caused me to swoon, but externally made me roll my eyes as he left.

"What's their deal?" I glanced at Lucy, and at once she began talking. The girl was like an encyclopedia of knowledge around this place. But moreso, she gave off a friendly vibe that I didn't want to lose.

"Nate and Kendra are siblings, obviously. Nate's a sophomore, but Kendra...she's a senior, and she only just turned 15. She's like this amazing genius. Nate's really protective of her, though."

"Why is that?"

Lucy looked uncomfortable. "I think it's best that Kendra tell you herself. It's not really my business to tell." I wanted to laugh because so far, Lucy's ability to keep things quiet had been poor, to say the least. Still, I merely nodded and adjusted my backpack.

"Well, why don't we get to the office, then?" I replied with a smile, trying to change the subject. I was trying to mirror my sunny environment but felt ultimately as if I was failing.


"So the first and last day of every quarter and every Friday is free day. All of the other days, we have to wear our uniforms." Lucy placed the order form for my uniforms in my hand, and turned to begin wandering down the surprisingly quiet hallways.

I scowled. Uniforms. I'd never worn them before and the school's rules on how to wear their uniforms were incredibly strict. Socks up, black shoes, all buttons buttoned, skirt at fingertip length or longer. They didn't seem to cover hair, but they were all over facial piercings. They avoided tattoos, except to say that they couldn't be visible. The school was a private institution, but not a religious one.

"They put you with me for most of the day, at least for this quarter. Seems we have more in common than I thought. Honors courses with creative writing...You'll LOVE honors chemistry!" Lucy gush. Once again, I couldn't help but grin at her enthusiasm. She was such a happy person that it was difficult to be depressed around her.

We turned into our first class of the day. Creative Writing. Iris must've put me in this one, I would not have picked this elective for myself. I removed me backpack and sat it aside. The classroom was so...clean. So bright and incredibly open.

I wandered over to the far wall, near the back and Lucy followed me. I used to sit in the back. It kept people from figuring out that I was a bit of an over-achiever academically. That would put a bulls-eye on your back in my old school, but I simply couldn't take the look Mama got on her face when I received a bad grade.

The class filled up slowly, but it was full by the time the warning bell rang. I recognized the rude girl from before, the plastic princess. She was focused on her phone, of course, which she dropped back into her purse when the last fell rang. The man I assumed was our teacher strode in. I was elated to see a man dressed in a vest and button-down shirt, topped off by crisp dress pants and...converse? He seemed to be in his thirties, perhaps only a few years younger than Iris. There were faint traces of a silver hair here or there, but only when the light hit it the right way and only if you were looking closely. Intelligence shined in his dark blue eyes.

"Alright, settle down!" He announced as the final bell rang. Lowering his hands, he moved to stand before the class. "I'm Mr. Campbell. I want you to feel comfortable. However, not too comfortable, so put your phones away. I'm talking to you, Harper."

He glanced towards the plastic princess, who was at that very moment trying to sneak her hand into her purse. She huffed and rolled her eyes, gazing off in indignation. "And don't do that stupid purse thing. Seriously, every teacher knows you're doing it, and it just makes you look ridiculous. Not that most teenagers really need much help with that." I must've been the only one who laughed, but he looked pleased and I decided that I was going to love this class.

"So be nice. Don't make fun of anyone brave enough to read their stuff. Or I'll have to ruin your life. I'm single, I have no social life, no pets, not even a potted plant. I have all the time in the world to make that happen. Now, just to see how talented all my students are, write me something. About your summer, about how lame your mom is, about what you hope this class will be, whatever. Look at things from another angle. In a half hour, I'll expect these to be done. Not perfect, but done."

I glanced down at my desk, at the notebook I'd removed from my bag. Opening it, I uncapped a pen and gazed at the empty pages. More than one big thing had happened this summer. Hell, more than one big thing had happened this day. I lost my mom, moved to this shitty town. Made a new friend who seemed to need me just as much as I needed her. Met a guy whose eyes made me melt from the inside out. I chose to begin with something that was sitting at the back of my mind. Something that I needed to get out. Something that I knew would bubble to the surface if I didn't tear the band aid off, so to speak.

"Death rarely comes all at once. Instead, it comes in a series of little deaths, and many realizations. I'm not writing this so you'll feel bad for me, or so you'll go easy on me. Hell, I could care less about this class, my aunt put me in it because I think she thinks I might want to take over her stupid career goals. The death of my mom was the main thing. The big shebang. The little deaths came after. The death of my ability to connect with people. The death of my urge to someday grow up and have a family of my own. Why would I want to? What if I leave them? How could I ever hurt a child in that way? The realizations have been stark. The realization that my mother will never see me go to prom, graduate, get married, or have children. The realization that I'm stuck with no one but an aunt who could care less about me. But then there are good realizations, finally. Like the breaking of storm clouds after a long rain. The realizations that some people aren't all bad. I met people today whose purity and innocence, at least from what I perceive, are like a breath of fresh air. It's nice to finally realize that the world isn't against you anymore. That you can trust someone."


Alright, my little chickadees! Sorry it took me soooo long (or at least it feels like it) to get this next chapter out! I really hope you like it. I felt like there was just too much sadness in the prologue and in chapter one, so I decided to add a little hopeful turn to the end of this one. We're slowly meeting our main story characters, and in the next chapter you'll meet the rest! I hope you enjoy it, ANY COMMENTS OR CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS HELPFUL AND VERY ENCOURAGED! As well as very appreciated! :] See you next week!
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Glad to see other sims 3 stories hereabouts. This story is very good. I especially like all the sets you chose. I'm not too heavy on acquiring sets for pictures and usually just take gameplay photos, and I really like the sets, poses, and furniture.

I find it hard to sympathize with Riley being as venemous as she is, but I barely identify with when I was an angsty teenager myself, so hopefully that's understandable. It's good writing, otherwise, and I like the idea of making this story more or less into the protagonist's novel.

boob noun

1.a stupid person; fool; dunce.
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Well, she was abandoned rather early on by everyone who was supposed to be there to love her and her mother--she'd be equally as venemous to her father, grandparents (if they were alive) etc. It's put her in a bad position in life and she's had to be hard as a nut to crack in order to get through her life. However, you will find she redeems herself down the road. You'll also come to know the rest of the characters well. I'll be working on the next chapter tonight. I had an emergency move I had to do, and it's been eating up a ton of my time, as well as cutting off my internet -_-;

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