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Lonely Nights

Clicking away Hinni was looking for a job to support her half of the rent. Her last job didn’t last long with Karlie. Having woohooing with with their co workers. Hinni was angry that Karlie kept her job but fired her; She couldn't let this bother her anymore than it already had.

Rubbing her eyes as she moved her black glasses off her face. Sighing as the stress and tiredness is start to kicked in. Hinni had been up for six hours now. And its almost dawn.
Suddenly there was an opening for a lifeguard. Hinni loves to swim and help others, this could be her chance to prove herself. Send in her resume.
Rei groaned as she slowly starts to wake up from a nightmare. She always have nightmare to the point that she doesn’t scream anymore and doesn’t even care anymore.

Hinni still typing away as Rei slowly rises up from her bed. Rei sighed as she looked over at Hinni. Her bestfriend. Nobody knows that she was a different type of 'woman'. And scared that they would blackmailed her or mock her for who she’s staring over at her lifting herself off the bed.
Rei: Damn Hin! Its too early to be on the computer since we’re on a budget plan.

Hinni stopped typing for a moment and looked over with a tiny smiled on her face.
Hinni: Sorry Rei.. But I was looking for a job to have and don’t have to let you or Kar to pick up the slack for me.

Standing up Rei looked up at the clock and than outside. CRAP! It was almost time for her to go to work. Son of a blue berry!

Rei slowly rubbed the side of her forehead as she had a small migraine forming. Making up the bed slowly,
Rei: Coming? Its my turn to make breakfast.

Hinni giggled as she turn off the computer pushes herself out of the chair to stretched.
Hinni: Great! I’m staving!

As they finally gotten downstairs, The Queen Bee was already ready and waiting for them. Rei rolled her eyes and process to cook breakfast. Karlie smacked her lips and glared at them
Karlie: Damn! I was waiting for ya losers to hurry the heck up.

Rei huffed. Hinni sighed and stand in front of her to talked and pointed at her.
Hinni: You could have just cook yourself something to eat since we don’t have cereals

Karlie: Oh please? Me cook? Are you out of your dumb mine Hinni. Whatever you smoking you need to stop smoking that stupid stuff.

Hinni frown and rolled her eyes.
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Chapter Two

Javitia was at the gym working out. She had been stress from working too much and her new project that she currently working on. Involving a human being and a crossover with fish genes.

While she over-thinking once more, she’d missed her step. And fell down, luckily she was able to catches herself.
Javitia grunted and glared at the machine. Before turning it off and hopped off. Casually in a snobby way brushes the strand of her hair off her face. She needed to be perfect at everything that she does.

Arriving home late. She sighed annoyance as her phone rang, rolling her eyes. It was her boss, nicely answered the phone.
Javitia: Hello?

Javitia: Quite frankly sir? Project Siren is still on the go. I need to add some more info and equations.. But isn’t it Tanner York job?..

She was annoyed that Tanner has been neglecting his job. For whatever reason. Javitia would need to speak with him later. After three hours of speaking to her boss.
She hanged up and sighed, headed to the bathroom to use the toilet.

Javitia was mumbling as she added and thinking over this and that sciences method. As she was eating her dinner. That remind her to hire a butler since she forget to clean her own home.

A young adult was humming gentle as she walking across her home. As her house was on island.
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Default Chapter Three

Rajan and Harley was up and about around the house. It was in the afternoon when Rajan notice something was off about Harley.
Took him to the side to speak with him. He doesn’t need nothing to disturb him when he brings his girlfriends over.

Rajan: Okay what the problem? You seem very lost than a puppy that lost it favorite toy. And you my friend aren’t no puppy.

Harley started to chuckle to his comment before getting somewhat serious.
He pointed over to the couch and wanted to talk there.

Harley: You see? I’m currently keep seeing little faeries dancing around in rainbow and unicorn farting rainbows with gold.

Rajan stare at him like he lost his mind.
But he knew he was joking when he turn his head and getting quite serious now.

Harley: I hope you didn’t fall for that shit? But I do have a problem.. It my girlfriend, Rei.

Rajan hissed and oooh’d.
He should had seen this coming from a miles away.

Rajan: What the problem?

Harely: I don’t think she doesn’t want to have s*x with me at all. And we been dating for three years now. And we never had s*x. Not even a blow*** or that was anything sex related. Expect kissing and somewhat a bit of touching. Rei had seen me naked before numerous time but I never seen her naked.

Rajan frown. He could lie to his best friend or tell him the actually truth.
Sighing he would go with telling the truth.

Rajan: I won’t lie to you but I think your girlfriend, Rei is a bit off. And I don’t mean mentally…. I mean.. *cough* Psychically like her body. Remember the party we had a year ago?

Harley nodded.

Rajan: Well… I seen her leaving the room and headed to the bathroom with this hot chick. Me thinking she is cheating on you. I was about to confront her, when I sneak a peak inside seeing her with a dick! Boning the chick hard against the counter.

Harely staring at him as he doesn’t know what to say.
Maybe? He’s lying but Rajan never lie to him or to anyone for that matter. Next best thing for him was denial.

Harley: Man? You must been drinking too much that time. You probably think that she’d a dick but it was a flesh strap on.

Rajan frown deepen. When he see his bestfriend gave him an awkward laughed.
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Default Chapter Four

Gabrielle was in the bathroom popping some drug known as “White Heat”. Swallowing some whole down her throat. And rubbing the powder all her teeth. As soon as she did that she could felt the high kicking in as it made her see colorful spots and her little ‘friends’.

Gabrielle: Nom Nom! I’m here to blow down your house.

She giggled as she walked out of the bathroom. Her parents was watching her quietly in livingroom. They want to help their only child but how can they help someone who doesn’t wanted to be help?

Her heels was hitting the wooden floor. Going bypass them.

Gabrielle: Hey LOSERS! I’m going out now. I’m taken your crappy car too!

Before her parents can even protest, she was gone like the wind. Out the door with the car keys. Mylee was frowning and went to hugged her husband. Crying slightly, her husband doesn’t know what to do anymore. They couldn’t kick her out. Because she work and pay bills too here. But some things need to stopped Sighing his eyes looked into Mylee’s giving her a promising look. That he would find a way to save his daughter. Mylee have doubts that anything would save her daughter,

Gabrielle was driving around town in the island. She scratched her groin. Since it was itching and sniffling as the high was still kicking. She was looking for any woman for a one night stand. Having a penis have its ups and down. But it would always depends how to use it. She seen the park was having a small festival.

Gabrielle was trying to score with some old lady. But for once having decent conversation about the island decline on certain manners. But her eyes was taken off to the hotdog eating contest stand.
She squeal for joy as she scurry over there.

Gabrielle: Alright losers! Watch me win!!

Her eyes was caught on a pretty blonde woman. She was totally her taste in woman. After the hotdog eating contest which she won, she felt her high going down now.
It was making her stutter and twitch. She seen Rei going over to talk with her.

Gabrielle: Hey Rei! What cha doing?!

Rei stopped herself from playing a good game of soccer by herself. She was a little upset from Karlie’s mind game. Lately she found out about Rei’s secret. And now she was blackmailing her left and right. Rei just wanted a normal life here in the islands. If she keep going on like this, she would leave and go back home to Japan. She gave Gabrielle a crooks smile.

Rei: Umm nothing now? Need something Gabrielle?

After talking with Rei, Gabrielle dragged her one night stand to the club and get drunk and even high. She recently found out her date was a single mom for two teen boys.
She didn’t care but when she said that she was looking for work and nobody was hiring. She felt bad for the blonde and told her that she knows a few people.

While walking through the door she see her father and some middle age male. What a drag!? Now her date was nervous.

Gabrielle: Hi daddy and hag! Let’s go already damn! You're moving too slow. We even didn't have *** yet!

She felt the high kicking in as she shown her blonde lover her bedroom. Where the weed and drugs, liquor was on the night stand.
Gabrielle was grinning and twitching as she started to stripped into her night clothes.

The next morning, Gabrielle woke up as she slowly walked out of her bedroom. Where her blonde lover was still sleeping at the moment. She heard no sound or movement in the houseboat. Which was strange. She looked around before heading down stairs. Where she phone rang. Rubbing her pounding forehead, the high was over. She felt numb and soulless. Smacking her lips, she looked at her phone. She receive a text message, it was from that guy… The caregiver!? He sent her a text explaining that her father was in the hospital sick with an unknown illness. Gabrielle stare at her phone as it slipped through her hand onto the floor. Breaking into pieces.


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