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Default How to disable expansion pack without uninstall it?
Like the tittle say: How to disable expansion pack without uninstall it?

Creating a mod and testing it in the game is a very frustrating moment as you need to wait a very long loading time...

I just have a thought to uninstall all the expansion packs and stuffs packs, to shortening the loading time... but that is equally bothersome to reinstall them again.

Big thank you to anyone who reply it...
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You can use AnyGameStarter for this
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Sim Game Selector is more up-to-date.

TS2 and TS3: Where adult sims potty train their toddlers.
TS4: Where adult sims make Angry Poops.

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it's mummy cursed.. cannot disable in 2020
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patch 1.69
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Originally Posted by gittevdv
patch 1.69
I think I'll pass
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Originally Posted by Wojtek
I think I'll pass

it does the trick though, and I must be one of the lucky ones who has little to no problems with it (except for automatic unchecking, which was gone after I got a new pc). Because of that I sincerely don't get all the hate that the patch gets. It's also very practical for playing lepacy's and such.
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I prefer AnyGameStarter because you can create many separate frameworks and saves. I use the default My Documents/The Sims 3 directory for gameplay but also have AnyGameStarter folder for my post-apo Twinbrook world.
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