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Default Sims 3 Furry Accessories Set
Hey! So I've been working on some cc for Sims 3 but wanted to get testers and advice here.

I've made a bunch of CASTable animal heads - categorized as glasses, that make for interesting anthro sims. I've run into some personal setbacks, probably because the game loads gratingly slow for me and I hoped that I could get some help with ingame screenshots/premade sims.

I have 7 different heads, the ones available are tiger, wolf, bat, dragon, hyena, raptor and T-Rex. I also have one long tail, intended for scaly sims as a wrist accessory. Then I have 2 different markings accessories as socks.

More details about the heads:
Each species is divided into different CAS items, by eye color. Most everything else is able to be edited via Create a Style. Every species has a different set of recolor areas so you're encouraged to dive into Create a style for all the patterning options. Try abstract or leathers/furs patterns for interesting results! Each head is rigged to the sim head and face, so eye movement/expressions/talking will be noticeable. CAS morphs also have an effect on them!

The tail:
Has different recoloring areas as well.

The markings:
Each default option in create a style is a different marking look, just like all the other accessories. The areas the markings cover (varies upon which option you pick) are 100% recolorable.

-These are meant to cover the sim heads and as a result a good number of hairstyles have visual clipping. I'd say if you want to use hairs, experiment with the more fluffy/big styled ones.
-The heads have a weird shading in CAS. This is probably the way they are uv mapped. Once out of CAS, they look as intended.

-You might have to fiddle with face sliders to get the heads to look just right.

-If you happen to make any sims, I'd appreciate the .sim files and/or screenshots! If you used any cc other than this set I'd need to know what. Also will need to know what expansions/store content/packs.
-If you find extreme problems out of the ordinary let me know!
-Recommended CC to round out the look may be found here:
-Have fun with this CC!

Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: zip Sims 3 furry cc set beta (23.04 MB, 83 downloads)
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Hey @LillyValley807,
Congrats on getting your mod in the testing phase! I downloaded you heads and am here to give you my thoughts. Please keep in mind while reading, my words are meant to be constructive criticism.

Positives of this mod:
-Create a sim editability
-Everything can be colored and textured
- 7 different variants of heads!

Negatives of this mod:

-Eyes cannot be colored
- Some heads are big, bulky, flat
- Head clip and overlap clothes and major hair clipping issues
-Default textures are flat

While testing I noticed a texture issue with the wolf heads teeth appearing black.

(Above is a townie sim no custom skin or accessories, base game, no tattoos, no makeup.)

No other masks have this black tooth issue.

My Thoughts (From head to toe)

The tiger mask is my least favorite face, it appears flat and the stripes available are not sharp but rounded and blobby.

These head are hard to edit in Cass because of the grey from the texture mapping issues. Editing is not impossible, but a note should be made to turn the sim to the right to lessen graying for visibility during editing.

These heads are expressive which is amazing the expression-ability of these heads should definitely be showcased as a reason to download when the mod is released officially.

The edit-ability of these heads overall is awesome! However, here are some recommendations:
-List the sliders that still work with these heads.
-Edit the heads so that all or almost all the create a sim sliders work with them.

IDEA: Experiment with making sim head invisible and resizing the heads so they replace the sim head and are not a mask. This will help get rid of clothes and hair clipping issues.
(I tried doing this myself using a saved sim grim reaper and hat/ bone /glasses sliders but was unsuccessful in being able to edit the size of the head without also resizing the hair.)

In general, the masks appear big and bulky on sim heads. I believe sizing these masks down would make the head and body of the sim more cohesive with one another. Since these masks do not connected to a full suit there is a noticeable difference from head to sim body. The transition from one to the other should try to be as smooth as possible.

(Picture above shows a smaller head resized with a slider)

Pictures above is what I was trying to achieve when resizing the head. (photo shopped)

I would suggest making eyes separate accessories so that there is customization and lesson the number of categories the heads take up in create a sim accessory tab.

The neck seam for these looks bulky and are not seamless with varies hairs and cloths.

I would recommend:
- Doing away with the necks completely and just having the masks cover the head and stopping under the jaw around the top of the neck. Similar to how the sims3 Supernatural toad sim heads are positioned.
or-Making neck fluff a separate piece so that it can be added as needed
or-Keeping the necks as is but reshaping the bottom seam so that it looks more natural like fur and is less bulky.
(please note pictures below) (Photoshopped images)

(Pictured above is a neck seam for the custom Dagi-Raht race in skyrim. For this race they had to take the head of a Nord (human) and merge it with the body of a Khajiit cat person. These created a noticeable seam from head to body which they covered with neck fluff.)
Link to picture source: Here
Link to Dagi-Raht skyrim race: Here

Patterns/ textures:
The marking you offer for the bodies although varied need work. They need to be sharper, more organic and have better fade.

These head benefit exponentially from high resolution textures. You should experiment around with textures and provide a list of recommend textures that work well with these heads. You should also if possible, attach some high-resolution texture to these heads as default and take screenshots of these heads with high-resolution textures.

The tail in the mod is attached to the sim a little high and is raised at a weird angle.

In the picture above I compared the angle of you tail to Camkitty’s. I do like your tail shape and size it’s good for a big reptile tail. However, I believe moving it down a little bit and angling it more towards the body would help it appear more natural. I would recommend a 40-30 degree angle. That way it still appears perky and upright but doesn’t appear disjointed from the body.

What makes these heads fun is the customization and create-ability. These heads are great for a slider enthusiast like myself or the average simmer who just wants to download and play. When making these head you were a genius to have them recolorable and able to apply textures to. Furthermore, the create a sim editability is awesome. I believe with some fine tuning and perhaps reworking this could be a easy to use and very playable mod. I would focus on the neck seams and hair clipping issues. As well as sharpening the patterns on the head and for the body. Overall though the heads are cute and fun to create with.

I hope my feedback helps,

P.S. I love the T-rex mask. Made a great derpy t-rex boi!

Mods I used while testing
Nrass Master controller Here
Jonha 10 new CAS Sliders (head size slider) Here
Tiger Stripe Pattern- Animal print 13 by anahirocio Here
Don't Worry, Be Happy | Pose Pack by xLoesje123 (used to see inside masks mouth to view teeth) Here
Camkitty lizard Tail and feet Here
Zach Anomaiy Anthro Skins Here

Note: All testing was conducted in base game with no expansion packs.
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Hello again, I've made some more content to go with and tips on how to make things work.

I suggest not using a solid color/plain miscellaneous pattern to make the textures feel more natural and detailed. I personally look for single color fur-styled patterns, which might need to be cc. Fabrics, Leathers and Furs (and even Geometric for multicolor areas) are my go-to. I'm in the process of resizing some existing hairstyles manually, and I know it isn't perfect and still has clipping, but it's a start. I'm working on what is cc hairs I have found (not from scratch). I also have added rainbow/pastel rainbow varieties of the anubis skins by Zach.

If anyone wants the new additions I'll be happy to provide, but at the moment I'm still working on content variety. There has not been so much work on the heads themselves, though that may change.

I understand the neck/clipping issue, this would mean I need to alter the meshes on all cc heads. I've been brainstorming on what I should do next in terms of diversity and customization options, but I'm also taking it somewhat easy and playing Sims 3 with the set I'm adding to. I imagine I'll just press on with hairstyles at this time. Each hairstyle includes a custom thumbnail that is easy to tell apart from the others. It's a white icon with the author name then hair name, and then the text "resized for furry heads mod".

Example screenshots

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Hey LillyValley807,
I'm so glad to hear that you are taking your time and having fun creating! working on something you are passionate about shouldn't be a chore or a stressor it should be fun. I'm sorry if I overwhelmed you with my critiques. Regardless, I wish you the best and am excited with the development of this mod.
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