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Does moving to a new town with graves in your family inventory lose the ghosts?
So basically, I'm trying to create a ghost town with all the ghosts from the towns I own (yes-- I've been traveling from Sunset Valley to Twinbrook to Moonlight Falls and everywhere picking up gravestones). I sent my sim around every town and by using cheats or purchasing properties, I added gravestones to the family inventory (I checked and made sure none were placeholder "Remains" graves). I then moved to an empty CC town and placed every grave from my family inventory on my property, but I've waited about three in-game nights and no ghosts appeared. Granted, I could wait later, but in past games after moving a gravestone within a town a ghost appeared within two nights. I'm thinking my next attempt, I'll do the extra work to get the graves in my sim's personal inventory, but I couldn't find much internet info on transporting graves in the Sims 3 (I found plenty on TS2 though). Does anybody know for sure if putting graves in the family inventory and moving to a new town loses the ghosts attached to them?
#2 Old 12th Dec 2020 at 11:19 PM
No, they shouldn't lose them. My simmies have lived in countless towns and they always take the family gravestones with them. Sometimes it takes a few or more nights before the ghosts rise but they always do. That includes all the ghosts of family pets - dogs, cats and horses - too. I don't know if it makes any difference but I always place the stones into the simmies personal inventory, not in the family inventory.
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