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WWW Testers Wanted
World Testers Wanted

While I still have a couple ideas left, structural work on my WWW vacation world seems to be mostly done, due to space constraints more than anything else.
I’ve themed stuff along the way, but finishing up is going to take a little while longer. I mean to provide frequent updates, at least for a while, but I do want things to look decent for the 1.0 release.

In the meantime, I would be helped greatly, if I could get a couple people to check how certain mechanics and settings carry over to your game, before I waste too much time with them.
I would also like direct feedback on any questions about/difficult wording in the installation instructions.

If you decide to help by sending me a PM or posting here, I will send you beta package with:

- The .world file
- The .nhd file
- Provisional documentation
- Beta Tester Questionnaire

Please only sign up for beta access if:

- You have all EPs installed. Stuff packs are required for the finished world, but irrelevant for testing.
- You download and install all the requirements listed in the Documentation. Store content doesn’t matter for testing.
- Follow the Installation Instructions exactly.
- You don’t mind getting completely spoilered and seeing certain lots in a half-finished form.
- You intend to finish the questionnaire.
- CAW experience not needed whatsoever.

I only care about the questionnaire at this point, but you are most welcome to criticize/ make requests on other aspects of the world.

All testers will of course receive a credit on the World page on MTS.
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Sorry quick question, are the Barrier to Entry gates and machines showing up for people on my community lots?
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