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Default Russel Hobbs (Gorillaz)
Hi, I thought I'd try making another character Sim, and settled on Russel from Gorillaz. I started him yesterday and don't know what else to do with him at the moment so I'm looking for some feedback. At first I thought I might base him on Phase 2, but I found that it was easier to make him closer to Phase 3 with a dash of Phases 5 and 6.

I've tried to get the proportions as accurate as possible, however I can only move the facial features so close together (mainly the eyes and browline) before I encounter weird bumps, markings, and ridges on his face (see the zoomed-in screenshot to understand better what I'm talking about.)

Now while I wait for feedback, I'm gonna go and look at some beauty spots for TS2 that I've abandoned for a few days (lol).
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