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Default Overrides of some items missing their Animations?
Hi there,

Was wondering if someone could help me with a small issue. I did my best to export all shop/buy mode assets from the base build package and one EP to overrides for the purpose of modifying prices. The prices are working and the objects work normally for the most part. But I just noticed that when my sims open the fridge, there is no door animation. Worse is that when my sims use a stove the mixture flops out onto the ground. It seems I am missing one of the files, but I'm not sure which.

What I did was export over everything pertaining to each object, then just edited the OBJD data. I did of course have to leave behind most of the base game package as it was too large to have as an override. I'm guessing I left something behind that relates to the fridge and stove. I just don't know which file it is.

Appreciate any help.
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You'll probably get more help from the modding forum.

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You should only need to export the OBJDs of the objects you want to modify prices of. Maybe try deleting the modded package you created, and redoing it just by exporting the OBJDs and seeing if that fixes the issue
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