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Default Strange events and craches...
I thought of borrowing the other thread called "help" but did reconsider as it would not be right... So I post this here instead. But I do hope the OP finds what causes the crash. I do, however, believe that I have found one of the problems with my game.

I had not have many issues with my own game until today. I did turn the Solar Flare lounge into a restaurant and gave the waitress a CC outfit (from here: ). The restaurant worked well a couple of times but today the game crashed when my (very human and normal sims) was there. Very frustrating when you are halfway through a date. My game just closed down, no error message. The game did freeze for a second before the crash but no message. I restarted the game and sent the sims on a date but the same thing happen. And as the only constant was my sims and all of the staff aside from the waitress wore "standard" clothing I made my own conclusion. So before the third date I changed the outfit of the waitress to maxis clothing. And It worked! But I think I saved every minute or so... Later I did visit the restaurant with a non standard (read: furry) sim and it just worked. I thought: If the game is unhappy with the restaurant it must hate it when a sim with lot of Cc shows up but No, it worked.

So that's one issue. But what I also found odd was the fact that one one of the friends one of my sims had was not available for phone calls or messages. Because she's in school! The friend is a teenage girl who is outside world. Is, however, found among my families. Strange that this one sim could not be reached when the other teens (there were maybe two or three more) could even if they were at school on this Friday morning. Later that day she were available for phone calls and messages. Yesterday I did play a family who had much contact with this teenage sim and they had no problem reaching up by phone or messages. She even came to visit the family. Sure, it was weekend but still...
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