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How to make round walls and or fences?
I was wondering if there is anyway to make rounded or curved walls for like Castle towers and what not.Or even to make a rounded or curved fence.I have not seen a post anywhere and i have been shurching for hours.I notice curves are limited in the game LOL..

Much appreciated thanks and hugs.
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Understand Material definition-TXMT and customize the look of your objects ! This way

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You could make a window that is curved and put an "actual" window inside it, and let light in only through that part of the "wall" If this is hard to picture, it is for me too.

Edit: I see pixel beat me to the punch. the only prob is is that these don't have "windows" inside them, and they let light in over the entire wall.

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Ok thank you i will check out the link to see what i can come up with.

Both of you where of help.Thanks again.

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